Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 10

Now You See Me

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2011 on FOX

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  • Now You See Me


    Were do I begin ...? This Episode was nothing more than a walk in the cliche, I cant think of a single scene that had any elements of originality and the number of plot holes in the episode were massive here are a few.

    1. Tera Nova has Security Cameras, They have had break ins and they have enemies and some how they don't have security cameras in one of the most important buildings to the colony. Skye should have never been able to mess with that sample.

    2. Jim is one sad Cop He dint think to look for more blood and again for a colony with a security breach were are security cams.

    3. of all the reflective surfaces in all the places she had to use a broken mirror really, I mean don't they have make up kits in Tera Nova or any other reflective objects?

    4. Sixers have no medical Supplies but amazingly they have the cure to the most deadly desease in Tera Nova, Tera Nova on the other hand has all the medicine but not for the most deadly desease. Besides how can it be a cure if three years on the desease is still affecting the person shouldn't they have heeled by now.

    5. The spy is doing it for her sick mother, Mira for Her Sick daughter, Not Plot holes but Cliches that are as good as.

    6. Sky as the Spy, it was written all over her from the first scene she was introduced

    7. Tylor and Mira putting thier difference aside to fight a common foe and bond a little then end with a warning for each other, what else can I say, what else...? its the oldest of all cliches

    Finally Reynolds is just Weired, I have no Idea who in the world is writting about that kid, there so many ways to be a gentle man but to act like u are in the 1800s and declare you intentions for a SIXTEEN year old girl, PLEASE whgo on earth is directing and producing this?

    There were more problems but these were the worst of them.

  • Now You See Me

    The latest episode of "Terra Nova" is further evidence that the more the series shifts its focus from family Shannon gets better results. The problem is not the young age of the characters (which is no shortage of examples of good series / movies whose protagonists are children or adolescents), but its depth, which is practically zero. This is clearly reflected in the line of argument in this episode that involves Zoe (Alana Mansour) and baby dinosaur, which in the end, the whole clan comes Shannon immersed in happiness as if they were posing for a family photograph, revealing again they are nothing more than archetypes of all the families of all family-themed films ever may have seen. They are too common to arouse some interest and when the writers try to reveal as much as it turns out to look hollow.

    Fortunately, this "Now You See Me" Shannon leaves a little to one side (except for Jim, because, after all, he is still the protagonist of this story) and is dedicated to delve into some of the supporting characters, those characters who can prove It is more attractive as well.

    We again have the Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang) as one of the highlights, one that is clearly the most well crafted character in this series and, consequently, one whose route allows better stories. This time, we have it for almost the whole episode of what will be accompanied by one of the great antagonists of this season, Mira (Christine Adams). By itself, the actress already has a charismatic screen presence and enigmatic enough to easily make me interested in what she has to say. And in this episode, we have the opportunity to know a little deeper.

    Although backstory its original is not the most usual, it was used to make the figure more compliant. I think there's any more interest if we are behind acts of villainy considered reasons that we manage to identify. Not all terrorists because they are just wanting to practice evil but simply because something caused them to become what they are. And Mira is clearly one such case. For us, for Taylor and for the people of Newfoundland it can be seen as a terrorist, a bad tape, but that does not mean behind their acts there is no reason minimally acceptable or at least minimally understood.

    Who also had the opportunity to "get out of the shadow" was the Skye (Allison Miller), who is revealed in this episode as a spy that has been the focus of much attention in Newfoundland. Well, besides not being an obvious choice (honestly, I was not able to have occurred) is not a safe choice. The choice would choose to secure one by now, it had many eyes on, for example, Malcolm (Rod Hallett). The fact that the Skye not only provided a plot twist that brings the potential to bring some depth to a character who so far had been very little explored. However, this does not invalidate that some evidence presented in this episode are apparently nonsense, like the fact that the Sixers needed Josh (Landon Liboiron) for this to steal drugs, as they have in their possession a drug to the mother Skye's for three years and that, moreover, does not seem exisitr in the colony?

    "Terra Nova" is the final three episodes of the season and these last two episodes it seems that finally found its way. The problem is that surely have been too late ...
  • Now You See Me


    Now You See Me was a great episode of Terra Nova and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action and intrigue as well as character and plot development. It was great to see Taylor and Mira interact out in the Jungle and work together. The Mole is finally revealed and it is pretty surprising at first, but looking back it makes perfect sense. This episode felt like what the series should be. I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!

  • Despite a few shortcomings


    I thought this was the best showing of Terra Nova so far.

    Sure Shannon couldn't catch a cold and the 6er leader appears to have a special Taylor locater, but it was still a good showing.

    My favorite part of the show is watching Shannon annoy Malcolm and intimidate the young solider who wants to marry his 16 year old daughter, lol, always makes me smile :)