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  • sad to hear they canceled it!

    it was a great show, i really wanted to know what would happen next. my only guess is the costs of making the episodes were too high for the amount of people watching..
  • Loved it too late

    I never caught on while it was on TV, but once I decided to stream it off NetFlix I really got into it, and could not wait for the next season. Oh wait. That's not happening. REALLY? The ending of the show really gave it a solid ground to continue. Come on! PLEASE bring it back! Some station has to want it. The ScyFi Channel? If it comes back, I'll watch it.
  • Near the top of the list of TV shows that were canceled undeservedly

    Near the top of the list of TV shows that were canceled undeservedly.

    Right up there with Joss Whedon's

    Intriguing premise. Skillful art design. Competent acting.

    What was not to like?
  • Bring Terra Nova Back!


    Like this page and continue to support the return of Terra Nova

    Terra Nova is a great show. It has everything and much diffrent than the crap that you have to choose from now. We love this show and watched the entire series on the Science Channel on Sunday. I do hope they Keep the show going for a second season and beyond.
  • One of the best shows produced in my lifetime!!

    Tera Nova was an amazing show. I believe it was irrational for Fox to cancel it after only 13 episodes. Today I thoroughly enjoyed watching this epic series in it's entirety on Science Channel. I truly hope the response has show Science that this show has merit and should be picked up for a second season!!
  • One of the best shows Fox has had!!!!!!!

    It's a load of crap they cancelled Terra Nova, it needs to be brought back . It has been almost two years since the season premiere, I mean seriously figure something out to bring it back. Apparently if this many people like it, it must have been making some money. So how bout it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Please bring back Terra Nova

    Our family loved Terra Nova!! No swearing, sex or other filth, just really good stories that entertained us all! Please bring it back and do more seasons!!!
  • Terra Nova

    Love the show hope they bring it back for season 2.
  • Bring it back

    I'm going to write in the present tense because I believe it's a mistake that its not on now; It IS a great series so please resume it!
  • Bring it Back

    It is very frustrating to invest your time in watching a show that compared to most crap that fox has was very refreshing and had depth to it. The they pull the F.. thing. One day they will learn what Coke did when they tried to change their formula..... quite messing around with your public.... if you want to cancel a show .... bring it to a logical conclusion and do not leave people hanging.... F... Jerks. Bring it BACK!!
  • Terra Nova vs. Defiance

    Ok, so I'm watching Defiance, Syfy's new show and thinking, "this is better than Terra Nova"? Terra Nova was a hell of a lot better show all the way around. It actually had plot variances you could sink your teeth into and a cast worth watching in depth. Not that Defiance is bad, but, comapred to Terra Nova? Terra Nova had so much potential.

    Loved this show everyone I know loved it we want it back why is it whne there is a good show they cancell it but the leave all the sucky ones on its not right.
  • We need it now!

    Bring it back, come on.

    I've just rewatched the entire series a third I'm considering starting over again,

    it's that awesome.
  • Bring it back, please

    Please bring the series back or at least make a movie out of it.
  • WE should

    Every one who liked/loved this show should start a online protest to bring it back it was a great show and when it started to get awesome they go and cancel it BRING IT BACK
  • bring it back!!!

    We loved this bring it back!!!
  • Are you Serious FOX?????

    I mean give me a break. Your doing great with Bones which has been a favorite of mine, but then you cancel Terra Nova. Here I was waiting around thinking it was coming back and all I hear now is it was cancelled. Seriously. Who determines whether a show is good or bad because it is quite obvious at this point that the viewers do not have a say in it one way or another. I am so disgusted with the way these networks are airing great shows, get us hooked and then yank it from under us because they do not pad their pockets but then insist on keeping garbage on . I would seriously like to know the morons making bad decisions in the network companies.
  • Great Show!

    There is so much crap out there, FOX finally gets it right, and then they make a stupid mistake by cancelling it. We stumbled across it in Netflix. We were not part of the originals viewers, but definitely would be now! Too bad.
  • love it

    I stumble across this show on Netflix and I fell in love with each character. I couldnt stop wacthing until I had seen every last episode. Please put this show back on the air. I want to continue to follow the storyline. I would love for syfy to pick this show up as one of thier line ups.

  • Bring it Back

    Terra nova is a great show and deserves a second season.

  • SeriesFan

    there are a lot of crapy tv shows that go on... but the good ones that cost a lot of GOLD are canceld ...... Sometime i have get this sensetion of hurting the stupid guys that don`t know what is nice.... FOX is like a verry hot girl that only wants GOLD ... they don`t give a *** about the viewer.... that is what is wrong with the world today sorry about the writting mistaks :D
  • terra-nova

    i agree why they cancell to many good shows they need to be shot
  • why so many shows cancelled

    why so many cancelled FOX shows! there are way to many good shows that keeps starting and getting cancelled
  • Fox You Little *censored*s

    Bring back Terra Nova You !?*$%@!!
  • Bring Terra Nova Back to Fox

    I got addicted to the show and then found out that it got cancelled they need to put it back on TV!!!! I love Terra Nova :)
  • Bring in back Terra Nova!!!

    i like terra nova

    i just got into the show a couple weeks ago, watvhing it on netflix. and i learned early on that it would be canceled. the more i watched it, i progressively got more and more pissed. awesome show, fox: you screwed up.
  • -(WTF)-

    we need season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bring it back.
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