Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 1

Genesis - Part 1

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on FOX

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  • Horrible


    Speilberg = Falling Skies - best acting robots. Terranova - best acting dinosaurs. Humans emotions range from a to c. Both with kids with shinning well scrubbed faces in dismal areas. Get soaked by rain or swimming and miraculously dry for their next scene.

    In this one we have a guy who has been in prison for a bit and all he does is peck his wife on the lips. We have a bratty teenage son who .... we have a nerdy daughter who.... we have a cute younger daughter who....

    No one can anything with the unlimited ammo they have. We have a military "brat" who says she learned first aid from her CORPSEman father (guess they were using Obama's teleprompter).

    How can you 'jump the shark' during the opening credits? Wonder what the replacement show will be?

  • This was extremely sub-par. Cliches abound, poor script, weak casting, bland acting, and the lead role was a Jack clone from lost. What a waste of 2 hours. It's all very predictable where this is going, but I certainly won't be there for the ride.


    This was extremely sub-par. Cliches abound, poor script, weak casting, bland acting, and the lead role was a Jack clone from lost. What a waste of 2 hours. It's all very predictable where this is going, but I certainly won't be there for the ride. Abort mission.

  • so i guess all this LOST fans have high expectations....


    well from a non LOST fan, think the show its doing alright, but i guess LOST was really the #$@ for this people to give them low digits. Either way from a, falling skies (the so failure of TNT and stevenSpielberg- to me) i think that this show proves that Spielberg hasdinosaurexperience and makes something alike jurassic park meets avatar well sorta...

    The first thoug was well they going back to future on the dino era .. does that mean than when the meteorite that killed most dinos is gonna kill humans too so whats the point??

    The fortress ... seems WEAK made out of metaljunctionsbut wood logs?? i mean we are talking dinos right? not bears or or elephants.

    i didnt liked the plot for this pilot thou.. i mean obviously u can do illegal immigration n break the laws on the new/old planet... right? also the whole kids got in trouble lets go bail them out of the dinosterritoryits kinda lame... i HOPE that next episode i see them giving them a punishment but i doubt it since taylor seems to have lots of tolerance with his ex soldier daughter...

    The whole sixers thing makes me thing of skitters from falling skies... the name at least.. but yeah i like the concept of having enemies.. but for some reason they seem to have like... a better spot thou.. i saw some windpower generators... right?

    In the end imma say what i been saying... im only watching this because there isnt anything like this going on right now...

  • Absolutely one of the best shows of this year can't wait what they bring more this year. And lets hope they don't cancel this one, they already canceled enough good en very good series. The special effects are spectaculair and the storyline is a great one.


    Absolutely one of the best shows of this year can't wait what they bring more this year.

    And lets hope they don't cancel this one, they already canceled enough good en very good series.

    The special effects are spectaculair and the storyline is a great one.

  • Not sure about this show


    I'm watching the pilot and I have some serious issues with both the characters and the science.

    Warning: Spoilers ahead...

    While I admit it's got an interesting concept there are some major flaws right off the bat. First the concept of the cop who breaks population laws seems pretty dumb. I mean he's got to know that hiding contraband is hard enough but hiding a kid is nigh impossible. The wife sneaking a laser powerful enouh to cut through the plexiglass cells indicates some serious deficiencies in prison security.

    Terra Nova itself seems to be misrepresented, it looks far more like they have shifted dimensions rather than traveled back in time, the info about the probe and the cave markings seem to give much stronger evidence of dimensional travel rather than time travel. Either way Zoe and Jim should be dead within a few days since they couldn't have gotten innoculated against the microbes present 85 million years ago, or in another dimension, or whatever... Yes I know, they have the aqua-goo to drink but you can't innocluate against something you've already been exposed to.

    The "sixers" indicates another huge security failure, how does and entire pilgrimage of radicals manage to get through the background checks? The fact that the sixers control the quarry makes me wonder how the last hope of humanity set up shop without back up plans for important things like mining sources. At least Mira seems to be a pragmatic and competent leader, I get the feeling she and Taylor are not all that different.

    I can't understand how none of the medical staff noticed the melon sized leech on the back of a patient until Doctor Shannon examines him. The kids who sneak outside seem completely oblivious to the mortal danger they put themselves into in order to make moonshine.

    Sadly show falls back on the old "the black guy dies first" (and second it seems) when we meet the slashers and I noticed the stale joke referring to Aliens earlier in the show. The slashers seem to be remarkably clever hunters, able to co-ordinate attacks and lure prey into the open yet somehow allowing wounded and untrained prey escape. A strange mix.

    Considering the danger level during the day, a nocturnal search and rescue seems like and unacceptable risk from a tactical point of view considering even the medium size creatures are capable of tearing through the armor of the vehicles used, and not all the vehicles had side armor or even doors at all.

    While I dislike a lot of things, I did like the hint of the hidden agenda at the end, even it makes little sense if the "seperate timeline" explanation had any truth to it.

  • Genesis

    Future catastrophic. The Earth's days are numbered and the future of humanity passes by abandoning the sick planet in search of a fresh start. Be another planet or the Earth 85 million years ago - no one ever imagined that paradise quickly reveals its true nature and inhospitable cruelty - any avid science fiction fan recognizes the premise of "Terra Nova" features a lot of other fiction written within the genus.

    There is nothing new, it is not disputed this fact and the first [about] hour and a half of the series. The human being is on the brink of defeat by any condition (as always). The human being is an alternative and sees a new beginning where you can avoid all the mistakes he made in the past and led to the catastrophe (of course, but as always only during the first five minutes of your new life, these moments quickly corrupted by greed and avarice that both it is natural). The human being is a survivor by nature, just need something that will test your physical and mental capacity (either an infection that turns people into walking corpses, a voracious alien invasion that we want to eat or sodomize, original inhabitants of the new planet that there were not very pleased to have been invaded or just dinosaurs that count as the dominant force on the planet ... moves the antagonist but the disc always turns the same side). There are many series, there are many movies, the books are many, many more are the other existing platforms to tell a story where you can easily recognize the premise of "Terra Nova". That I think no one doubts. Now, even before the repetition of ideas and concepts, "Terra Nova" is not the worst series of the kind that appeared coming from the U.S. television recently. It is not. But we already there.

    The story: We have had it. The Earth is dying. Blah, blah, blah. Let's return to the past by a time slot that we discovered. Blah, blah, blah. To avoid paradoxes we say that this is an alternative timeline and will not influence the present. Blah, blah, blah. There is a group of renegades who want to take over Newfoundland. Blah, blah, blah. Flee, there are hungry dinosaurs. Blah, blah, blah.

    Mythology: In addition to hungry dinosaurs and human renegades who want to take possession of Newfoundland, the series also introduces some elements of mystery, surely develop in future episodes. Since then, the enigmatic cave drawings, which supposedly have been placed there long ago (I bet that by the end of it all, yet we find that the author is Baltar or Six) and will be key to unlocking something great . Then, and apparently relates to the drawings, we have to compose the scene the disappearance of the son of Captain Nathaniel Taylor (Stephen Lang). From all that I had this driver, which really captivated me was clearly the mystery surrounding these symbols marked in stone. Not the renegades. No dinosaurs. Much less the family drama. And yes this mystery.

    CGI: The CGI is an integral part of this series. It was he who (reportedly) the debut of the series was postponed twice and that he would (presumably) make a difference, to revolutionize the use of special effects made for television. But he did not. Apart from the dinosaurs, which could even be worse than they were, truth be told, the funds, the landscapes (especially the city in the first half of the episode where they are as bad as in most other series of U.S. television ) are noticeable in such a way that ultimately distracting, something that, of course, is terrible for those who want to go with the story. For this time of preparation, production planning and hoping for something better.

    The family drama: In addition to the mystery and adventure, "Terra Nova" promises even some drama. We have parents. We have children. We have parents and children, so expect some attempts to draw a tear here and there. The problem is that I do not see enough strength to get these characters engage in dramatic ways. Although not so shallow or flat like those of other series that have ventured into the genre, are not deep or multidimensional enough to get the series to give the much needed emotion. At least for now. We will see in the coming episodes they can not grow or will mere empty containers.

    The scene: That must be the girl of five years lighter than ever, to be loaded on the back with a tremendous ease! And that's okay for the father not so much because it is a relatively strong man, but his mother, who is so frail, he took the bag as if it had almost nothing in there ...

    The best: Being the beginning and therefore a first step, leaving only know in which direction it will be given.

    Worst: Having potential but for now, seem like just another "FlashForward" or "The Event".
  • Truely a great show.

    I think they have something going for them on this. They should dig in a bit deeper, and try to widen the shots. Maybe include more shots near the ocean or sea.

    I really hope they have a second season.

  • Wow100


  • Genesis Part 1


    Genesis Part 1 was a perfect introductory episode of the new series Terra Nova. I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story was unique, interesting and well written. The characters were pretty easy to connect with and there was plenty of drama and intrigue to supplement. The future is a grim place to live, and the past offers new hopes yet holds many dangers. The Shannon family has dealt with a harsh world and get to start over. I was very entertained and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Loved it!!!


    I really loved this pilot episode of terra nova, i have been so excited for this show to start for ages and i have to say this episode certainly lived up to my rather large expectations, i thought this pilot did i nice job of setting up the story and droping hints and mysteries of things to come like the markings on the cave, the pilot also did a ok job of introducing the characters ok the actors and characters wernt all that spectactular and they wernt all that well developed but they were ok and i still cared about them(well except for the annoying teenage son) The special effects were ok not spectacular but certainly good for t.v but i think the most impressive thing about this episode was the set of terra nova it really was a beatiful set and from the looks of it thats where most of the money was spent

  • It wasn't that bad


    It's kind of strange that people transport themselves 85 million years into the past and still wear J Crew and LL Bean clothing. I don't know if I would have made the show quite this way. I'll give a few more weeks before I condemn it.

  • Not bad...


    Wasn't too bad. Wasn't as good as the hype made it out to be. Special effects and visual effects all need some work. As does the depth of the story. But compared to most things on TV currently, it's actually a good way to pass an hour or two. I give it two seasons - one season because it deserves at least that, and a second season because it has dinosaurs. After that, I bet it's cancelled.