Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on FOX

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  • Instinct

    "The Birds" (1963) is one of the best known films from the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. Personally, not my favorite of the great master, but there is no doubt that it is a work that marked the history of cinema and suspense that still serves as a reference to many other stories I want to tell.

    Was deliberate or not, the truth is that the first reference that came to mind as soon as the third episode of "Terra Nova" began to unfold and I realized that the story paths was preparing to follow the precise " The Birds, "or even any other film in the long list of the genus (in which the animals decide to attack humans without, at least initially, an apparent reason), but especially" The Birds "by the obvious similarities in terms of appearance the animal (or group of animals) who stars attacks. That is to say: been there, seen that. Nothing very original here.

    But comparisons aside, because there is no need to make between a classic of cinema and a number that hardly become memorable, "Instint" episode turns out to be a more respectable than initially imagined it would. It is true that 40 minutes of the episode seemed too compact for everything that happened (the pterosaurs appear / start attacking people / discovers why / people get rid of them) and therefore there is not much room for create some real tension (except the time when kids have to defend themselves when they are refugees in their own home), but the narrative rhythm in conjunction with the consistency of the story itself ended up making the duration of this episode very tolerable 40 minutes and nothing monotonous.

    Or rather, almost 40 minutes and nothing quite tolerable boring ... because if we discount the airtime given to the first triangle of the series, then there is only about half an hour. Since it showed me that the relationship between the patriarchs of the family is Shannon something warm because he had been arrested during a portion of time, but really needed to bring in some guy's past Elizabeth (Shelley Conn), and that was the even if advised to come to Newfoundland to attempt to create disturbances in the family? Why this need to create love triangles in a series of science fiction or fantasy beyond me completely. Yes, there is room for love inside of both genders, of course. Especially because it provides the growth of the characters and the conflicts it generates within them can create interesting lines of argument. But why the radius of the love triangle?! Why is there always someone trying to steal the woman's husband or someone else?! Why is not content with the more realistic normal and the two love stories?! Anyway ...