Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on FOX

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  • Hitchcock is rolling in his grave and Daphne Du Maurier just asked to join him!


    Instinct starts off promising. Two men are discovered mauled to death-- much to the surprise of the Terra Novans, since theclaw marksdon't resemble that of any known creature. Come to find out that the attacks come from a sudden migration of newly discovered pterosaurs who are hot, horny, and looking for some major action, but are going on a killing/ mauling spree because those pesky human beings from the future are in the way.

    Cue Hitchcock's "The Birds"-- literally. The episode merely plays out the scenario from the classic Hitchcock movie storyby completely lifting two key scenes-- the famous schoolyard scene when the birds begin to gather and the even more famous scene when the major characters barricade themselves in the house. Hilarity ensues! Okay, more like disbelief. I mean, could this have been a more derivative episode?

    Ah, but not to worry-- it wasn't all derivative! There was also the cringe-worthy attempt at character development, like having the badass tough guy cop literally confront his wife's former lover like Phyllis Newman confronting her ex-husband's wife, Sharon Newman. And why? Because like Erica Kane, the lover decided to make a play by signing the wife up for Terra Nova while hubby was locked up. What is this, Dynasty? Are we going to start having scenes like that parody from American Dad, where the characters are slapping each other sillyand calling each other the B word?

    BTW, where is everyone getting their clothing from? Why does everyone look like they just got back from American Apparel when the compound has limited resources? Is there some outlet mall at Terra Nova I don't know about? Why the hell won't the writers spend at least two seconds explaining little details like this?

    Whatever. All I know is that the writers aren't even trying to produce a show that's innovative, different, or creative. They could've turned tonight's concept into something really special; instead they just chose to basically reshoot an old movie. Tsk tsk.

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