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  • Where is new Terra Nova Show?

    I love the show. I have been waiting for 2nd half of season. Where is it?

  • Yes Bring It Back

    All my Family love terra nova, Pleaseee make a second season of it , we enjoy the dinos!!! is something very different, hoping it comes back !! we will be waitting.
  • Meh! Meh!

    Although the characters are a bit annoying I stay for the storyline. Dinosaurs are interesting but cgi is a bit sloppy. I guess that's what you get when you dream big on a small screen. :/ Jurassic Park memories.
  • Bring It Back!!!

    Ok, maybe it isn't realistic...maybe its a little off beat for the main stream (maybe!)...but it is different, entertaining and something just a little to look forward to each week. I love the characters, I love the dynamics of everything going on. Is it really realistic? ok, maybe not or just maybe it is. But there are lots of us out there that like it. It's right up there with Eureka...another favorite of mine. So why can't we have something different...figure it out Fox and do what you need to bring it back...
  • Sci-Fi Rules......And, give the English a chance!!!

    For some people in the UK, cable TV is not common place. I am fortunate enough that I get to watch programmes, before they are possibly shown on a UK channel, and at least a year after being shown in the USA. I have told friends and family about shows ages before this and when they are shown, they enjoy them just as much as me - what infuriates me is the amount of shows that are shown for one season and axed. Admittedly, some of these shows have been slow to start but they draw you in and it becomes something to look forward too. They are not sitcoms, or soaps, and you only have to produce them once a year. Any series, just like any Film!!....should be given at least three chances to impress. Three Seasons to let the English, as well as the American public, air their opinions.
  • Fox Don't Do it to me

    Fox don't cancel another great show on me. I keep getting hooked on shows that are different then the doctor/cop shows on every network just in time for it to get pulled out from under me. This is an excellent show with a great deal of potential. Give me another season!
  • Amazing!

    Great show! Loved every episode and the plot was awesome. Hope there's a season 2

    I miss Terra Nova show...when new shows????
  • Very Poor making of a TV show

    It started very good to return to the past and to have a new life back here in earth to do the best to save the earth with fighting against the wild.But It became Typical dumb characters that do dumb things because there needs to happen something to fill the time of the show.

    I've been waiting a long time for a show like this to return. Love it
  • Superb!

    Maybe one could say it's a mix of Lost and Jurassic Park, but it works! Great show!
  • Painfull... Far too painfull to watch. After this show quite a few actors & Actress'es are going to have a hard time finding work. Tip: Take it off your résumé


    I've tried real hard to like this show, you have no idea how much alcohol I drank just to try and switch my brain totally off.

    The concept for the show is great, location I can live with even the lack of prehistoric life I can almost allow to slip past.

    I don't even dislike the cast (even though lately they have the look of Please kill me off in this episode so I can get off this show)

    I just don't understand why it doesn't work?

    I've seen better plot development on an episode of Ren & Stimpy!

    To be honest if Mr Spielberg's name wasn't on this project it would have been canned by episode five.

    Is this is what is meant by the dumbing down of Televison? If this is what is considered to be family viewing, i'm sorry but it's time to switch off and pull out a board game.

  • Fight for Terra Nova! Fight for Season Two!

    Probabily one of the most epic series of the last few years!

    10 out of 10!

    It will be a shame if they cancel it now that it's getting interesting, they left a big mistery to be solved on the next season, and the series still have a lot of stories for it to last for a lot more seasons!

    Fox have a diamond in the rough here, and it will be a shame to let it go. Even if the series are too expensive because of the effects and dinossaurs, then try to focus on the characters. The main story is the most interesting. A story about Hope, and Family...

    Fight for Terra Nova! Fight for Season Two! =P
  • Great show! Reminds me of Jericho

    I started watching this weekend and couldn't stop! It has a great plot, it is family "worthy" (although that isn't a concern I must have, I don't really like violence and TV Series of late have been going too much for the gore thing) and I like the actors, though to be honest wasn't to enthusiastic about them at first. It is as most have said a crowded TV Series, but so was Jericho, it was a great show that had so many plots and characters that, along the way, you had to keep up. Is that a bad thing? I think not! If you have half a brain you can follow it and really get to like the characters. I really love Allison Miller as she reminds me so much of Faye Grant (from V the 1984 TV Series). The eerie feeling that something is going to go wrong is thrilling, but there is some humour along the way (but not in your face). Summing it all up: Really entertaining and fun. Keeps you on the edge of the seat!
  • Impressive and Interesting

    The overall acting in this show is great, especially little Zoe.Ok, fine so the graphics aren't that amazing, so what??? The show has a very interesting storyline, and i hope it returns for a second season so we can all see where it goes.
  • Breathtaking.

    THIS SHOW WAS BREATHTAKIng. For me and a dozen other people i do agree needs a bit of help but that does NOT mean this show should be FULLY CANCELLED . Little sissies here complaining about Spielberg's work , PSHHH like u can do better ? One thing is also Stephen Lang's acting is , Oh dear I love the way that he is so 'ready to fight' kind of guy , and Little zoe i forgot her name is such a stunner, the sad thing is they cut of Washington which was Simon Kessel I mean It broke my heart when she got executed by Lucas, So there I thingk this shows deserves a season 2 And whatever haters say like "OHHH NOT ORIGINAL" "OHHHHHH WRITING SUCKSS" I KNOW that this show will and CAN do better , more better than it already is.
  • This show is good, but it just needs a little bit more back story to make it great.


    Don't get me wrong, I really love the journey, it haspotential, but there is something missing.

    Where is the backstory? Can we learn more about the characters while not trying to figure it out ourselves? It feels disconnected sometimes, a lot of story is missing to make it more interesting.

  • Here we go again FOX

    I tired of networks not giving shows a chance to find an audience. Firefly, SAAB, yeah I'm looking at you FOX. Science fiction needs time to develop. The writers have to balance revealing the scientific backstory with the character develop and that take a full season. With only 13 episodes that's not enough time. Yes, there were some slow moments in the middle of the season but that's because the budget would be outrageous if they didn't toss in a few non-CGI shows.
  • The Badlands

    the badlands is the final resting place of the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Has Potential ... But Definitely Needs Work

    What was the most anticipated show of the season turns out to be a major disappointment. But after watching the finale episodes, I would have to say that this show has potential, but definitely needs to be headed into a new direction. Most of the episodes lack direction, character development, and the plot line for most episodes are iffy. But I wouldn't be surprised if Fox renews this for another season. This show isn't that bad, and it doesn't have terrible ratings. Its ratings are actually just average, which is a clear indicator that it shouldn't be cancelled without getting another chance of proving itself. The writers need to write more episodes like the two finale episodes (or the opening premiere episode). Also Fox should probably rethink who the target audience is for this show (and thus probably moving this show to later of the week).

    Bottom line? I would definitely like to see a second season. BUT Terra Nova definitely needs to be reworked - the producers and writers need to get together (or hire new writers!), and rethink the plot and character developments, and improve its direction and style.
  • A solid Sci-fi show on Network tv

    I think in this day and age where we are inundated with reality tv (Idol, X-factor) and cops or doctor shows, it is refreshing to see something different that the entire family can watch together. Terra Nova has action, cool special effects, and a hint of mystery. I wasn't necessarily thrilled when I watched the pilot but eventually began to like the show as we discovered more about each character. I thought Taylor was ultimately going to be evil, but turns out he is a true hero and patriot. The story is well written and leaves room for conflict that can keep the show going. Just having a show set up where external (environment) and internal (mankind/human nature) forces can impact the characters really adds potential.
  • Terrible Nova...


    I was really excited about this show starting, followed all the pre-air production news, was gutted when the start date got pushed back, and ready for it to be my new favorite show when it started...

    ...what a bitter disappointment. A promising first episode, then a rapid descent into mediocrity, starring one of the most uninteresting set of characters and central families I've even seen in a big budget TV series. The show had a failed attempt at trying to recapture the mystery and intrigue of a group of break away antagonists like 'The Others' in Lost (the Sixers) when surely the environment and prehistoric wildlife would have been more than enough to keep the colonists (and audience) occupied/entertained. Invariably the far too infrequent dinosaur scenes felt like they were bolted onto the script after it was already written, rather than being an organic part of the episode storyline.

    I feel really stupid that I got so excited about this show, and deeply embarrassed that I spent so much time and energy telling my friends that it was going to be great. I've given up on watching the show completely now (episode 6 was the last straw) andI can't help but think of Dr Ian Malcolm's line in Jurassic Park...

    'and eventually you have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour right?'

  • Has promise


    The pilot was very well done I thought, exciting, good plot and backstory.

    The subsequent episodes had somewhat predictable story lines (the ones that had nothing to do with who are the sixers and what certain powerful people from the future want with Terra Nova).

    However, the actors are very good, especially Taylor, and the family dynamic is very well done among the main characters. There are many touching scenes between parents and children, which make this show worth watching.

    I think if this show gets a 2nd season, it has potential to go the distance like Stargate SG1 did. (you have to remember the first season of that wasn't as exciting as subsequent ones)

  • I like the freshness. No, the show does not have what other shows do have, such as sex, that people would say "adds" to the show, but it hist with the family. It has more substance to it if you take the time to peel back the pre-historic foliage and look.


    Lets face it, do you really want to be watching a TV show on Monday night, and get two people on screen in a pre-historic time in a fractured universe billions of years in the past, and have to cover your child's eyes, tell them to cover their ears, because you know that there is stuff you really do not want you kids to hear? I am guessing, (maybe not), that for most of us, the answer would be no. And this television show proves that TV can be exciting, as well as clean at the same time.

    I love the fact that I can watch this show with my whole family, and that the basics of the television show are based around a family, and how that family works. The basic teaching that the truth never hurts, and that in the end, it will all work out has been given many times throughout the course of the first bunch of episodes.

    WOW! Why doesn't the Carnitorus look like a Jurrasic Park T-Rex?! Well, first off, the work done on these creatures far outdoes any of the other creatures that are/have been made in other television shows. They definitely put a lot of work and effort into making these amazing creatures come alive. Give them props, after all, could you have done better?

    For those who think the story line is weak, or has a bad script, just wait. Once it all comes together, it will all make so much sense, it will all start to come together to show us how unique this show is, and that the story will be another amazing part of this show.

    The characters are awesome. You can see the similarities right up. You have Stephen J. Lang, who of himself is the ideal person for a pre-historic earth, after Avatar on Pandora. James O'Mara makes the ideal cop, and a good Father. Landon Liboiron looks very close to him. And what can I say about the wife and daughters? You could not have picked a better combiniation of actors, they look so alike, and Alana Mansour iscombination!!

    To give it to you straight, I have grown to love these characters, and it becomes more evident each episode that they are the key to the show. They make you see how precious life is, when Zoe wants to save the dinosaur inside the shell. They show you how commitment to your family, and others, tops all else, when Josh tells his parents about his deals with the sixers. It shows you how sometimes people can put aside there differences for a while, and get to know and understand whoeach otherare, like when Commander Taylor and Mira have to fight off their midnight stalkers.

    I think this show is a great show, and will grow to be something great. I have seen no other show like it, and that makes it even better!

  • Great show, great actors, great scenery, great everything! At first there were some minor dislikes, but overall they are so little they're worthless of mentioning. I just hope they will continue like this and it'll probably become one of my favourite show.


    Great show, great actors, great scenery, great everything!!

    At first there were some minor dislikes, but overall they are so little they're worthless of mentioning. I just hope they will continue like this and it'll probably become one of my favourite shows besides Stargate (SG1,SGA,SGU) and Prison Break..I just hope it won't end as did Lost or something.

    I liked every moment of watching that show and I can't wait for new epizodes!

    Recommend to everybody who likes action, science fiction and dinosaurs :)

  • Another Predictable talk fest, Mother Tested & Kid Approved show!


    Remember the Cape? yeah sadly i remember that one to... This show Terra Nova started with a homeless 9 year old girl stranded in the (not so) dangerous jungle! Did anyone else at this point predicted that the goody to show (Swiss) family will take her in?

    Yes that did happen, at this point i skipped most of this program because it was just so predictable, and the 6ers are not that entertaining as the Dinosaurs of the show (or lack of Dino's).

    This show was so boring they made the whole plot line focused on this little girl (Did Disney buy out fox?), and was easy to skip on and know what was going on as you skipped... The skipped easily story lasted between 10-12 Min's (Thank goodness for DVR!)

    This show looked so good with the previews, but sadly it dissapoints.. Now remember when i mentioned the Cape earlier?

    That's right, it wont last longer than that mediocre show...

  • Easily the best new show FOX has done in years!


    Terra Nova is a brilliant show and an excellent sci-fi series. It has some action, drama, excitement all built into it and besides it starts off doing a good job showing what our future might become if we do not start taking care of the Earth today.

    Besides Glee it is the ONLY show I will watch on FOX -- I don't care at all for all the reality TV shows like American Idol and that new X Factor series which has been all that FOX has been interested in producing... thus ignoring those of us who prefer sci-fi and comedy type of shows/sitcoms. I would love to see Terra Nova continue on for a full season at the very least and hopefully into a 2nd season and beyond! Definitely one of the best hours on TV each week and an hour I will look forward every week while it's on.

  • How sad is this? Such a great idea...so wasted.


    I was really hoping for a great show here. It seemed to have all the potential for one: Mankind gets to start over! On a pristine planet!

    But...the special effects remind me of the original "Star Trek" series, although I haven't seen a big white rubber chicken running around.

    And, after escaping an Earth that was completely ruined by trashing the environment, wars, greed, and hate, the same thing is happenning all over again--starting 85 million years earlier! So that we can wipe out the planet again before the asteroid even has a chance at it?

    Oh, AND jealousy, perceived (if not real) love triangles.

    It seems that "Terra Nova" is just the same "Terra" we have already--with all its problems in miniature.

  • After all the hype about this show and its big budget i expected it to be the best show ever to come to tv but it didnt even some close. Still the show is entertaining and interesting enough for me to watch at least for 1 season.


    A show about Dinosaurs and people from the future traveling back in time to save the human race from dying. It is mostly about a family who had troubles in the future and their father was put into jail because he punched a police officer i think and all that is because they had a third child because in the future you are only allowed to have 2 and if you have more you will be punished by the law so after years the father breaks out of prison and goes with his family to a place called Terra Nova and that is millions of years in the past where they find trouble with a group called the Sixers (they are kind of like the others of lost but not as interesting) so till now this is what i understood from the show but i hope it gets alot more interesting for the shows sake because if it doesnt it wont get renewed for a second season as people are slowly not watching this show. I have to admit that my main reason for watching this show is Dinosaurs they are interesting the the graphics of this show is amazing. (I still like that there are Dinosaurs but this show is getting worse and the last episode that aired was so so bad so im going to downgrade the show 4 points and i will not support this show and will never watch it again.)

  • A good start to a show that has potential for Fox.


    This was my most anticipated new show of the fall season. It starts out well enough. Introducing characters, explaining what's going on, etc. I have a few issues with the show. First off, Josh. He acts 100% normal, then, they get to their new home in Terra Nova and *BAM*, a switch is flipped and he turns into Mr. Whiney Pants. Seriously? Was that added just so he'd have a reason to leave the compound? Secondly, the point he brings up IS valid. IF Jim hadn't punched the guard, was there the possibility that he'd not have gone to jail and just gotten a fine, like Josh states? If so, that's one DUMB cop. You'd think he'd know the system well enough to know it's weaknesses and strengths. The characters are all pretty stereotypical. The brilliant doctor (Elisabeth), the law-man (Jim), the 'young child to worry about' (Zoe), the brainy teen (Maddy), the troubled youth (Josh), and the hardened veteran overseer (Taylor) but it works, for the most part. The special effects are decent, sometimes dinosaurs looking way 'plastic', but they do the job. Overall, the show is intriguing and has me interested to see what happens next. If the Sixers are the singular story arc that continues as the show progresses, it'll be that much more intriguing. Definitely a show that I will continue to tune in to each week.

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