Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on FOX
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All of Terra Nova's technology is wiped out after a meteor crashes. Maddy and Reynolds get stuck outside the walls. Skye and Elisabeth team up to save someone's life. Mira and the Sixers try to attack and Taylor must stop them.

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  • Nightfall

    "Uh, I've been alone out here for so long, I've forgotten my manners. Thank you, thank you for finally getting your act together and doing what you were sent here to do."

    Answer me honestly: how many of you wished that this meteorite was the "it" or not "such" be at least sufficient size to be reduced to Newfoundland to ashes? Was it a rest, would not you?

    However, in spite of the meteorite is not giving me the happy ending I wanted for this series, brought at least one thing: the best episode since the pilot. What is not saying much, for the sake of truth, but ready, we give you this ...

    The fall of a meteorite in the vicinity of Newfoundland and the shock wave released by the event are the starting point for several storylines. The problem is that, as happens time and time again in this series, we present the stories are inconsequential and of no great appeal. The Maddy (Naomi Scott) and her boyfriend are "stuck" in the middle of a forest full of dangers? Go up a tree during an entire episode. A friend of Skye (Allison Miller), our almost unknown but it is like a brother to her, went to eat something he should not? They spend most of the episode rolling a parasite that the boy is in the intestines. Jim and Zoe end trapped (more ...) in a virtual room somewhere? Let's find a way to give some attention to the little girl creating an outdoor access where only someone of his size can move (and worse, put the parent to do the soundtrack of all time). Due to an electromagnetic pulse technology throughout Newfoundland (including weapons and vehicles) is disabled? But does anyone doubt that there would be any person in the whole colony that easily solve the issue!?

    If "Terra Nova" was a show that wanted to be taken seriously, had a good opportunity here to take the leap. Along the path of technological equipment and explore the need for a people entirely dependent on this technology have to survive simply because of its ability to "desenrascano" could be a course in history that would enable him to more depth. But "Terra Nova" is not this series. It's a television product that does not want to take risks and just let yourself be comfortable that gunk that is to want to please everyone (kids, grownups and everything else).

    Still, "Nightfall" deserves some recognition. This episode had some value, although not more than value "flavored popcorn" (the good style of "Popcorn", in which content is of little interest, what matters is entertaining). The banality of the stories above were not harmful to the episode in order to have it become boring and the Sixers plan to retrieve the mysterious box was able to provide some moments of good humor, they have been created voluntarily or involuntarily (this series to work and comedy, taking into account the laughing providing ...). And in the end, even had the right to a turnaround and everything: the recipient of the box, after all, is nothing less than the missing son of Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang)!moreless
  • With a big power outage, a large dinosaur in action, the return of the sixers, a romantic picnic gone awry and a dosage of action and humor that feels about right Terra Nova FINALLY feels closer to the show one would have expected initially. SPOILERSmoreless

    When a meteor impacts not far from Terra Nova the resulting EMP shockwave fries all the electronics in the colony: Communication is down, those fancy shockwave guns stop working (I guess there's something to be said for gunpowder after all), the advanced medical equipment goes offline and their vehicles stop working (I guess there's something to be said for gasoline engines after all).

    An interesting side note is that we learn that the perimeter is also down so there IS some sort of (electronic) defense that usually keeps large predators away from the colony.

    The power outage leaves the members of the Shannon family all with their own little adventures:

    Maddy is on a romantic picnic with her soldier boyfriend Reynolds when they realize that their communication and their car stopped working. So they need to head back to camp by foot but are unable to do it before nightfall, which is when most of the predators come out, e.g. some raptors...

    Elizabeth has her hands full with a lot of wounded after the sonic shockwave of the meteor impact has reached Terra Nova leaving Skye to pull out a large tapeworm out of a friend of hers.

    Jim and Zoe are stuck in an interesting computer database room whích only features a manual release for the door on the outside (so people breaking in don't need to bother using a pin code).

    Mira and the sixers also try to take advantage of the situation and manage to finally steal the strange unknown object the Terra Novans had in their possesion. To achieve that they scared something that looked like a spinosaurus with fire towards Terra Nova where - luckily Taylor had anticipated that a wooden fence might not be a good protection against large predators when the perimeter defense and the weapons don't work...

    The episode did have it's flaws and logic holes large enough to fit the mentioned spinosaurus right through it (how does one repair a fried computer chip to get a computer chip fabrication device running if he does not have any electronic means and obviously no other way of chip fabrication?). Leaving these flaws aside "Nightfall" was still far from being perfect. But it was a huge leap in the right direction. It did build up some suspense, it did have action, it did have dinosaurs, it did do the setting justice and it seasoned the mixture with an appropriate amount of humor. I really enjoyed the episode and I believe "Nightfall" to be the very best episode of Terra Nova this far.

    With some revelations about the bad guys and someone they work for in the end Terra Nova finally seems to be headed into the right direction. Let's hope they continue and we can see Terra Nova become the show we all expected after the first trailers and a show worthy of the somewhat unique setting.moreless
  • great show!!


    i really enjoyed this episode, and the ending was a great cliffhanger because we finally found out who taylor's son was, and that the box wasn't really mira's it was taylor's son's. I believe this is the best terra nova episode so far!! :)

  • Nightfall


    Nightfall was a superb and very entertaining episode of Terra Nova and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of action and some good dinosaur scenes, drama with the relationships and natural disasters, and clues revealed about the purpose of Mira and the sixers along with Taylor's son. There were some gross moments in the infirmary as a patient had a large parasite living and growing inside them, and there was some good character and over all plot development. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • not that bad

    this wasnt the worst episode of terra nova that we have had so far but lets face it thats hardly saying much this episode still had so many flaws and disopoinments, the storyline with maddy and her boyfriend could havee been exciting but it simply wansnt i mean it was obvious that nothing was going to happen to maddy, and as for herr boyfriend i dont even remeber her name so i couldent care less if he was chomped on in fact i think i would enjoy watching it, the other storyline with the worm thingy was completly boring and utterly useless, the ongoing storyline seems to be picking up the pace a bit , but i am sick of this whole thing with josh wanting his girlfirend it is so boringggggggggggmoreless
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