Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 1

Genesis - Part 1

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on FOX

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  • so i guess all this LOST fans have high expectations....


    well from a non LOST fan, think the show its doing alright, but i guess LOST was really the #$@ for this people to give them low digits. Either way from a, falling skies (the so failure of TNT and stevenSpielberg- to me) i think that this show proves that Spielberg hasdinosaurexperience and makes something alike jurassic park meets avatar well sorta...

    The first thoug was well they going back to future on the dino era .. does that mean than when the meteorite that killed most dinos is gonna kill humans too so whats the point??

    The fortress ... seems WEAK made out of metaljunctionsbut wood logs?? i mean we are talking dinos right? not bears or or elephants.

    i didnt liked the plot for this pilot thou.. i mean obviously u can do illegal immigration n break the laws on the new/old planet... right? also the whole kids got in trouble lets go bail them out of the dinosterritoryits kinda lame... i HOPE that next episode i see them giving them a punishment but i doubt it since taylor seems to have lots of tolerance with his ex soldier daughter...

    The whole sixers thing makes me thing of skitters from falling skies... the name at least.. but yeah i like the concept of having enemies.. but for some reason they seem to have like... a better spot thou.. i saw some windpower generators... right?

    In the end imma say what i been saying... im only watching this because there isnt anything like this going on right now...