Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 2

Genesis - Part 2

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on FOX

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  • A show with great potential!


    Terra Nova's series premiere was great, and very promising. Great special effects, suspense, and overall pretty good acting. Overall, it's a pretty good show, with a lot of potential. The sixers, the dinosaurs, and just the fact that they're living in the dangerous world of earth 85,000,000 years ago, are all things they can use to their advantage in future episodes. And, although the show was great, some things kind of ticked me off. Like that Josh kid. He went from "I miss dad", to "Yay, Dad's back", and then to "F*#@ you, dad!" in a time frame that is impossible for human minds to understand. Besides that though, it's a great show. But, like I have to say every year, it's no Lost.