Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 2

Genesis - Part 2

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

The Sixers demand the release of Carter as well as medical supplies and ammo from the colony. In exchange, they brought iron ore, since the Sixers control the nearby iron mine. Taylor agrees to the trade, apart from the ammo.

Meanwhile, Skye and her friends show Josh to their hidden still, where they've left a mixture made of the native fruits and nuts to ferment into alcohol. They drink and gather more fruit for the still. Skye and Josh cut the fruit open with a gigantic barb from the tail tip of a dino Skye calls a slasher tail. Josh is worried they might be around, but Skye tells him they usually only hunt at night.

Mira and the rest of the Sixers leave Terra Nova and they spot the vehicle Skye and her friends rode in. The Sixers strip the vehicle of its power cells and the ammo. While checking on the car, one Sixer is attacked by a slasher. Skye and Josh hear the noise of the attack and they decide it's time to head back to the colony.

Security notices a vehicle has gone missing as well as a handful of teens, including Josh. It's getting dark and they need to hurry if they're going to find them before the dinos do. Elisabeth insists on going with Jim on the rescue mission, and Jim reluctantly agrees.

Skye and the rest of the group find the Sixer vehicle, along with the Sixer inside. The Sixer vehicle has been attacked by a slasher tail and now it won't start. Skye recognizes the injured Sixer in the car, and he allows them to come inside before the slasher notices. One of the teens, Tasha, panics and leaves the vehicle and is soon taken down by a slasher. Meanwhile, they contact the rescue party using the Sixer's radio.

The rescue party finds Tasha still alive, but barely. Jim notices her pants are wet, and he asks her if she had crossed water to escape. She is able to tell him she had. Taylor knows there's a stream close by, and that's where they'll find the rest of the teens.

The teens plan on replacing the power cells in their vehicle, using gunfire as cover to protect themselves from the slashers. Skye confesses to Josh that her parents recently died from fever. The slasher opens the vehicle and takes one of the teens, Hunter. They manage to chase the slasher away from eating Hunter's leg and make for their vehicle.

The slashers are in hot pursuit, but when things look bleak, the rescue party arrives. Jim takes down a slasher that's about to attack Josh. Josh later apologizes to his parents for running off. When Taylor asks Skye if she's been to the waterfalls, she lies and tells him she hasn't. Taylor has taken care of Skye since her parents died.

Mira tells her team to destroy the carvings on the waterfall, and tells them that the message warns of a man coming on the Tenth Pilgrimage who will change everything. Back at Terra Nova, the Shannons marvel at the view of the moon, which they can't see in the future due to the polluted atmosphere.