Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2011 on FOX

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  • Bylaw

    Welcome to "CSI: New Land". Murrrderrr! If there was something that was missing quite a lot so fast that already dropped a formula is no doubt leave now dragging to another, the typical cases of officers who meet weekly for much of the programming of CBS (and almost all other channels, albeit at lower doses).

    I must say that with all the rebellion of the Sixers, and the problems they have raised, stay a bit incredulous that so far has never been a murder in "Terra Nova", but if the Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang) says so, who am I to contradict him?

    So here is the story of the first murder in "Terra Nova": four characters never before seen and which, consequently, there is no sentimental attachment, are the protagonists. One uses a dinosaur to kill the other (of course, this could only be the weapon of choice!) Because of money, but who wrote this episode, as any mystery should be written, is the time to divert our attention to the other two players (a couple), and the possibility that it is a crime of passion. The problem is that not everyone who does not know already the structure of this kind of story I knew almost from the beginning that the couple had nothing to do with the crime, then the successive plans camera to reveal the identity of the criminal over episode were more than enough clues to unravel this intrincadssimo (!) case.

    Behind all this banality, I recognize that there is a good intention to try to explore what the feeling would create a society that tries to start again and ends up dropping into old habits (*). The big problem is that the way the episode was conducted which resulted in the same let the feeling yet another episode of "CSI" last in the jungle of what exactly a case study on the human condition (and zero impact to the scene of funeral took is a good example).

    (*) The scene closer to achieving this is the one that Taylor decides that the sentence to give the alleged murderer is basically the death (the way of Newfoundland, of course, that is cast into the jungle at the mercy of all the dangers that exist out there). However, implementation of the scene takes you up and feeling is strange when one sees, for example, Maddy (Naomi Scott) almost compulsively to cry because it is hard to see / feel through the scene why is she crying ( It is concerned with the offender? Newfoundland is sad because he fell into old habits?).

    However, the episode also features two other secondary storylines, one involving the birth of a baby dinosaur (a la "Jurassic park") and another that comes from previous episodes and joined Josh (Landon Liboiron) to Mira (Christine Adams ), which gave some impetus to the episode but it was so late in even if they never could have an impact sufficient to prevent this tragedy ...
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