Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Josh is released, but Jim is tortured for any information on Taylor's location. He still refuses to cooperate. Elisabeth treats Weaver, who does not enjoy living among all the exotic and potentially dangerous creatures that surround Terra Nova. Elisabeth injects Weaver with a substance that she claims is a dangerous parasite. Only she holds the cure, and with the threat she forces Weaver to release Jim. With Washington distracting the guards, the Shannons leave the colony. However, an angry Lucas shoots the loyal Washington dead.


The Shannons find Taylor and they have to relay the news of Washington's death. Taylor is hit hard by this, but Zoe manages to make him feel better with a hug. Washington's last words to Jim hold the key to destroying the Phoenix group's hold on the colony. They need to destroy the only passageway between the future and the past, even if this means cutting themselves off from 2149 for good.


The colonists sneak Jim onto a transport destined for Hope Plaza, and the future. As a carnosaur provides a suitable distraction by killing Weaver, Jim plants a bomb which destroys the facility and the portal. Back in the past, Taylor and Lucas finally have a face-to-face meeting, which results in Taylor beating Lucas up severely.


Lucas begins to cry, wanting his father's forgiveness and Taylor ends up hugging his son. However, this was just a ruse as Lucas stabs his father in the side. Skye fires her weapon at Lucas, which incapacitates him. As she tends to Taylor's wound, Lucas manages to escape into the jungle.


Jim retreats back to Terra Nova before the portal is destroyed. Boylan contacts Taylor and tells him that the Phoenix group have all up and left the colony. For some odd reason, the entire group were headed into the Bad Lands where nothing can survive. The colonists open up one of the Phoenix cargo transports to see what they uncovered in the Bad Lands. The object turns out to be the prow to an 18th century ship. Where could they have recovered it?

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