Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 1

Genesis - Part 1

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on FOX

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  • Not sure about this show


    I'm watching the pilot and I have some serious issues with both the characters and the science.

    Warning: Spoilers ahead...

    While I admit it's got an interesting concept there are some major flaws right off the bat. First the concept of the cop who breaks population laws seems pretty dumb. I mean he's got to know that hiding contraband is hard enough but hiding a kid is nigh impossible. The wife sneaking a laser powerful enouh to cut through the plexiglass cells indicates some serious deficiencies in prison security.

    Terra Nova itself seems to be misrepresented, it looks far more like they have shifted dimensions rather than traveled back in time, the info about the probe and the cave markings seem to give much stronger evidence of dimensional travel rather than time travel. Either way Zoe and Jim should be dead within a few days since they couldn't have gotten innoculated against the microbes present 85 million years ago, or in another dimension, or whatever... Yes I know, they have the aqua-goo to drink but you can't innocluate against something you've already been exposed to.

    The "sixers" indicates another huge security failure, how does and entire pilgrimage of radicals manage to get through the background checks? The fact that the sixers control the quarry makes me wonder how the last hope of humanity set up shop without back up plans for important things like mining sources. At least Mira seems to be a pragmatic and competent leader, I get the feeling she and Taylor are not all that different.

    I can't understand how none of the medical staff noticed the melon sized leech on the back of a patient until Doctor Shannon examines him. The kids who sneak outside seem completely oblivious to the mortal danger they put themselves into in order to make moonshine.

    Sadly show falls back on the old "the black guy dies first" (and second it seems) when we meet the slashers and I noticed the stale joke referring to Aliens earlier in the show. The slashers seem to be remarkably clever hunters, able to co-ordinate attacks and lure prey into the open yet somehow allowing wounded and untrained prey escape. A strange mix.

    Considering the danger level during the day, a nocturnal search and rescue seems like and unacceptable risk from a tactical point of view considering even the medium size creatures are capable of tearing through the armor of the vehicles used, and not all the vehicles had side armor or even doors at all.

    While I dislike a lot of things, I did like the hint of the hidden agenda at the end, even it makes little sense if the "seperate timeline" explanation had any truth to it.

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