Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 2011 on FOX

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  • Great Season Ending

    I love the whole concept of this show, but there are a few things that the writers should have explained better.

    For example, why do the greedy corporate gangsters want to remain in their time (with a polluted Earth and an environment that has been raped to death by mankind)? Why bother mining minerals from the past to take to a dead world? You would think they would want to sell black market tickets to the past instead. They can take control of the portal, and then use it to send technology and workers there to set up their own city in the past, and then sell tickets for people to go there.

    As for the Badlands mystery, with the 18th century ship fragment...a few thoughts come to mind. First of all, you can rule out the possibility that they are actually in a future where mankind has long been extinct, and somehow the Earth started all over again with the Dinosaurs, etc. Remember at the start of the series when they look at the moon and they mention that it was much closer to Earth in the past (which is actually true BTW). If they were indeed in the future, the Moon would be even further away rather than closer. Also, the placement of the stars can be used to measure a time reference...so we can 100% believe that they are indeed millions of years in the past.

    Now getting back to that 18th century ship...I think that either:

    1. the portal may have once been opened from the 18th century, but only from an Ocean location. This would greatly reduce the chances of large numbers of humans visiting since it would be difficult to find the portal in the middle of an Ocean back in the 1800's. This would explain why there was no evidence of humans being there already (the few that made it with their ships would not have survived long without modern weopons to kill predators). Or...

    2. The portal in the Badlands is somehow linked to the Bermuda Triangle. Maybe it appears randomly in the Bermuda Triangle (random in both location and year perhaps). If the bad soldiers believed that a portal exist to take them back to the 18th century...then they can go back to the 18th century and rule the world with their superior technology and weopons. For people like them, that would be preferable to staying in Dino land.

    Or mayybe I'm thinking too much into this.