Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 2011 on FOX

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  • Occupation

    Occupation was a perfect episode of Terra Nova because it was every thing I as a viewer hoped it would be; filled with action, suspense, drama, and strong character and plot development. The first half of this two part season finale had a great start with the 11th pilgrimage coming through only to have a suicide bomber come through causing some major casualties and injuries. I like that there was little holding back, and that we missed the fall out afterwards and jumped right to the occupation of Terra Nova. It was fun watching the story unfold and to see Jim waking up to a whole new world!!!!!!!!!
  • low budget


    I am sure if Terra Nova were a high budget movie, this episode would have been a 42 min battle, the good guys loose, and then we would have this episode.

    every second after Jim wakes up in the hospital, I was hoping it was an hallucination, something that would make him fight the bad guys with even more determination, and that he would wake up next to the portal just a few minutes after the explosion, but no.

    I still give this episode a 10 because after the first part, it was full of action and suspense, leading to the season/series finale
  • Occupation

    "Terra Nova" fired up this week of U.S. screens (of which, around here, specifically in the TVI should still last for a few more weeks), and despite leaving the door open for a hypothetical second season, but whose implementation is difficult not impossible, closes with this relative success his first season (a season of ups and downs, of course).

    The truth is that "Terra Nova" began insonsa, fell to the unpalatable and, in the final, became bittersweet, having managed to obfuscate but not get rid of (hence the bittersweet) some limitations, as the weak development of most their characters and side plots or too trivial for children, from the moment they focused their attention on mythology, which is not miraculous, is clearly the strongest of the series. The big question now is whether, if so longed to win the second season, able to take advantage of advances in recent episodes and use them as a basis to define the path you want to go and finally establish himself as the series that many people want her to have been from the beginning.

    In these last two episodes, the series keeps the growing in recent times and can say goodbye to the upper hand, presenting the best he could offer today. Of course this within the range of "Terra Nova", where the task itself was not very difficult to overcome.

    "Occupation" and "Resistance" is the episode titles and so it is easy to realize which way the series would go in this season finale, would give a movement of occupation and, consequently, this would create a force of resistance ! Wow, this was hard ...

    The most interesting at the outset is that this time, the writers seem to not want to waste time. A 11. Th Pilgrimage begins to pass through the portal, there are people who initially predicted - including the girlfriend of Josh (Landon Liboiron) - and immediately afterwards a suicide bomber who puts Jim (Jason O'Mara) and plus a few others in the hospital and morgue. In a short time can obliterate one of the storylines of the season useless (to Josh's girlfriend, who dies from the blast) and can play good ammunition to give a time warp of three days for a Newfoundland devastated by the attack of the forces of Phoenix Group and under repression Lucas (Ashley Zukerman) and its allies.

    A good starting point for the main storyline of this season's finale that only sin that it took too long to get a resolution and was too fast. The series will able to have good ideas, and their development is that it is often underused. For example, this story of the occupation of Newfoundland did not lose anything if it had lasted a few more episodes. This would allow the opportunity to explore the series in another aspect, namely the efforts of the resistance to retrieve what was rightfully his, and there is room to place the characters in another scenario that are not used and thus give you more space to development . When you see the episode could not help but remind me of something similar done by "Battlestar Galactica", those who came to me four of the best episodes that this series has presented, in which there was time to explore the history and at the same time not the lengthened too much for it to become cloying. Here, although not a bad idea, can never really reach their full potential. There is a good introduction phase and a good stage of completion, but needed further development to be more incisive.

    Another problem is related to the fact that as some aspects are left to neglect (which is not surprising in this series ...), including letting someone like Jim, who recently became the right-hand Taylor (Stephen Lang ), without the supervision when it is in the ward. Even though Luke does not know very well, the truth is that the Mira (Christine Adams) had had contact with him more than enough to know what he was able to leave without any supervision and someone who can make a difference is not I review in people supposedly endowed with a (very) intelligence.

    What made the series successful in these two episodes was the episode to have taken a few moments of catharsis and in relation to the characters. Taylor who can forgive his son after all. The Skye (Allison Miller) that he needed to show that they could trust her again. Josh to show that it is not just a brat and can be useful to this series. Malcolm (Rod Hallett) which fortunately did not become the most sold certainly expect it to become so troops to cross the portal. Too bad that the death of Washington (Simone Kessell) has not had more impact simply because the character has been completely undeveloped and waste. It's hard to feel compassion for a character that little is known. The connection to it was fine and his death, for the most shocking scene I wanted to be, ultimately the more likely it should be.

    Another aspect to highlight is the series that finally seems to have lost the fear of taking risks. The decision to destroy any link with the future gives the series a multitude of possibilities. One of the major criticisms that can be done from the beginning to the series is that for pilgrims placed in an unknown world full of dangers, and never truly transpired sense of danger (one example: the Skye in the previous episode was the night had to camp without the Sixers no problem!). Maybe now without access to all the comforts that the future allowed them (medicines, technology, weaponry) can finally get this feeling to exist (ie if the series is renewed and if the writers really want to go that route, what are two major questions at this time).

    The end of the episode has brought a new mystery for a possible second season but hardly achievable (although yesterday came news that the show's producers decided to activate the option contracts of Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang to keep them in series and thus protecting a possible new season). In the area called "Badlands," where supposedly there is no relevant information, the men of the Phoenix Group found one of those carved wooden figures that were commonly used in the bow of the galleons of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. I like the potential of the mystery but I am convinced that I will have it out soon so we are made known what had been found in the Badlands and that what remained of the Sixers and the Phoenix Group was being run there. And until a theory is quite easy to congeminar. Now, we have found the wreckage of a vessel million years before its existence. The boats go in the sea (duh!). And that place is long a source of folklore involving boats disappeared without leaving a trace? Well, this is even though they are certainly thinking about right now. The Bermuda Triangle. My bet is that this finding means that there is another time slot in the Badlands (with direct connection to the Bermuda Triangle) and then Lucas and company have decided to leave towards the Badlands once they learned they had been trapped in the past. If I'm right or wrong, only the future will tell. Or will we know neck.

    Taking some dialogues and other basic rubbing ridicule, which remains a major pechas series, some unnecessary scenes (the murder of the brontosaurus, which served only to say "yes, these guys are really bad guys!") And other although something ridiculous fun (everyone to believe that Jim was mentally impaired, but can not because by the way, except Mira, nobody suspected that he was really pretending, the coordinates of the location of the resistance shown on the bullets; Jim's plan is that by taking a T-Rex sedated in a container for the future!) as well as everything else I mentioned above, "Newfoundland" to finish its first season (and who knows, last) with the promise that today is closer to the series conceived by many people of what was a while ago. And this should be seen as something positive.