Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 2

Genesis - Part 2

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on FOX

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  • Big budget new series is Lost meets Avatar and has promise, but needs to be careful of becoming dawson's creek but sci-fi


    One of the most hyped new series of the year started yesterday, and the first two hours showed its big budget. The sets and special effects were top notch, and the show did a good job setting up the premise and laying down some mysteries that I am sure will be the plot of future episodes.

    The good- Stephen Lang is a strong character actor and his role is different enough from his bad guy in Avatar that their isn't a danger that he is merely replaying the same character from that movie. He is set up to be the leader and a bit of an idealist.

    The mysteries- There is some "Lost" comparison's here as the past has some hidden mysteries that I'm sure will be doled out in bits and pieces. Are they really in an alternate timeline or in our past? Some of the plot reveals towards the end seem to lead us to question the line the characters were told that they are in an alternate reality. Are they in our past and if so, why were they lied to? Why are they really there? (again, it was hinted that the "real reason" is more sinister), and what is the deal with the weird math on the rocks?

    The special effects- Top notch for television. It should be enjoyable for young teens and boys..dinosaurs and cool vehicles!

    The bad/slightly worrisome

    The main family- The plot revolves around a family, a cop and his doctor wife and their three demographically pleasing kids. Teen daughter for young girl viewers..check, teen boy for young girls and boys..check, and cute little girl..check. The worrisome thing is that unlike Lost, the main characters are a little bland. The husband and wife have little chemistry and I did not believe they were married from the way the acted..very cold. Also, the teen son angry at dad angle seemed a little weak considering he was jailed for protecting his daughter. Its hard to swallow the kid would be that resentful of that.

    Finally, the focus of the teen romance was a little Dawson Creeky to me.