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  • Seriously?

    I am so confused...Terra Nova is emotional, intense, and thought-provoking...and now it like other well written and performed pieces has fallen to the wayside! Obviously from the chatter I hear in real life and on the net, there are many of us who want to see more...it seems every time a great show gets produced we lose it...but there is always plenty of reality tv to clutter up our screens. Smh... so what is happening? why are we losing the fantastic programming for mediocre crap?
  • Fox sucks!

    Fox doesn't know good tv. All they bring us is glee and american idol. Need to bring back terra nova. Or someone else needs to buy it...
  • WTF!!!

    thats BS i was waiting for the second season
  • Please

    please bring it back i love it !!!!

    i would really like to see sesson 2 and the more the bring the better :))
  • terra nova

    like it a lot bring it back ples
  • Bring it Back

    TerraNova was awesome why not bring it back?????
  • MORE!!!!!!!!

    Really,,, a show that the family can get behind and enjoy together,,,great show,,,bring it back or spin it off don't care just give us more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Great show

    To bad that some people do not appreciate good entertainment. Why they cancelled this show is beyond me. But I must say that it was a great series and wish it would come back.
  • Looking for an answer please

    This was one of my favorite shows to watch with my son (which our tastes are far apart from each others) What I would like to know is.....Is this show coming back this year? Thanks to those who know the answer, Sheryl
  • Any Sci fi series takes a while to build an audiance

    Good premise. Good show. All around good material. What happened? Bring this show back NOW!!!
  • i love terra nova

    i love the show. it keeps me at the edge of my seat i want to see season 2 and more to come. the story has to continue.
  • Bring the show back

    I loved this show. It was one of the few shows my husband and I both enjoyed. We usually dont agree on anything on TV. It had a great cast. I would love to see the show come back.
  • Great show

    I heard friends and family like Terra Nova when it was out, so i watched the first season on netflix. It was awesome!! watched the whole thing in one day and at the end was wanting more. Disappointing the cancelled the show, not many great shows out there. Personal note for whoever chose the cast "Great Job".
  • Great Show really was outstanding

    It was a great show, special effects and acting was top shelf. But do not think fox will bring it back not enough money in it for "I" (fox). Think we will have to look to another network. But hey you can buy the series 1 on DVD now for the ultimate never to continue cliff hanger.

  • Bring it back

    This show was brilliant and kept you guessing unlike this other crap you see on tv. I rate this show right up there with The Walking Dead and Criminal Minds. Your crazy for taking it off the air after one season.
  • Luvin me some Terra Nova

    I can't believe they are putting out a DVD of the one and only season ! How can they do that to me, of course I want it, but why should I buy it when they are just going to leave me wanting more !!! It was just so good!!! haha guess they got me, I gotta buy it...sucker
  • bring it back

    My son an I love the show . Terra Nova was a show that all of the family enjoyed. Fox !!! Please bring Terra Nova back.
  • We wondered what happened

    My 10 yr old son and I just did a online search after yet another discussion about What Happened to Terra Nova?! We live in Australia and were avid watchers and very disappointed when it seemed to just disappear without any explanation. Please bring it back! When you look at all the crap thats on TV these days, this was a great show, well cast and produced and made you question 'what if'...and had great twists and turns - all the family enjoyed! Can't wait to see what next so someone please take it on and start filming again!
  • Fox Morons! Terra Nova is a winner!

    There is so much mindless garbage on television that when a truly worthy series comes out studio execs can't see it. This is the case with Terra Nova. The story was just getting good! I think the entire first season was about character development and would have garnered a faithful and growing viewership for the exciting plots to come had Fox not been so short sighted. It was not only about building a new world in Terra Nova, but building a new audience for a new concept in television. Movie class sets and CGI with all the bells and whistles in a weekly package! Somebody PLEASE pick up this show!
  • Terra Nova is Awesome!!!

    I am from the Netherlands and i really am wondering if the American Networks are ALL Morons??? They just cancel one GREAT show after another. What the heck is wrong with you???? TERRA NOVA IS AN AMAZING SHOW ..... PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!!!
  • Another Science fiction classic from Steven Spielberg!!!!!!!

    Though its questionable that such a time travel to the past is possible, the series demonstrated a logical theory that could be considered as possible. Not only that the series illustrates how human race got a second chance to start over. I would love to watch what happens if the sixer's succeed in their plan, and how the ship from 18'th century ended up in the past... Could humanity survive in this hostile environment or will we plunder the past???
  • Terranova is the most wachable tv series in Asia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we need terranova 2 & also 3rd seasons...please...we cant stay until its release
  • Love this show!

    I'm getting really tired of getting into shows just to have them cancel them after one season! Especially when they are as good as Terra Nova!! I hope one of the other channels picks it up! Cable networks!!!! America is tired of reality shows and crime shows!! Bring back TN and give our brains some imagination!!!
  • why would you cancel Terra Nova??????

    only someone with a dick up their ass would cancel a show as good as Terra Nova!!! Fox you have lost yourself another viewer. i will be blocking your channel from being watched by anyone in my house.
  • Season 2

    one of the best tv series i ever have seen. Whats about the season 2 of Terra Nova?
  • Terra Nova

    Future catastrophic. The Earth's days are numbered and the future of humanity passes by abandoning the sick planet in search of a fresh start. Be another planet or the Earth 85 million years ago - no one ever imagined that paradise quickly reveals its true nature and inhospitable cruelty - any avid science fiction fan recognizes the premise of "Terra Nova" features a lot of other fiction written within the genus.

    There is nothing new, it is not disputed this fact and the first [about] hour and a half of the series. The human being is on the brink of defeat by any condition (as always). The human being is an alternative and sees a new beginning where you can avoid all the mistakes he made in the past and led to the catastrophe (of course, but as always only during the first five minutes of your new life, these moments quickly corrupted by greed and avarice that both it is natural). The human being is a survivor by nature, just need something that will test your physical and mental capacity (either an infection that turns people into walking corpses, a voracious alien invasion that we want to eat or sodomize, original inhabitants of the new planet that there were not very pleased to have been invaded or just dinosaurs that count as the dominant force on the planet ... moves the antagonist but the disc always turns the same side). There are many series, there are many movies, the books are many, many more are the other existing platforms to tell a story where you can easily recognize the premise of "Terra Nova". That I think no one doubts. Now, even before the repetition of ideas and concepts, "Terra Nova" is not the worst series of the kind that appeared coming from the U.S. television recently. It is not. But we already there.

    The story: We have had it. The Earth is dying. Blah, blah, blah. Let's return to the past by a time slot that we discovered. Blah, blah, blah. To avoid paradoxes we say that this is an alternative timeline and will not influence the present. Blah, blah, blah. There is a group of renegades who want to take over Newfoundland. Blah, blah, blah. Flee, there are hungry dinosaurs. Blah, blah, blah.

    Mythology: In addition to hungry dinosaurs and human renegades who want to take possession of Newfoundland, the series also introduces some elements of mystery, surely develop in future episodes. Since then, the enigmatic cave drawings, which supposedly have been placed there long ago (I bet that by the end of it all, yet we find that the author is Baltar or Six) and will be key to unlocking something great . Then, and apparently relates to the drawings, we have to compose the scene the disappearance of the son of Captain Nathaniel Taylor (Stephen Lang). From all that I had this driver, which really captivated me was clearly the mystery surrounding these symbols marked in stone. Not the renegades. No dinosaurs. Much less the family drama. And yes this mystery.

    CGI: The CGI is an integral part of this series. It was he who (reportedly) the debut of the series was postponed twice and that he would (presumably) make a difference, to revolutionize the use of special effects made for television. But he did not. Apart from the dinosaurs, which could even be worse than they were, truth be told, the funds, the landscapes (especially the city in the first half of the episode where they are as bad as in most other series of U.S. television ) are noticeable in such a way that ultimately distracting, something that, of course, is terrible for those who want to go with the story. For this time of preparation, production planning and hoping for something better.

    The family drama: In addition to the mystery and adventure, "Terra Nova" promises even some drama. We have parents. We have children. We have parents and children, so expect some attempts to draw a tear here and there. The problem is that I do not see enough strength to get these characters engage in dramatic ways. Although not so shallow or flat like those of other series that have ventured into the genre, are not deep or multidimensional enough to get the series to give the much needed emotion. At least for now. We will see in the coming episodes they can not grow or will mere empty containers.

    The scene: That must be the girl of five years lighter than ever, to be loaded on the back with a tremendous ease! And that's okay for the father not so much because it is a relatively strong man, but his mother, who is so frail, he took the bag as if it had almost nothing in there ...

    The best: Being the beginning and therefore a first step, leaving only know in which direction it will be given.

    Worst: Having potential but for now, seem like just another "FlashForward" or "The Event"
  • LOVE THIS SHOW .....

    Love this show and looking forward to the new season. Anyone know what date the 2012 season starts and will FOX be the same station? Thnx all ..
  • it coming back!!!!!

    great news everybody other tv channels are looking to getting the rights to terra nova and making the 2 seasons on their channels lets hope they make new episodes on A new station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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