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The Probe.

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    [1]Oct 5, 2011
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    SO because they never found the Probe on Earth they assume they are in a paralel universe? BUT what if there are people in the future of THIS world? Wouldn't affect them somehow? Like Fringe - one world was effected by crossing over? I stll think also Just because they did not find the probe does not mean it NEVER was found. I mean someone could have found it and just never said anything...Just a very weird premise even for a Sci-fi show. What do U think? Is this going to become a future story where the Probe and the Terra Nova people are actually tearing apart a future world?

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    It's a tough call and an ethical question in general.

    Assuming we can take the whole "no probe == alt reality" truth on face value, it's almost exactly like they found a planet lush with life and settled on it.

    Now, by doing that... maybe they'll do something to prevent intelligent life from evolving. Maybe it will still evolve, but takes a drastic turn due to the inhabitants of another more-advanced race.

    And lastly, history has shown that when an advanced group of colonists meets a primitive native... things don't go so well.

    So you're trading a planet's potential for growth and intelligence species for your own survival or comfort. As a people, do we have the right to decide the fate of an entire race / planet / etc?

    It's one thing if you want to colonize a lifeless rock like the Moon or maybe Mars (assuming it really is lifeless), but a lush unexplored planet / realm? Tough call.

    So settling on a parallel Earth's past would be the same as settling on another planet. The big difference here is they know eventually an extinction-level event will happen in a few million years that might reset the planet enough for human life to begin anew. Probably not the same civilization and perhaps not even human (and perhaps not at all), but the virtual "reset" that will happen might be enough to allow something to happen. And by then they might've advanced enough to leave the planet (taking back to my original point).

    And that's all assuming the whole probe thing was true. It's possible it was destroyed in the past or its discovery was covered up.

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    You just gotta accept it at face value or the shows premise falls apart. Ultimately, you cant prove a negative...ostensibly, there's no way they could even have known there was a planet on the other side, if the portal is truly one way.

    Even if you assume Stargate rules, where radio signals can go back through, then you know there'sa planet that supports life, you might even be able to tell is Earth in the past if you see a dinosaur. But the fact that you dont find the probe doesnt prove its not the same Earth; there's a million other ways the probe could have been lost in the 85 million years it was there....volcanic eruption, seafloor subduction, hell it could have been hit by that meteorite 20 million years later

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    my thoughts are the anti terra nova group/ sixers originfound it and are using it for communications with 2149 and hence a portal back.

    also the theory that it got destroyed/ is still hidden/ went faulty lol like a meteor that put out an emp. the story has had this happen.

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