Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on FOX

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  • Disappointing -- solutions appear out of thin air.


    I had great hope for this show when it first started. The pilot episode set the stage very nicely for what I thought was going to come: a story basically about human beings on the edge, feeling their way in an unfamiliar and dangerous world. I figured they would be kind of clueless.

    This episode started with something of a mystery to solve. Fair enough. It's the way they arrived at a solution that killed the show. First they see a bunch of birdlike dinosaurs, who then begin to attack. Why? Ask Mr. Science chief...

    Answer I expected: "I don't know. We'll need to study them for a while, things like this could take months." This would set up something I thought could be on ongoing issue, with periodic attacks.

    What we got: "Well, I've only seen one for a few seconds, but I can tell you exactly what they are and why they are attacking. Give me a couple of hours and I can create and synthesize 50 liters of their pheromones so you can lure them away!" Good thing he's both the best biologist AND best chemist in the history of the universe. And good thing this primitive little outpost has science facilities from thousands of years in the future instead of the near-future when it is set.

    Basically, this episode was a bit of build up, then a miracle scientific solution appears out of nowhere to save the day with no further hassle. If the rest of the episodes follow the same pattern--problem solved through rapid miracle science discovery--count me out as a viewer.