Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Jim and Taylor go on an impromptu fishing trip, which Taylor admits he'd done with his son in the early days of the colony. However, when Jim starts to press for more information about Lucas, Taylor goes tight-lipped. Jim hooks a gigantic swordfish and all conversation about Lucas stops as Jim and Taylor try to land the fish.

Ken Horton, a scientist who has explored much of the world of Terra Nova (and who has written Maddy's favorite book on the subject) is returning to the colony after a many-month expedition. Maddy is excited and hopes that she'll be able to ask Horton to sign her copy of his book. Elisabeth is in charge of giving Horton his return physical, and she introduces Maddy to Horton. Horton seems to have forgotten some details about his past, details that a fan like Maddy knows by heart, but Elisabeth points out that Horton did have a stroke, and this may have affected his memory.

Meanwhile, Josh is having second thoughts about dealing with the Sixers in order to bring Kara on the next pilgrimage to Terra Nova. Boylan deals with a customer who's deep in gambling debt, and then tells Josh what the Sixers want him to do. There is a stash of rare drugs in the clinic and the Sixers want it as payment for Kara's safe passage. Josh is shocked and is unwilling to steal from his own mother. He wants proof that the Sixers will do as they promise. Josh is taken to the Sixers' camp, and he's able to speak to Kara in the future through holographic projection, something that has been deemed impossible. He agrees to steal the medicine.

Maddy tells Horton about a fan letter she wrote to him and that Horton wrote back in kind. Horton requests that Maddy give his response to him so that he can scan it for his archives. Maddy readily agrees, but she notices that the signature on the letter and on her copy of Horton's book don't match. She gives the letter to him anyway. When she presses Horton for the letter back, he feigns ignorance of its whereabouts, and then Maddy finds the burnt remnants of it in Horton's trash.

Meanwhile Jim and Taylor trek back to the colony, but they discover a campsite, supposedly Curran's, the soldier whom Taylor banished from Terra Nova. Taylor wants to find him and Jim heads back to the colony alone. Taylor discovers that Curran is alive, but gravely wounded from a bite by an ancestral Komodo.

Josh steals his mother's key card and brings it to Boylan, who makes a copy of it. Josh uses the copy to try to open up the clinic's storage cupboard, but the card doesn't work. Josh uses a sonic pistol to blast the doors open. The shot from the pistol throws him to the other side of the room, but he takes the medicine and flees.

Jim arrives at the colony just in time to help with the investigation of the robbery. Horton shows Maddy around Terra Nova's apple orchard, and Maddy admits that Zoe has been looking forward to eating apple pie. Her sister has never had it before. Horton explains that the apples are under attack by mold, but that he found a species of beetle which eats the mold, thus saving the apples.

Taylor helps Curran fight off the Komodo and aids in healing him as well. In exchange, Taylor tells Curran to find the Sixers and try to join up with them. If Curran can figure out who the spy in Terra Nova is, Taylor may welcome him back into the colony. Or at least, he won't kill him.

Maddy suspects that Horton might not be the person he claims to be, and Zoe suggests that he might be a vampire, a worry that Maddy readily dismisses. Maddy still has the envelope Horton sent his letter in, so she asks Malcolm for help in matching the DNA to Horton's. However, the DNA samples match. Maddy then goes to the Eye in order to research Horton's life. She finds out that a man was found near Horton's home before the pilgrimage, with his identity stripped. Also at the same time, Horton's assistant, Andrew Fickett, was reported missing. Fickett took over Horton's identity and made the pilgrimage to Terra Nova.

Boylan offers Willy a deal in order to pay off his debts. Willy shows up at the clinic high on the missing drug and with injuries concurrent with a sonic blast. It seems to be an open and shut case with regards to who stole the drugs and why.

Maddy finds out that "Horton" has gone to pick up Zoe from school and she rushes over to the orchard. Maddy tells Fickett to let Zoe go. Fickett agrees but Maddy makes sure that Zoe will tell their dad about asparagus. When Jim hears the message from Maddy, he hurries into action. Asparagus is the family danger word, and Jim knows that Maddy is in trouble.

Fickett is about to dispatch Maddy with a poisonous spider bite but Jim arrives just in time. After Elisabeth worries about her patient who may die because the needed drugs are missing, Josh reveals that he has a vial of the medicine with him. He tells the family everything about the plan to get Kara to Tara Nova and how the Sixers can communicate with 2149. When Jim tells Taylor about this, Taylor admits that Lucas's project was to figure out how to keep in contact with the future. Jim asks whether Lucas is being forced to help the Sixers, and Taylor expresses doubt. He knows Lucas is helping the Sixers to spite his father.

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