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    [1]Oct 6, 2011
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    Usually, the pilot episdes are somewhat better than what follows up. With Terra Nova, I actually have to hope that it's the other way around. After having watched the pilot, I very mixed feelings. This show again has Spielberg written all over it. Overdone, repetitive musical score that fails to blend in and support the picture is something I find awry with most of Spielbergs productions. Add to that that I thought, again, that the characters are somewhat bland. The special effects where mostly top notch. The production values must have been tremendous, too. A whole lot of effort was put into building places, making jungles look real/unreal, and all that jazz. It was like Jurassic Park all over again, serialized. It has cool written all over it!

    But yeah, my problem with the character development ... it falls about as short as it has been in Falling Skies or, Earth 2. But even in Earth two, I think the main cast had some more promise. The lone somewhat interesing person in Terra Nova for me, seems to be the base commander, even though it feels like he's reprising his role from Avatar, the movie, except he is less scarred. He even has the potential to grab sympathies even when it turns out he's "the bad guy". Watching Spielbergs play on kids on teens in a series has always been tedious for me. It's as if they're only in there to make mistakes. The same mistakes. Get in trouble, mostly. Disobeying most notably - by doing the exact opposite of what their elders tell them is right. Is there any real parenting going on? Anyone remember the little girl in Earth 2? After some episodes, my eyes started to hurt from rolling them every time she did something boneheaded again, just to get everyone else in trouble when they have to come rescue her. She clearly had become a Mary Sue , often be the hero of the day, while still ruining everything for everyone. Hardly do I ever see a truly smart kid in a Spielberg show. I really hope it'll not get as bad in Terra Nova.

    A family just arrived in paradise, but they just started bickering, and the son almost came across like he didn't even really want to be there at times, as if he'd rather be back on Ruined Earth. The Mom has very few interesting scenes, and in most of them she was only "there", and didn't have much to add, except for the rescue mission where she helped out as a field medic. The father had a few short moments where he showed potential, but that was about it. Their daughters ... were there, I guess. The youngest was cool, feeding the dinos, that was a good "Jurassic Park" moment.

    I had a few more thoughts on the pilot but it's not important. In short: I found the acting lackluster. The characters bland. Rest was good. Or at least mediocre at times. Hope it'll get a lot better soon.

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    Have only seen the first two episodes so far and am really not impressed, even the CGI is a bit ropey (Jurassic Park is nearly 20 years old and still looks much better). I will give it one more episode to change my mind or it will be the end for me.

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    I'm not saying that Terra Nova is great or that the Pilot follows the below formula.

    But often, the "Pilot" is the other way around... poor pilot but good series. Which is why I tend to give a new series several episodes before I decide whether I'm going to follow it.

    I mean, look at the Star Trek Next Generation Pilot... it was quite sub-par. Convoluted plot, iffy special effects, just not great in general. And yet the show picked up steam and lasted 7 seasons.

    Such as they were filmed (or spent too much money) before they got viewer (or test audience) feedback and had to make the improvements in the following episodes.

    Sure, some pilots are insanely great... they treat them like mini-movies with a lot of time + polish to rope people in.

    Other pilots, not so much.

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    Yippie, the psychotic wildlife is back. Animals running into maschine gun fire and ramming vehicles when a single broken bone can kill in the wild seems like a pretty crappy survival instinct and bad chances against Darwin.

    That said the humans seem to have as bad survival instincts... people walking outside a perimeter full of obviously rabies infested predators without a gun having the calibre to scare them off or kill them seems like a bad idea. We actually have stuff meant to take down things as big as dinos, we just consider them excessive for our family affairs (wars) because they make a huge mess. Armored plates can take alot of kinetic force. Good luck to any animal trying to get through that without hurting itself.

    And contrary to what TV wants us to believe most humans including teenagers have survival instincts and know when something stops being a joke. Sneaking off to a disco is slightly different than sneaking off into a dangerous jubngle without any survival kit or weapons.

    Overall the show makes an impression of not being thought through alot. The family backstory, was that in any way necessary? It was so convoluted. Then things like giant leeches none but the new doc spotted? Huh? Or you have two rival gangs, one gang member tries to kill the leader of the other side and then when the leader of his gang shows up they simply come to an arrangement? How? Why? This guy tried to assassinate someone! Whole countries lob bombs at other countries for less! And doc letting a girl bleed to death to talk with her husband is not very nice...

    Other than that: Movie makers do know that there were plenty of dinosaurs as small or smaller than humans? So actually need better ground fences because a predator like raptors could get through alot of stuff a human would.

    Overall, pretty mixed. The British show "Outcasts" had a more complete feel to it with a vaguely similar setup.
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    [5]Jun 13, 2012
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    I was with this comment all the way until it praised Outcasts, that show was terrible.

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