Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 2

Genesis - Part 2

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on FOX

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  • I really like this show! Terra Nova is a combination of StarGate and Land of the Lost.


    Finally, an interesting show worth watching! Most of the shows today are not interesting. "The Cape," was about the only show I liked. Hope they make more episodes of The Cape. Anyway,after watching the first episode of Terra Nova the portal the people used to go to the past reminded me so much of the StarGate portal. I don't know whether they copied it from StarGate or not. Doesn't matter, I still like this show and hope it lasts for several seasons to come. The show will also remind you of "Lost" and "Land of the Lost." Also , Jurassic Park. I didn't know exactly if Terra Nova was another planet or Earth until I read up on it. Even though the show adapted ideals from other shows its still unique in its own way. I'm definitely looking forward to enjoying the next episodes of Terra Nova!

    If you watched the first episode, you can tell there is a very high possibility that the people will encounter alien beings or maybe an ancient human civilization. Remember the symbolic writings on the rocks of the off limits waterfall scene that the teenagers ran into. I think that this is alien writing!

    Some interesting questions that came to mind while watching Terra Nova. The people used a StarGate like portal to travel back into Earth's prehistoric past. Can they use that portal to travel into the future? Also, if they are on Prehistoric Earth to start human civilization over, how will they handle the meteorite that hits the Earth and destroy the dinosaurs? The last question. Will we see signs on Terra Nova that reveal some humans already traveled back in time to prehistoric Earth before they did?

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