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  • Terra Nova

    Future catastrophic. The Earth's days are numbered and the future of humanity passes by abandoning the sick planet in search of a fresh start. Be another planet or the Earth 85 million years ago - no one ever imagined that paradise quickly reveals its true nature and inhospitable cruelty - any avid science fiction fan recognizes the premise of "Terra Nova" features a lot of other fiction written within the genus.

    There is nothing new, it is not disputed this fact and the first [about] hour and a half of the series. The human being is on the brink of defeat by any condition (as always). The human being is an alternative and sees a new beginning where you can avoid all the mistakes he made in the past and led to the catastrophe (of course, but as always only during the first five minutes of your new life, these moments quickly corrupted by greed and avarice that both it is natural). The human being is a survivor by nature, just need something that will test your physical and mental capacity (either an infection that turns people into walking corpses, a voracious alien invasion that we want to eat or sodomize, original inhabitants of the new planet that there were not very pleased to have been invaded or just dinosaurs that count as the dominant force on the planet ... moves the antagonist but the disc always turns the same side). There are many series, there are many movies, the books are many, many more are the other existing platforms to tell a story where you can easily recognize the premise of "Terra Nova". That I think no one doubts. Now, even before the repetition of ideas and concepts, "Terra Nova" is not the worst series of the kind that appeared coming from the U.S. television recently. It is not. But we already there.

    The story: We have had it. The Earth is dying. Blah, blah, blah. Let's return to the past by a time slot that we discovered. Blah, blah, blah. To avoid paradoxes we say that this is an alternative timeline and will not influence the present. Blah, blah, blah. There is a group of renegades who want to take over Newfoundland. Blah, blah, blah. Flee, there are hungry dinosaurs. Blah, blah, blah.

    Mythology: In addition to hungry dinosaurs and human renegades who want to take possession of Newfoundland, the series also introduces some elements of mystery, surely develop in future episodes. Since then, the enigmatic cave drawings, which supposedly have been placed there long ago (I bet that by the end of it all, yet we find that the author is Baltar or Six) and will be key to unlocking something great . Then, and apparently relates to the drawings, we have to compose the scene the disappearance of the son of Captain Nathaniel Taylor (Stephen Lang). From all that I had this driver, which really captivated me was clearly the mystery surrounding these symbols marked in stone. Not the renegades. No dinosaurs. Much less the family drama. And yes this mystery.

    CGI: The CGI is an integral part of this series. It was he who (reportedly) the debut of the series was postponed twice and that he would (presumably) make a difference, to revolutionize the use of special effects made for television. But he did not. Apart from the dinosaurs, which could even be worse than they were, truth be told, the funds, the landscapes (especially the city in the first half of the episode where they are as bad as in most other series of U.S. television ) are noticeable in such a way that ultimately distracting, something that, of course, is terrible for those who want to go with the story. For this time of preparation, production planning and hoping for something better.

    The family drama: In addition to the mystery and adventure, "Terra Nova" promises even some drama. We have parents. We have children. We have parents and children, so expect some attempts to draw a tear here and there. The problem is that I do not see enough strength to get these characters engage in dramatic ways. Although not so shallow or flat like those of other series that have ventured into the genre, are not deep or multidimensional enough to get the series to give the much needed emotion. At least for now. We will see in the coming episodes they can not grow or will mere empty containers.

    The scene: That must be the girl of five years lighter than ever, to be loaded on the back with a tremendous ease! And that's okay for the father not so much because it is a relatively strong man, but his mother, who is so frail, he took the bag as if it had almost nothing in there ...

    The best: Being the beginning and therefore a first step, leaving only know in which direction it will be given.

    Worst: Having potential but for now, seem like just another "FlashForward" or "The Event"
  • LOVE THIS SHOW .....

    Love this show and looking forward to the new season. Anyone know what date the 2012 season starts and will FOX be the same station? Thnx all ..
  • it coming back!!!!!

    great news everybody other tv channels are looking to getting the rights to terra nova and making the 2 seasons on their channels lets hope they make new episodes on A new station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • TerraNova cancelation SHAME SHAME

    This was a truly fantastic show. I was shocked out of my shoes when i found out that it was cancelled.

    I thought bad shows were supposed to be the ones that would be cancelled...so why was this one?
  • terra nova


    Terra nova is a great show, esp for scifi fans. I'm disappointed it is being cancelled. Those of us who don't like reality shows and are bored with crime shows appreciate a show with imagination.This is a show I can watch with my family. There aren't many shows on like that anymore.

  • I tuned into this new program with a bit of anticipation that it would be a new bit of sci fi (since the usa no longer has any space based sci fi programs), and I was rather disappointed asthe show was nothing less than Jurassic Park meets Land of Lost!


    I tuned into this new program with a bit of anticipation that it would be a new bit of sci fi (since the usa no longer has any space based sci fi programs), and I was rather disappointed asthe show was nothing less than jurassic park meets land of the lost with a plot from outcasts? just missing a few sleestack!
    Seems Marshall, Will, and Holly have a lot more company going back in time (or is it actually another planet) but nice pecs, abs, and sexy blue eyes on the Irish man, guess he is the Will version/character, since all hollywood is doing is rehashing same old stories over and over and over and over.
    I am still waiting to see how spielberg is going to get every one to survive the KT global extinction level event that killed 99% of all terran life 65.4 million years ago???

    btw. $20mil on the opening 2 episodes showing the earth in the 22nd century but the American CGI people still have not got a clue that you cant run commuter or intercity trains - bi-directionally. That is trains going in opposite directions on the same track. I think the best way to describe it would be to have a 20 lane freeway that is a single track road! Car's nor trains can pass through each other - they need their own lane on a road or tracks! At least one set of tracks per direction of travel and with a lot of people in the world the train lines should have at least 10 train lines in each direction with a train running every 60 to 90 seconds. Oh and the trains they CGI's in would only hold no more than 200 people. With a large human population they should be double decker and 400metres or 800metres long (carrying 2500 to 5000 passengers per train!)

    The worst aspect/highlight/scenerio of this program/show is the entire scientific intelligensia of the world has turned over and allow the g.i. joe military run the rebuilding/nation building/or is it entire human race of the future or should I say the past be run by jar heads. When in history has any country, any government, any culture actually benefited from being run by a military dictatorship/junta? NEVER. Is this the way of sci fi usa style in the 21st century, teach the next generation that going in gung ho and let the g.i. joe's rebuild a country and the country will be a success? (vietnam, iraq, afghastan, etc ... all failures) A highly selected group of scientists and technicians - do not need a nycpd cop to run around and shoot the bad guys- bang bang - well it does if the show is written by spielberg.

    And in a recent episode I watched, the kid gave everyone a cold, by 2149 the cold should be vaccinated against in all humans and taking a virus back 85 million years before it existed would be like Pizarro who took small pox to the western hemisphere in c.1518-24 that wiped out 95% of all indigeneous peoples. Well it did make it a hell of a lot easier when the european colonist started to arrive in 1604, the land was virtually empty, North America went from a per colombian population of 150 to 200 million to a population of 5 to 8 million.. so if not for small pox there would be not colonial expansion. But hey they paid the europeans back with syphillus as henry the 8th suffered and was unable to have children that survived due to it....

  • season two???

    I really liked the show and i'm waiting for season two......now it sounds like there may not be a season two....does anyone know for sure or are the corporate guys keeping it to themselves......?????
  • Another great show that fell in the pit of FOX

    This was another really great show that got started on FOX. Sadly they have a bad reputation for running series for the first season and canceling them. Frankly I am tired of it and this was the last one that I will get into watching. I would continue to watch it if it aired on a different station.
  • A new home for humanity is in Terra Nova! (or is it?)

    I watched Terra Nove a bit belatedly, but enjoyed every episode of it. Sometimes moving a little slow (and not having nearly enough dinosaur-action!), it told us a very nice story of humanity locating itself back in time when the future of Earth is unable to support life.

    Now, it's not their own past, per se, or so it was explained, but some alternative version of young Earth. Either way, they are going 85 million years back in time, taking tech with them, building their lives in a hostile land.

    A few great themes follow thorough the show, like that the people in Terra Nova are still dependant on the future and its technology, medicine and weaponry. There are also those they had to leave behind. There are also secrets, about founding and purposes of Terra Nova, and there are those who have left the settlement behind...

    The show ends too soon. It has promise, and even if they did not focus on the scheming on the background, I think they could have still pulled off a lot of viewing time just showing us some dinosaurs.

    Worth a watch to whoever likes a little sci-fi in a jungle.
  • "Big Papa"

    Terra Nova A wonderfully thought through show. One you don't have to hide from the children or from friends. Something for everyone without shocking your conscience or human values. I pray that that the writers of this show stick to the original basis of this program.

    I have a few shows I love. Grimms, DOOLS, one or two more. THIS WAS AMONG THEM. I am 60 yrs old, I love action movies this had that, it was a great show. Just like Grimms I couldn't wait until the next show came... It did not have nude women, sex scenes, it was a good clean movie... I enjoyed it very very very much. Would love to see it come back for several seasons.
  • Good show that ended.

    I am sad this show ended. It was interesting and had a bit of everything for the family. This had so much potential, and could have turned out similar to Jurassic Park, which was a awesome movie.

    Now they have aired an even worse tv show called "The River" . Maybe the producers need to stick with movies and see about a ET 2. lols.
  • Terra Nova

    This is a good show and I really enjoyed it. It has something for the whole family. Please pick it up and don't give in to cheap and easy. We have enough junk on TV already!
  • Hoping for a second season

    i just loved the series
  • Lets Save it....

    This was a great show, and hope it still can be, you can check here for how to help in making it continue:

    Official Fan Site:


    How to save it:

  • Please someone pick up!!

    Terra Nova is a great series and very entertaining. Kids that watched the show just loved it. SyFy should pick it up I think they would do really good with it because it is better than most of the other series they have. Please someone needs to continue this series it is great and the actors were perfect for these roles. Stephen Lang awesome and the others are great too!! We want Terra Nova back!!!
  • will it return

    its the best show ever just as perfect or better than Jurassic park :)
  • Until it returns

    I will miss the show, But until someone bright enough picks it up I am building a recreation of it in SpotON3D.com. The colony is up and is being completed, the land is in construction but is open to visitors to look around and exsplore. When finished it will be open to colonist for RP. Come and check it out, I am into details, and am trying to recreate it as it was. By the way it is PG rated as was the show , so it is for entire family to enjoy. There will be roles for everyone. Just ask the Greeter at the Hub and they will help you find Terra Nova in world.
  • A family show

    this is and was a show i could watch with my 8 yr old we both enjoyed it a lot. Please continue the series my son keeps asking "when will it be back on." I would like to let him know when it will continue, we will be so happy. He loves seeing the dinosaures and the entire show.
  • bring back terranova

    i love this show and my family loves it to i swear there is going to be a protest by the terranova fans this is a great show and the last episode makes you curious about what happens next
  • Bring Back Terra Nova!!!!!

    I loved this show! My friends and I watched the whole series on Hulu Plus in one week. We were hooked and never wanted to stop watching. All the attractive characters were amazing. It reminded us of our childhood watching Land of the Lost. I want to watch another season!!!
  • Bring Terra Nova back for season 2!!!

    The actors are not the problem in this show. I love the cast. If writers focus on complex and better executive stories than show will be great. the show got cancelled it's probably not because of writing. It's because of big budget.

    Actors: 4/5

    Writing: 4/5

    Picture Quality: 5/5

    Background Music: 4/5

    So sad that FOX cancelled the show. I hope they'll get a new home and bring great story line next time :)
  • Great ideas but still needs work

    Let me first just say that if Terra Nova were to get better I wouldn't mind watching it. This show just needs some improvements and they can use the first season as a test. When I saw the previews for Terra Nova I thought it was going to be awesome. I had very high expectations for this show. I was expecting a show with great characters, cool setting and with some great ideas like time travel mixed in. What we got was a cool setting, boring characters and bad writing. The episodes are connected to one big story but some of them feel episodic. For example, a virus that is attacking Terra Nova or a dinosaur attack. These were very boring episodes and wasn't what I was expecting from this show at all.

    If FOX were to bring it back for a second season I would still watch if they were to get better writers, make the characters deeper and more interesting, and have a better story with some sci-fi elements mixed in. When I was watching season one, it felt like they were trying to pan out to a large group of audiences. I thought it was supposed to be sci-fi but it didn't really feel that way. I hope for a second season that would have great improvements on the first season.
  • Fun for the whole family

    I really appreciate a real show that the whole family can watch. This show is well rounded something for everyone. Hoping that the CGI was on the weak side because they didn't want to invest large in a new show. Next season should be better.
  • Could be good, but some problems.


    As was noted before, lots of cliches and formulaic characters.

    Was wondering about time travel paradoxes (they are unsolvable and give you headaches), thus admired the neat "different time line" explanation - which was promptly thrown into doubt at the last scene. I do hope they'll avoid the paradox scenario. Or at least get this "TV universe" consistent.

    If they're not in a parallel universe, the extinction event which destroyed the dinos will also snuff out the new human civilization. That would make the whole thing pretty pointless.

    Presumably it's the only wormhole to the past available, so to have Americans only is a bit questionable - don't other peoples of the earth get a chance? Maybe from a less violent society?

    Why call the colonisation"pilgrimage"? Is it because of the pilgrims that settled in America, or yet another oh sooo boring American religious thing?

    I assume the colony gets resupplied from the future (otherwise their hi-tech will fail at some point, given they don't seem to have any mechanized industry) but that wasn't mentioned. Oh yes, given the starting point is supposed to be in the far future, shouldn't there be more fancy tech? Sonic guns and holographic medical beds they have, but not enough hot water? Wrist-borne communicators in the future but simple walkies-talkies in the colony?

    The "Sixes" have no other way to negotiate an exchange except by crashing into camp? Seriously? They've got radios, too, don't they?

    Am missing the comic relief, no humorous moments that I can recall (teens mucking about doesn't count).

    Anybody notice the similarity to "Outcasts" - new colony, a group of breakaways, questions about past & future?

    Having said that, the story sped along at a brisk pace and kept me watching.

  • Keep the science in Sci-fi

    I hope the show continues. It has potential. Especially long term. For example, how does the human colony plan to survive extinction events that we know took place? Perhaps that is millions of years off so not really important to the colony, but it is interesting. Are there any other human colonies attempting to survive the demise of the Earth in the future in other ways? Mars colonies? Interstellar ships? Are other countries all working together? What are the Africans, Europeans & Asians doing? Back this far in time, does Mars have water still? Ok... weird tangents I know. Not what the show is really about now, now it's just survive and grow and don't let the dinosaurs eat you. But my point is that I hope the show does bring in more science and doesn't just become a show about teenage love. Human interest is great, personal stories make a show real, but we don't need a dinosaur version of Twilight. And don't make the same lame mistakes BSG and SGU made and start bringing in Angels and religion or casting the scientists as a-moral social idiots. Sci-fi fans like science. Forget this and your show will flop.
  • Bring back Terra Nove to Fox or bring on My Tv Network

    Love the show.

  • Which Episode?

    Does anyone remember seeing a new baby being presented and a fireworks show in any of the episodes that have been aired?
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