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Extinction level event

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    Is it just me that has notice a pretty big flaw in the whole going back to the beginning to start a new life/civilization. What happens when the theorized giant asteroid hits earth and kills everything?
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    See past threads.

    The Extinction Level event is still millions of years away. That's a long long time. Human civilizationcan until now only be measured in thousands of years.

    They went back 85mill years ago

    Extinction event is believed to be about 65mill years ago

    That's 20mill years or no meteor (or whatever)

    The choices are:

    A) Stay in their present, where they have only years (or maybe a decade) left to survive.

    B) Go to a place where they can have up to millions of years to surive.

    Given that amount of time, assuming they all don't die due to disease or razor-sharp teeth, humanity might advance enough to leave the planet on FTL ships to somewhere else. And depending on the the EVENT turns out to be, perhaps enough time to undo whatever changes they made to environment. CO2 would settle back to the ground, metal would wear out and eventually become ore, they'd become the carbon in the ground to become oil, etc.

    Now if you want to argue the whole time-paradox thing, or the morality of changing an alternate timeline so that humanity might evolve differently (or might not come to be at all) that's another story.

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