Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 2

Genesis - Part 2

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on FOX

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  • A show with great potential!


    Terra Nova's series premiere was great, and very promising. Great special effects, suspense, and overall pretty good acting. Overall, it's a pretty good show, with a lot of potential. The sixers, the dinosaurs, and just the fact that they're living in the dangerous world of earth 85,000,000 years ago, are all things they can use to their advantage in future episodes. And, although the show was great, some things kind of ticked me off. Like that Josh kid. He went from "I miss dad", to "Yay, Dad's back", and then to "F*#@ you, dad!" in a time frame that is impossible for human minds to understand. Besides that though, it's a great show. But, like I have to say every year, it's no Lost.

  • This could be awesome!


    (Spoiler free) After the failure that was Falling Skies, I was a bit sceptical about Spielberg doing another sci-fi TV show. But my doubts were pretty much wiped out when the executive producers list hit the screen: with names like David Fury and Jon Cassar, I knew this was going to be great.

    And it was. The plot was decent for a premiere, and characters were a bit stereotypical, but instantly likable and easy to relate to. Also, most of the actors and actresses are new to me, so there's no previous roles to compare them to. The production values are great, and while the CGI is clearly nothing like a feature film, it works pretty flawlessly.

    Oh, and there were dinosaurs. Some might complain how little screen time they got, but for me, just the fact that they're out there is almost enough. And for the first time in years, I was genuinely frightened/excited during the build-up to the climactic battle. The way it was shot was just great, with the claustrophobic setting, the flashing lights, the constant screaming.

    Overall, the two hour premiere for Terra Nova was absolutely fabulous, and I hope were witnessing the start of a great TV series.

  • This show shows great promise...


    I'm going to start off with a wow... the first episode blew me away, I'm normally not for the dinosaur genre but well it looks amazing...

    It looks like it has a great story full of mystery and a great cast to support it, from what I've seen this is going to be great, there are a lot angles this show could explore, let's just say that it won't run out of material very quickly like some other series have to cope with.

    Well that's just the first impression I got!

  • True to Speilberg, this new series is simply awesome!


    Great story lines, production, acting, and cast. Kept my attention every single minute for two hours. Hope this is a winner and sticks around for a while.

    Background episode 1 provided everything we needed to know about the world of 2149 and it was frighteningly real. Interesting that new data on poor air quality was released the same day as the series. The time travel was believable without any unnecessary special effects.

    The new Terra Nova world is believable even though there is some confusing mixing of technology of old and new.

    Loved it!

  • Well, great dinosaur effects and an interesting concept and lots of potential. The bad? Man,loaded withcliches and questionable scripting.


    Well, great dinosaur effects and an interesting concept and lots of potential. The bad? Man,loaded withcliches and questionable scripting.

    I mean, where to begin. The teenage son, who is so concerned that his dad is coming with the family through a time portal, but then is so angry at his dad for...the way in which he tried to protect his daughter? Within a day of arriving, both the son and elder daughter both conveniently have love interests? A bunch of kids are caught outside the compound in dangerous dinosaur land and the doctor mother insists on going on the dangerous mission to get them. When told no way, she says he's my son and I'm coming...well, that would certainly override a strict military protocol in real life, now wouldn't it.

    Oh, and to top it all off, apparently some of the thrill seeking teenagers have been sneaking out of the tightly run military-multiple-guards-surveillance-camera-facility for god knows how long, and video evidence of them doing this is not discovered until the time they happen to go out and get into danger?? Please.

    I don't want to be hard on this show and want to like it, but this kind of cliched and unbelievable plotting, everything but the kitchen sink into the first episode (conveniently there is, of course, a rogue group of humans who have broken off from the main group, with sinister motives...because having dangerous dinosaurs hanging around and countless other dangers of colonizing a prehistoric world just aren't enough) isn't helping.

    Maybe if they didn't have a gazillion executive producers, that would help. Hopefully, like The Event, it will improve over the course of the season and hopefully, unlike The Event, it won't be too late.

  • Big budget new series is Lost meets Avatar and has promise, but needs to be careful of becoming dawson's creek but sci-fi


    One of the most hyped new series of the year started yesterday, and the first two hours showed its big budget. The sets and special effects were top notch, and the show did a good job setting up the premise and laying down some mysteries that I am sure will be the plot of future episodes.

    The good- Stephen Lang is a strong character actor and his role is different enough from his bad guy in Avatar that their isn't a danger that he is merely replaying the same character from that movie. He is set up to be the leader and a bit of an idealist.

    The mysteries- There is some "Lost" comparison's here as the past has some hidden mysteries that I'm sure will be doled out in bits and pieces. Are they really in an alternate timeline or in our past? Some of the plot reveals towards the end seem to lead us to question the line the characters were told that they are in an alternate reality. Are they in our past and if so, why were they lied to? Why are they really there? (again, it was hinted that the "real reason" is more sinister), and what is the deal with the weird math on the rocks?

    The special effects- Top notch for television. It should be enjoyable for young teens and boys..dinosaurs and cool vehicles!

    The bad/slightly worrisome

    The main family- The plot revolves around a family, a cop and his doctor wife and their three demographically pleasing kids. Teen daughter for young girl viewers..check, teen boy for young girls and boys..check, and cute little girl..check. The worrisome thing is that unlike Lost, the main characters are a little bland. The husband and wife have little chemistry and I did not believe they were married from the way the acted..very cold. Also, the teen son angry at dad angle seemed a little weak considering he was jailed for protecting his daughter. Its hard to swallow the kid would be that resentful of that.

    Finally, the focus of the teen romance was a little Dawson Creeky to me.

  • Genesis Part 2


    Genesis Part 2 was a superb episode of Terra Nova and I really enjoyed watching this episode as the story unfolded and more details emerged about what was happening in this new world. I will admit that some of the scenes were a bit cliche and predictable, but they set the tone for what exists in this prehistoric past. This two part episode gives viewers the basic layout of what is going on with a few hints of mystery and ulterior motives. I certainly look forward to watching more to see what happens next!!!!!!!

  • Not sure what to think yet...


    I read a review of "Terra Nova" the other day and made the horrible mistake of reading a line that I wish I hadn't read: this particular reviewer mentioned the show as "a possible replacement for Lost." Now, I know better than to expect a show to become the next Lost, but I immediately become intrigued the second I hear a possible comparison.

    This show is nothing like Lost, except for the fact that it sort of takes place in a tropical place and clearly has a backstory that it has to flesh out. The show is more or less Jurassic Park with better technology and an overall plot that differs from the movie. I thought the scenes that took place in the future were extremely clunky and weren't worth seeing. The whole "our father is in jail and broke into the time warp" thing was pointless, because once the father got there, there's no consequences for him breaking out of jail. It was a pointless bit of action that went nowhere.

    Once we got to the "Terra Nova" place, things got a bit more intriguing. Not necessarily better, but intriguing is the best word I can think of. Me and my roommate watched the show and after a lot of deliberating, we decided the show was worth sticking around for. Some of the characters keep me interested just enough to warrant continuing, and the action sequences were fun to watch. But boy, those special effects got worse and worse as the show went along. Also, I'm not sure how much I care about the backstory of these other people who split off from Terra Nova (I consider them the "Others," just like on Lost... man I can't get past these comparisons.)

    The show has awhile to go before it can get my full approval. I've hated all of the sci-fi/mystery/mythology type shows that have been born out of the ending of Lost (Flashforward, The Event... all of that dreck) Let's see if Terra Nova can break the streak.

  • Not as good as the first hour but still enjoyable.


    The second hour of terra novas two hour premire certainly isnt as good as the first but i still found it to be incredibly enjoyable and a whole lot of fun. This episode had it good points and it bad points and didnt enjoy the whole teenage thing i found those characters to be incredibly annoying except for skye, i also didnt enjoy the taylor and jim relationship i think it moved far to fast i mean technically jim is a fugitive i just think taylor was to fast to just hand jim a gun i think they should of took there time with that relationship.

    However depite these flaws i still thought this episode had some really good points like the sixers or the (others) they seem really intresting, overall a pretty good episode that was exciting fun and entertaining

  • Has potential, but has a long way to go.


    Overall, I liked the the whole "Terra Nova" 2 part pilot episode "Genesis". The show has a lot of potential, with the introduction of a few mysteries and nasty dino's. As for a pilot episode, it did what it needed to do, mainly grab my attention and leave me wanting to see and learn more about the show, and hope that it will smooth off the rough edges.

    My biggest problem with the show are the IDIOTIC TEENAGERS! I can only hope that the same amount of time devoted to the teenagers in the pilot is not the same in all the rest of the episodes. If they do continue with a lot of the teens, I predict the show will not make it past one season, maybe even getting canceled during the first.

  • I really like this show! Terra Nova is a combination of StarGate and Land of the Lost.


    Finally, an interesting show worth watching! Most of the shows today are not interesting. "The Cape," was about the only show I liked. Hope they make more episodes of The Cape. Anyway,after watching the first episode of Terra Nova the portal the people used to go to the past reminded me so much of the StarGate portal. I don't know whether they copied it from StarGate or not. Doesn't matter, I still like this show and hope it lasts for several seasons to come. The show will also remind you of "Lost" and "Land of the Lost." Also , Jurassic Park. I didn't know exactly if Terra Nova was another planet or Earth until I read up on it. Even though the show adapted ideals from other shows its still unique in its own way. I'm definitely looking forward to enjoying the next episodes of Terra Nova!

    If you watched the first episode, you can tell there is a very high possibility that the people will encounter alien beings or maybe an ancient human civilization. Remember the symbolic writings on the rocks of the off limits waterfall scene that the teenagers ran into. I think that this is alien writing!

    Some interesting questions that came to mind while watching Terra Nova. The people used a StarGate like portal to travel back into Earth's prehistoric past. Can they use that portal to travel into the future? Also, if they are on Prehistoric Earth to start human civilization over, how will they handle the meteorite that hits the Earth and destroy the dinosaurs? The last question. Will we see signs on Terra Nova that reveal some humans already traveled back in time to prehistoric Earth before they did?

  • This series wants to bring it all but in the end delivers nothing that's quite good enough.


    Ok what I did like is the opening scene with the f*ckd up world and everything has gone to shit. But when they entered the portal it turned bad very quickly. The CGI looks terrible, seriously the dino's look worse than those in Jurassic Park 1 from 1993. Of course this is all very expensive for a tv series, but why not use a little less CGI and spend a bit more per scene. Not only the CGI looks bad, but all the tools they use look like cheap plastic things straight from a tell-sell commercial. The armor they wear looks like something they bought for a Halloween party from their local costume store or eBay.

    The second thing that made me want to turn this thing off was the bad scripting. Relationships feel somehow artificial and not convincing at all. At one point Jim's wife is helping a girl that is injured by a dino, she is almost dying. But instead of saving her life, she gets up and starts talking to Jim to resolve some relationship issues and tell him how she feels. Hello you are the only doctor and someone is dying here…!? When they found the markings on the rocks, I thought, cool maybe this is going somewhere... But at the end of the pilot it turns out it's nothing more than just a crazy guy running around. The pilot should bring up questions, make it mysterious and make you want to watch the next episode. But for this 20 million dollar pilot, the only question it brings up with me is where did they go wrong.