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  • In a nutshell, this is simply a weak show.


    After months of teasers, trailers and speculation Terra Nova was launched with the 'PRODUCED BY SPIELBURG' stamp of approval as if that alone was enough to guarantee that we were in for something really special (much the same as 'Falling Skies')

    Unfortunately all we got was a show with weak unoriginal story lines, boring scenarios and cardboard cutout characters (much the same as Falling Skies)

    I've left my review and judgement for Terra Nova until now, the 9th episode, because I really wanted to give it a chance to grow on me and to deliver what was promised, but so far it hasn't and even my kids have given up on it.

    On top of the predictable episodes with the mandatory deaths of extras and guest stars *yawn* while the regulars battle through and find solutions to bugs, beasts and bad guys before the end credits; we have to also endure the numerous plot holes that the modern tech savvy viewer finds extremely irritating to say the least.

    Things such as:

    a) If it's so bad on Earth in their timeline, why hasn't anyone of importance or political stature come through the portal? Surely those there now would be the last to score a spot.

    b) Why can they only transport groups of people one Pilgramage at a time? Why not continuously?

    c) They've been there 10 years and all they've built is that small complex? How did they build it and where's all the construction equipment?

    d) Where are all the local wildlife? Any anthropologist would tell you that Prehistoric Earth would have a plethora of life.

    e) Why don't they explore? Surely that would be the prime objective?

    f) And my personal favourite, with all the technology they do have, jeeps, armoured cars, a medical centre etc why don't they have any kind of plane or helicopter? Not even unmanned drones.

    There are many other plot holes I'm sure.

    The sad thing is, because Mr S is producing it's sure to get renewed for at least one more season (much the same as Falling Skies). If only he'd been attached to other series such as 4400, Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, or even V??

  • It's OK.


    It's an OK show and has some potentially good plots and storylines going. However, the show seems weak and I can't pinpoint the exact reason why. It has potential, but is not quite hitting the mark with me and there seems to be no "wow" factor.

  • A refreshing change from the same old, same old.


    I think this show is a refreshing change from the same style of shows that are on the various networks. It's not that I do not like proceedurals but it's so nice to have something different with some curious questions that need answering. It reminds me of "Lost" with its mysteries and it became my most favorite show of all time. I hope it continues to add to its mystery while teasing us with little bits of info. It's what helps to keep us coming back.

  • Please writers make this show better!!!


    Please writers make this show better!!! I had been looking forward to seeing this show for almost a year and now I'm so dissapointed. To be honest the pilot wasn't that bad but to follow it up with two of the most cliched episodes they could think of was just silly. This series has so much potential if the writers would put an effort in!

  • The first three episodes where good to great, then yawn.I could not believe what they showed us last night. If it is any indication of what's to come, they may just lose viewers. I really don't know what else to say. The show started out good, I could


    not wait till the next episode then OMG. They need new writers. The potential that this show has.

    I was sodisappointed in the 4th episode. Do the writers even read any of these reviews to know how disappointed people are?

    I'm giving the show a 5 because the first few show were good but they've gone down hill. I'm waiting to see what they do in the next episode to determine if I continue to watch.

  • Every American knows American family from everyday experience and everybody else on this planet knows them from tv shows.


    That's why a lot of people do not take kindly to Hysteria Avenue B.C. folks in Terra Nova. It is real Suburbia B.C with their neat middle-class houses,

    teenage rebellions, old romance back stories. I'm just waiting for main character doing "yaba daba doo" sound at the end of hard day in law enforcement

    (and of course he has to have some donuts with prehistoric berries stuffing).

    In my understanding people drawn to S-F genre want something a bit different, a moment of relax and escape from everyday existence. They want a brave new world full filled vivid characters and thrilling events. Why don't give it to them? Is it so hard to make one episode

    in prehistorical setting not being about family crisis, love triangle or 'jungle, mystery and 2 factions' Lost paradigm (a lot of people are not fond of it.... really not fond of it)?

  • Expensive to make, unlikely to last


    The show maybe got some potential however after a few episodes I consider it a failure. The chunk of money throw into making all the flashy effects cant save it from the mediocre plot. With nothing to develop soon, this season will be the most expensive series/most failure series.

  • A little more originality please!


    The two premiere episodes were moderately entertaining. Episode "Instinct" felt like a merger of "The Birds" and "Pitch Black". And episode "What Remains" seemed oddly familiar as well. Hmm ... where have I seen this before ... deadly contagion in an isolated, medical research facility with monsters trying to eat you. Oh yes, it was like a cross of "The Andromeda Strain" and "Resident Evil".

    If they want to keep my attention, they're going to have to show us some original plots and stop recycling ideas that have been played to death ... and beyond. As of right now, it's just way too predictable to actually be enjoyable.

    Give me some mystery and suspense already!! Hey Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Cassar ... You've got a great canvas ... use it!

  • need to see more dinosaurs but still a good show..


    the show is good can be great but seriously weres the dinosaurs the 1st episodes were fun action packed you seen dinosaurs the last episode''the runaway''we were lucky to see 10seconds of em we watch this show coz we want to see dinosaurs so put em on plz

  • Wow, Spielberg actually greelit these scripts?


    So far this show has been one of the most unimaginative sci-fi shows on tv so far. I have little interest in these characters, or any emotional involvement. There are some hints of an interesting back story but each individual episode is so unremarkable that I wonder if the writers will ever get around to telling it. So expensive, I can't imagine it will get another season unless the plot really picks up...

  • in disbelief at the so so reviews


    Wow, in disbelief at the so so reviews here... my whole family LOVES this show... great casting, hard to get better than Stephen Lang... love the multiple (well written) story lines and great fx... did I mention DINOSAURS, really really well done dinosaurs

    ... so it has something for everyone without being kiddie cutsy or uber X

  • Walk the Dinosaur!


    It was a night like this forty million years ago, Jim lit a cigarrete, picked up his daughter Zoe to go, the gun men spitting fire, the portal blue as ice, his wife screamed, his children cried and so begins the show.

    Terra Nova is a solid Sci fi/adventure show that excells at using the same canon established for single people in the married couple formed by Jim and Elizabeth so, instead of the cliche "boy mets girl in high tech enviroment", the audience gets to see two functional professionals that just so happen to be a couple.

    However their marriage is not a perfect one, Jim is a goofy and somewhat relatable father for middle child Maddy (both oddly aware they are with someone way over their league), meanwhile Elizabeth relies on her eldest son Josh - who doesn't quite get his role now that his father got out of jail - and Zoe, the kid who shouldn't have been born. Its a entertaining family hour that deals with some of the most effective dinosaurs ever seen in prime time.

  • How to screw up an already stupid idea.


    When I first read about this series I thought it was a really really stupid plot. But, well, there would be dinosaurs! How bad can that be?

    Bad, really, really, incredibly bad. The plot is a total cliche, the characters are shallow and cliched, the "bad" guys are cliched, the effects are terrible, the dialogs are TERRIBLE (damn it, it's hard to believe that professionals wrote that). I guess there is nothing really good about it. I gave it a 2.5 just because... well, there are dinosaurs.

    There is so much exposition, so much talking and explaining, I mean, I felt like someone who needed to be taught something.

    Really, don't waste your time with this piece of s^%$. It's not worth it. Just go watch Fringe or something more inteligent.

  • Wow!!!


    Terra Nova is hands down the best network television sci-fi series I've seen in a long, long time! It has the look and feel of a five star major motion picture...great special effects, action that doesn't quit, superbly written and performed by a great cast, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. The production staff has really set the bar high for itself with the two hour premier, and I've got my fingers (and toes) crossed that they can keep up the pace that they've set for themselves in the coming episodes, because the only directionthis showcan go is down if the production staff starts getting lazy or sloppy in keeping up with the standardsthey have set for themselves. In the meantime, it's been a while since I've had this much fun watching a network T.V. show. Outstanding start for Terra Nova! Great show!

  • It was good, I liked the leader.


    So despite the Jurassic Park undertones, the first episode had a really good feel to it. The leader was friendly, though I kind of got lost with the whole war with another "clan" or maybe not even another clan, who's to say.

    I think it has great potential, you don't see shows like this every day where you get a bunch of people trying to survive in the day of dinosaurs. Well, you kind of do, they're just usually in movie form. I'm hoping this doesn't turn out to be one big Jurassic Park rip off, because then I'm going to be a bit depressed, but we'll have to see.

    Usually I hope to see the first episode capture me, it didn't really do that to the full extent, but it did leave me with the feeling of "I'd like to see more". I really didn't care for the whole thing at the beginning, it seemed unnecessary and seemed to be added in just for the hell of it, especially when the commander just flat out didn't care what they did. Seemed pointless and a bit boring, so no, the first moments definitely didn't captivate me.

    Aside from that, I really think this has potential. Yeah I didn't care for the girl spazzing out and running off, but I guess you have to have at least one of those in every show. I'm interested in the mystery of this show, however. Though they kind of explained it in the last few minutes, I think.

    Well, on to the next episode.

  • It sounds like an exciting show, and it is, but it's full of flaws.


    It sounds like an exciting show, and it is, but it's full of flaws. For example if your starting a new civilization, would you really put one man in charge? A military man? Isn't that history reapting itself? Hitler to mention one.

    And I find it hard to believe that the world would even end up like it is in the show. We've already started being more environmental and it's already getting better.

    However the 'child law' seems more plausible, overpopulation will probably be the demise of human kind.

  • A little bit of everything ...


    This show is, without question, a well planned concept. It has a bit of everything. Futuristic technology, new frontier, a bit of western, politics and so on.
    Although it is nothing like it, for some unknown reason is this reminds me of "Firefly". I think it is the concept of "old west meets future technology".

    On the other hand, I worry the novelty of this show might go away soon. If the past is any indication, we will have a very good first season, and then it will go downhill from there, pretty fast.

    About the actors, we have a big mix, ranging from very good (Shelley Conn), with several good/average actors, some that I really rather wouldn't be on the show (well, 1 specifically, but either you already know who it is, or you don't agree), and some very promising new faces ( Alana Mansour and Allison Miller).

  • This was the new show I was most looking forward to. I had high expectations going in and I did enjoy the premiere but it was far from perfect.


    The money was well spent not only on the past's scenery but also the future's. It was bleak & depressing & totally understandable why someone would leave everything behind to go to a fresh, healthy new beginning. The scenery in the past was just beautiful. And the CG dinosaurs were awesome. I liked the actors & thought the character buildup was well done. I liked that there is a splinter group with their own agenda for some added conflict & action. I thought it was action packed with never a dull moment.

    On the negative side, a lot of the actions of the characters & some of the dialouge was stupid. The teenage boy leaving the safety of the compound with virtual strangers on his 1st day was a bit crazy. And no surprise they run into trouble! The leader of the group going from prove yourself to me to the Dad to be my best friend, colleague & confidant all in one day was a bit much too. Then allowing both the Dad & doc Mom to go out to search for their son was another stupid move. She was brought there because she was needed to help the whole settlement not just her family. And what would happen to their children if they both got killed out there? Not a very responsible move! The girl running out of the protected vehicle, being attacked but not killed by the dinosaurs was not believable. She would of, should of been eaten!! I'm glad she wasn't but still not realistic!

    A bit confusing was the whole time line thing. Was it a straight line or fractured? Would the past affect the future? Why keep sending people through if they weren't sure where or what was on the other side? We need more clarity on that point! What was the point of the rock drawings/math & why were they the key to Terra Nova. I guess that's were the Lost analogies come from. A show with questions we all want the answers to. I will continue watching & hope to get some.

  • the main purpose for a pilot is to establish the plot and to get people watch the next episode. Thepilot of terra nova did just that,i will say that i will be back for the next episode. The only flaw was that theythroughalot of infomation at us.


    the main purpose for a pilot is to establish the plot and to get people watch the next episode. Thepilot of terra nova did just that,i will say that i will be back for the next episode. The only flaw was that theythroughalot of infomation at us.

  • Once they smooth out the rough edges, I think they'll have a real hit on their hands.


    First, have to say this: The brat attitude of the son has got to go! Too many times I wanted to slap him and scream, "Get over yourself!" They risk a 3rd kid, then dad defends the family and goes to jail for it. Finally, after a jailbreak and fancy footwork, they all make it to Terra Nova, and all he can do is complain. Really?! Where's the love?

    Beyond that, we get some pretty other cliched moments. I mean seriously, if this is supposed to be our "second" chance then why is the military in charge? That should tell you that things aren't what they seem.

    Next, the teens going "OTG" was good but the fact they were going to get in trouble this time seemed overly obvious. Almost wish nothing had happened to them just to be different. Oh well.

    Then, there's the drawings and "The Sixers" so called because they came over on the 6th wave. Seems they have another agenda all together. It also seems they may not be the bad guys they were first made out to be. Maybe their the "good" guys. Maybe they're the bad guys. Maybe we just have 2 different factions fighting for 2 different reasons: Think Democrats/Republicans or Giant/Eagles or Yankees/Red Sox. Seems they also know why the drawings are their and they're related to the probe.

    Which leads to the ultimate question: Why did they really go back? To "save" their future? Unlikely since we learn that the probe found an Einstein Bridge and via "Sliders" they're in a different time line only 85 million years back. This allows us to get around the paradox of affecting your past without The Master having to use the TARDIS to create a Paradox Machine.

    But it makes you wonder, what do they know about this timeline and when did they know it? What does the son of the leader know and why is he writing the equations in the stone? And what is the real purpose of the military beyond keeping the peace?

  • So i guess we back into theJurassicpark era... but does it mean the people is gonna die when the meteorite hits earth?? or is bruce willis n affleck gonna come and save them?


    alright keeping it short.. i guess this is the response after LOST ending but they shouldve put this put right away to keep that audience.. not a year later. even thou i didnt watched LOST i feel that way... but well this show meets my needs for a fun scifi thing to watch since my last hope, falling skies, was a total boredom i just dont get it... if falling skies hadSpielberg working with them how it was such a boring show.. and u see him here among other and look what they put up .

    now the plot its alright i really didnt expected to much but some scifi action really... im gonna go on a limb and think that its gonna look like some jurassic park / rangers/ avatar but hey.. like i said there isnt nothing like that going on.. so lets see what comes up

  • Terra Nova takes us on an adventure into the prehistoric past. Escaping the pollution and tyranny of a world that can no longer support its population we follow one family as they venture into the great and primitive unknown.


    * mild general spoilers ahead *

    In summary - this was below average, however i feel it has mass appeal.

    This show has so much potential which seems abandoned by the end of the second episode.

    Seeing the devastated and desperate world of the not too distant future i was instantly captivated by the imagery. Until the cut-in to the Lead in a drab hallway which dramatically lessened the scope.

    The first episode suffered from the leaps in the plot that the viewer is meant to guess - particularly involving both escapes by the Male Lead (sorry i've had a long day at work!)

    The old 'nail file in the cup-cake' was ... well, not good. In fact, although dramatic, it was all very pointless. Seriously, is the Law from a dead society really going to chase him into the Past where the "2 baby" rule certainly does Not apply?

    Once at Terra Nova we arrive at Pandora for all intents and purposes. Instead of giant natives, we have nasty dinosaurs.

    The Sixers' seems like a good idea, until the leader shows up and i just cant buy the scene. She is, well, way too pretty and uncharasmatic to be a convincing protagonist.

    I was suddenly reminded of a great show, Dinotopia, and the similarities to Le Sage, played by Lisa Zane. Is this Dinotopia with guns, i thought? From this point i couldn't stop making comparisons between the two shows. The Le Sage character was brilliant and interesting. Sadly i cant say the same for the Sixers' leader.

    Dinotopia, sorry, Terra Nova, isn't all that bad. After all there's those cool gold markings at the waterfall. Are they alien? Is there another advanced culture nearby? Or an extinct one?... Oh, that's right, they are an FU to the Terra Nova colonists and the "key to everything".

    No, but seriously it did have some cool moments. The teenagers trapped in the truck was very cool. Also, very Dinotopia - replace truck with a barn and the guns with Sun Stones).

    And i even laughed when Zoe (she's cute so i remember her) fed the dinosaur. Her scenes are memorable.

    The final scene where the other daughter displays her mathematical prowess was a little too convenient and predictable (she's going to understand the waterfall writing).

    Overall - great family appeal with very little that parents need to worry about - with that said, i'm not sure if core scifi fans will embrace this as it is a little too dumbed down.

  • First of all, I thought the show was great. From the beggining to the get-go everything was mysterious and insteresting. The futureistic earthis true. What really amazed me was the time travel. Go back in time and live on pre-historic earth. The visu


    The visuals were really good. The graphics on the dinos were spectacular. I all around love this show, and appreciate the hard work and money fox has put into this series. I hope it can keep progessing itself into some type of masterpiece. People who dont like this show, don't like Sci-Fi, thats all I got to say. There has only been a few"big hits",Sci-Fi shows and I think this will be one of the greatest

  • Huge potential but with problems. Avatar meets Vampire Diaries


    Going back in time means you must swallow allot to even be able to like this show. But this is about dinosaurs so who cares that they have cars that run around in the dino jungle with tires that can go flat or the fact that "birds" can kill of three soldiers but not a single civilian.

    I like the quality of the dinosaurs. It's not Avatar but then again it's a TV show. The storyline is not yet set and so far it's week but then again I don't care that much. I just want to see more of the earth back in the days. Where is my T-REX?

    Main problem is the vampire diaries love story. Kid's that's barley legal to even kiss, fall in love and make a huge impact of the story and most important the minutes they take up of my life. I DONT want to watch kids falling in love or sad because some girlfriend they could not keep or even a gallous dad. I want to see dinosaurs hunting the afraid hominids

  • You would think they had had a writing contest to see who could write a script with the most plot holes.


    In science fiction, you've got to make at least some attempt to make it believable. In Terra Nova, their goal is to save humankind from extinction on an earth whose environment is nearly destroyed, so they send humans back into time before the asteroid hit that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Didn't they think that same asteroid would wipe out the humans too? Oh, wait, they went into a different time continuum. And they were able to test and prove this how? Even if it's a different one, it's the same earth where the same evolution has happened. How do they know the asteroid doesn't hit in this one?

    So they go 85 million years into the past, which is a one way trip with no possibility of communication with the prior world, but somehow Commander Taylor is somehow able to select who he wants to come to the settlement. Their goal is for humans to survive, but the settlement is fully dependent on goods from the industrial complex of their previous world. Without this link, they could not possibly have the tires and batteries of their vehicles or even electricity. Same deal with ammunition of their weapons. And what a great choice for weapons – assault rifles designed to kill humans. Didn't they think maybe an elephant gun would be more effective in bringing down a dinosaur? However, massive rounds fired from an AK-47-ish weapon is more dramatic.

    I could go on and on about the plot holes, but I need to talk about the characters. What characters? They're all cardboard cutout clichés. You've got a husband jealous about his wife's ex lover. You have a teenage boy who misses a girl he left behind. Could this be interesting? Perhaps if it were well written. It's not. It's just boring. I didn't care about these people and would not have been upset if any of them had gotten eaten by a T-Rex.

    Other reviewers found the special effects lacking. I didn't. I thought they were fairly good. However, cool effects aren't enough to make a story interesting. I did actually think it started off promising. I was willing to buy Jim Shannon's improbable escape from prison. It was hokey, but not bad enough that I was unwilling to suspend disbelief. When he was trying to illegally slip through the time portal with his family and was in danger of being caught, I thought the dramatic tension built nicely. At this point, I was hopeful that it would be a good show. It's the only reason I'm not giving it an abysmal review. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there. I had high hopes that this show would be good. It's at least a somewhat intriguing concept. However, there just wasn't enough there to make it worth the time to watch.

  • Low ratings so far, but has great potential!


    Terra Nova is one of the best shows on TV in my opinion. Sure some may say the low ratings and even the premise of the show make it non-renewable, but considering the show is still in its infancy and still setting its plot up for the finale (hopefully the season's), I'd say it's ok. Yes, the show isn't great, but after only 4 episodes it can't really be said the show is awful or bad. It basically has everything a family show could have. A huge dose of drama, a sprinkle of romance, all served up with a side of sci-fi and a dash of mystery. And considering the sci-fi part is about time travel and dinosaurs, I'd say the show is headed for a great season finale. Sure I guess along the way there will be episodes that will be less than good or darn right awful, but hey, even the best shows on TV have episodes like that. But seeing as how this show is really mostly about the struggle of the Shannon family and their ability to cope with the fact that they had to leave a dying world behind (and the fact the eldest had to leave his girlfriend behind) only to set foot into a savage, prehistoric and pre Ice Age world that will most likely lead to their untimely demise, it's pretty much given the show has a lot of potential. My advice is to watch the show, it will definitely surprise you.

  • Good show :D don'tcancelit!!!!!!


    The CGI may not be the best but its not going to be in a TVseries. It has the opportunityto do so much and I think people are expecting too much. Its got me hooked, I want to know about the characters, more about before they left to go to Terra Nova and what other creatures there are. People should give it a chance cos it might getcancelledlike so many good shows do because of so many things like not enough ads for it, rushing the writers and pushing out the episodes. There a lots of shows that pick up after the first season.

  • a entertaining one.....


    well episodes aired till now are good if not great... But the main drawback of this show is lack of creativity and imagination from the writers. From the buzz it created before the premiere, well it does not lives up to its expectation. But hope it will get better with the new episodes..

  • Yawn


    Yet another expensive, overproduced and half-baked attempt to deliver high-concept sci-fi to the masses. Like the V-make, Flash Forward, The Event, Falling Skies, etc., this show is populated by boring, Wonderbread characters who speak and act in cliches, and make poorly justified choices just to add obstacles and conflicts to a thinly conceived plot. I would happily trade the "movie quality" SFX for writers who care about telling good stories over pandering to demographics. Word of warning: any time you see that many producers attached to a project (13!!!), most of them are there to reassure overly-cautious network execs that not a single interesting idea makes it through the development phase. Even with the high priced effects the action scenes are poorly staged and executed and are totally lacking in tension or excitement. This show is a complete waste.

  • Very Good Start


    The plot is very good, the potential of where the story can go is excellent, the characters all have personalities, and of course there's loads of secrets and back-stories.

    The only things I can complain about is at times the acting is a little cheese, and the CGI although very good is still choppy during action scenes. (to this day I still think nothing can top Jurassic Park's CGI)

    Overall very good show with loads of potential

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