Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2011 on FOX

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  • Proof

    Boredom, thy name is "Terra Nova". Today I start with a proposal for an exercise: to see an episode of "Terra Nova" as early as Tuesday and try to write a critique of even five days later. It happens so much, but so many things, boring, uninteresting and banal in this series who spent five days it's hard to remember what the hell happened in the episode.

    The episode starts with a moment of complicity between Jim (Jason O'Mara) and Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang). The fortification of the relationship between these two is something that the series has focused and is one of the few things that lead up to a certain extent. Both are fishing and catch fish made the worst CGI ever! The special effects are a major component of this series but it seems they spent all the money available for this episode in Komodo and forgot they had to draw a fish ... The last time I remember seeing something so bad it was a scene of a submarine emerge from the water in a given series is finished and what was going on an island.

    But the fishery brings up a few moments that may be of interest to say (not sure why, but this phrase seems to me superfluous ... but even so ...). I mean, not fishing per se, but the return journey, particularly when Taylor finds the Curran (Jay Ryan) and proposes that this peek Sixers in exchange for the return to Newfoundland. However, this agreement is weird. Not only the Curran has every reason to take revenge on Taylor, who has just left to die a few episodes ago, and the possible pardon of Curran would raise a lot of talk among the rest of the population and certainly call into question the authority of Taylor (and as we have seen in other episodes, this is a man who takes very seriously to keep its leading position). Yet, and strangely enough this agreement, perhaps this line of argument is of the few who can still give some encouragement to the series.

    And speaking of Sixers this week Josh (Landon Liboiron) had to start paying for wanting to bring his girlfriend straight from 2149 to Newfoundland and was forced to steal the ward of his mother. Of the three children of actors, Josh is clearly the one who is more difficult to sympathize with this story and want to bring his girlfriend from the future (when there is Skye - Allison Miller - right next door) and be breaking the trust of parents does not bring many points in favor. In fact, the writers of the series have been struggling enough to make the character to be easily overlooked (but who likes someone who is angry with his father for having gone to prison for trying to protect his sister?), Giving you all those features typical teenager who everyone likes (imenso!) to see on television. But at least the end of this episode redeemed it. At least, in relation to their recent poor decisions, which is already a step in the right way.

    Then there's Maddy (Naomi Scott), who this week had more to do than sit on top of a tree the entire episode. The mystery of the identity theft of his idol went completely beside myself because of my trouble I care about what the hell Maddy walks or to do with the fact that a character never met anyone who have murdered and stolen the identity of another I never knew any character. Besides, if I was a teenager 15/16 years, had a little sister at school and were to discover that she had just been kidnapped, I would definitely run call my father (who, moreover, POLICE is!) or at the very least, and SOLDIER my boyfriend did not just behind him without telling anyone. Luckily (!), The father appears to the last moment the good Hollywood style to save the day ... Three urras to one of the biggest cliches ever! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

    Finally, we have little Zoe (Alana Mansour) and his insistence on the possibility of a vampire for Newfoundland. I very much hope that this had been just an occasional reference to the current fascination of most of the western world in the cult vampire because, on the contrary, this is the clue to some line of argument that wish to explore in future episodes, so that this series is will hit the bottom ...
  • A good story



    Finally Terra Nova has entered the era of decent episodes. I think they had different writers working on this one. First of all Maddie's storyline wasn't boring or juvenile, it was interesting. Furthermore Josh wasn't getting on my nerves, he acted quite realistic. The overall story was good and had a nice built-up. That dinosaur tracking the exiled soldier was also a nice touch.

    The character development was better. We get some more insight on Terra Nova (I wish they would add more. We need to see the difficulties of living in a new era. I can not believe everybody is happy-go-lucky all the time. They must have some troubles adapting to this new environment. I think this is one of the reasons Terra Nova is lacking credibility. The viewer knows something is not right. A show that deals with this perfectly is Lost season one. Or Battlestar Galactica, etc.)

    I also think they should focus more on the aspect of getting this opportunity to go to Terra Nova. It is worth killing for, people have won the lottery - as in a ticket to Terra Nova -. When the viewer has more knowledge about the circumstances in the future (we have just scratched the surface in the pilot), everything becomes more believable. Also the everyday aspect (the money,the food, the clothes - how does it all work?). Would add more depth to it.

    Life at the camp of the sixers should be more enhanced. It is a good idea to have an episode in their perspective, or even half and half episode in camp sixers/camp Terra Nova. It adds more to Mira if we know more about her. The characters need to be deepened out.

    The different timeline issue mentioned in the pilot is also very interesting. I need more of those things and some decent script writing (like this episode was), if that is the future for this show I can look past the awfull special effects (I laughed out loud when that giant fish jumped out. I can draw a better fish with a pencil than that one...just saying.)

  • Proof


    Proof was a superb episode of Terra Nova and I really enjoyed watching this episode as more secrets are revealed about some of those living in Terra Nova. It was interesting how Maddy was the one to discover that Dr. Horton was a fraud, and try to figure it out on her own. Jake makes good on his promise to Mira in order to bring his girlfriend to Terra Nova from 2149 and ends up revealing the nature of his deal to his parents. Boylan does what he does but I still don't feel his is really all that bad of a guy. I am really interested in watching what happens next!!!!!!!