Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

In 2149, Lucas speaks with Weaver, a representative of his employers, as they mull over the details of their plan to take over Terra Nova. Meanwhile, back at the colony, Jim and Taylor prepare to head to the terminus, Josh asks to go in case Kara is there, Jim promises to look after her if she is. Taylor has stationed extra guards near the terminus as the 11th Pilgrimage is arriving today, and they are certain that soldiers will get through that portal as well. The first few people through the portal are legitimate colonists. Jim spots Kara, Josh's girlfriend, and hugs her. The next person to pass through the portal, however, has a bomb strapped to his chest. It explodes, destroying the terminus and injuring everyone close by. Jim is forced to the ground and passes out.




He comes to in the colony infirmary and he notices that his ears are ringing because of the blast. He leaves the building and discovers that Lucas and Mira have taken over the colony, along with soldiers from 2149. He nearly gets run over by a transport vehicle but Elisabeth saves him and explains what happened. Taylor has gone missing and 26 colonists died in the battle for Terra Nova. Jim is reunited with Maddy, Zoe, and Josh. Josh is furious at himself because Kara died in the explosion. If he hadn't helped her join the 11th Pilgrimage, Kara might still be alive. Jim tells Josh to ask Boylan for his old job back. The bar is a meeting place for soldiers, and Josh might be able to eavesdrop on their conversations and find out some useful info.




Jim finds Washington at Boylan's and speaks with her to find out more details on the attack. She tells him that the Phoenix group has a replacement terminus that they used to transport themselves into Terra Nova. However, dinosaurs damaged the terminus and Malcolm is being forced to fix it for the group.




Jim confronts Malcolm about helping the enemy, but Malcolm says that he's doing it because the soldiers killed one of the colonists when he refused to do anything. Jim fakes a brain injury to deceive Lucas and Mira into believing that he isn't a threat. Elisabeth shows Jim something interesting she spotted after treating a Phoenix soldier's injuries and removing the bullet from his wound. The bullets have hand-written numbers on them. Coordinates, from Taylor.




Jim sneaks out of Terra Nova and eavesdrops on Lucas and Weaver discussing their plans to destroy the jungle with a bomb, in order to clear the area for mining. Jim finds Taylor and warns him about the bomb, and he sends one of his soldiers, Reilly, to disarm it. She does, with only seconds to spare.




Back at Boylan's bar, Lucas flirts with Skye, calling her "sister" because of her close relationship with Taylor. Skye is uncomfortable with his advances, and Josh intervenes, hitting Lucas. Skye runs out to get Jim who comes to Josh's rescue by fighting off the soldiers who are now attacking his son. Both Jim and Josh are captured and thrown into the brig.