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  • Thank God!

    I could not bear watching this show after 3 episodes. Plot and story seems like coming form a 3rd grader. Acting is very bad and characters have no depth. And what's with all that unnecessary love stories which have no sense and purpose. Thanks for canceling this no-sense soap opera.
  • Terrible Nova...


    I was really excited about this show starting, followed all the pre-air production news, was gutted when the start date got pushed back, and ready for it to be my new favorite show when it started...

    ...what a bitter disappointment. A promising first episode, then a rapid descent into mediocrity, starring one of the most uninteresting set of characters and central families I've even seen in a big budget TV series. The show had a failed attempt at trying to recapture the mystery and intrigue of a group of break away antagonists like 'The Others' in Lost (the Sixers) when surely the environment and prehistoric wildlife would have been more than enough to keep the colonists (and audience) occupied/entertained. Invariably the far too infrequent dinosaur scenes felt like they were bolted onto the script after it was already written, rather than being an organic part of the episode storyline.

    I feel really stupid that I got so excited about this show, and deeply embarrassed that I spent so much time and energy telling my friends that it was going to be great. I've given up on watching the show completely now (episode 6 was the last straw) andI can't help but think of Dr Ian Malcolm's line in Jurassic Park...

    'and eventually you have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour right?'

  • Another Predictable talk fest, Mother Tested & Kid Approved show!


    Remember the Cape? yeah sadly i remember that one to... This show Terra Nova started with a homeless 9 year old girl stranded in the (not so) dangerous jungle! Did anyone else at this point predicted that the goody to show (Swiss) family will take her in?

    Yes that did happen, at this point i skipped most of this program because it was just so predictable, and the 6ers are not that entertaining as the Dinosaurs of the show (or lack of Dino's).

    This show was so boring they made the whole plot line focused on this little girl (Did Disney buy out fox?), and was easy to skip on and know what was going on as you skipped... The skipped easily story lasted between 10-12 Min's (Thank goodness for DVR!)

    This show looked so good with the previews, but sadly it dissapoints.. Now remember when i mentioned the Cape earlier?

    That's right, it wont last longer than that mediocre show...

  • Painfull... Far too painfull to watch. After this show quite a few actors & Actress'es are going to have a hard time finding work. Tip: Take it off your résumé


    I've tried real hard to like this show, you have no idea how much alcohol I drank just to try and switch my brain totally off.

    The concept for the show is great, location I can live with even the lack of prehistoric life I can almost allow to slip past.

    I don't even dislike the cast (even though lately they have the look of Please kill me off in this episode so I can get off this show)

    I just don't understand why it doesn't work?

    I've seen better plot development on an episode of Ren & Stimpy!

    To be honest if Mr Spielberg's name wasn't on this project it would have been canned by episode five.

    Is this is what is meant by the dumbing down of Televison? If this is what is considered to be family viewing, i'm sorry but it's time to switch off and pull out a board game.

  • After all the hype about this show and its big budget i expected it to be the best show ever to come to tv but it didnt even some close. Still the show is entertaining and interesting enough for me to watch at least for 1 season.


    A show about Dinosaurs and people from the future traveling back in time to save the human race from dying. It is mostly about a family who had troubles in the future and their father was put into jail because he punched a police officer i think and all that is because they had a third child because in the future you are only allowed to have 2 and if you have more you will be punished by the law so after years the father breaks out of prison and goes with his family to a place called Terra Nova and that is millions of years in the past where they find trouble with a group called the Sixers (they are kind of like the others of lost but not as interesting) so till now this is what i understood from the show but i hope it gets alot more interesting for the shows sake because if it doesnt it wont get renewed for a second season as people are slowly not watching this show. I have to admit that my main reason for watching this show is Dinosaurs they are interesting the the graphics of this show is amazing. (I still like that there are Dinosaurs but this show is getting worse and the last episode that aired was so so bad so im going to downgrade the show 4 points and i will not support this show and will never watch it again.)

  • Very Poor making of a TV show

    It started very good to return to the past and to have a new life back here in earth to do the best to save the earth with fighting against the wild.But It became Typical dumb characters that do dumb things because there needs to happen something to fill the time of the show.
  • How to screw up an already stupid idea.


    When I first read about this series I thought it was a really really stupid plot. But, well, there would be dinosaurs! How bad can that be?

    Bad, really, really, incredibly bad. The plot is a total cliche, the characters are shallow and cliched, the "bad" guys are cliched, the effects are terrible, the dialogs are TERRIBLE (damn it, it's hard to believe that professionals wrote that). I guess there is nothing really good about it. I gave it a 2.5 just because... well, there are dinosaurs.

    There is so much exposition, so much talking and explaining, I mean, I felt like someone who needed to be taught something.

    Really, don't waste your time with this piece of s^%$. It's not worth it. Just go watch Fringe or something more inteligent.

  • How do you screw up DINOSAURS?


    Oh, where to start.

    First, kill the son. He and all of his lame friends need to die. This isn't a "cool" source of conflict where we'll love to hate him and his idiot shenanegans. The idea that there would be a group of teenagers who regularly escape a fortified bunker unnoticed (!!!) to frolick amidst carnosaurs and spikeytailosauruses (or whatever) is beyond absurd. The idea that they would find ancient man-made glyphs on a prehistoric earth, obvious to a ten-year-old as the most significant discovery EVER, then all of them together agree not to tell anyone else, is absurd (hello, anonymous note?).

    Second, drop the time paradox/timeline stuff. In 20 million years, an asteroid effectively resurfaces the planet and ignites the atmosphere. How great would it be for a comic-relief dino-geek character to have explained this, then added, "chaos theory? butterfly effect? Squash all the butterflies you want, or let the asteroid do it." One of the few settings with a perfect explanation for time-travel problems, and they don't even take the bait (in fact, they'll need to explain how anything they do in the past COULD affect the future across the K-T Boundary)

    Third, and speaking of: Where's the comic relief? I cannot believe there isn't a dinosaur geek in this show, as a proxy for 80% of the audience. Even Lost had Hurley.

    Fourth, all the characters are the same (in fact, they spent most of the episode explicitly making this point) or terribly drawn. The mother and daughter are interchangeable (both smart, strong women with similar temperments; should have made the daughter the funny dino geek). And there can be no "real" conflict between father and son, because it is so clear who's right and who's wrong. I can't say enough bad things about the son: I don't care how invincible the teenage psyche feels, anyone would be rattled enough about a one-way trip to dinoland to at least want to figure out the basics before galavanting through the .

    Fifth, what's with the imaginary dinosaurs? Do they not have a science consultant? The sheer menagerie of predators and prey populating the Cretaceous was brushed aside for a lame velociraptor with a sharp tail? Ugh. Just ugh.

    So who is this show for, exactly? They've turned off the science and dino geeks by turning off science, they've raised idiot plotting to a level sufficient to turn off anyone with an IQ over 100, and they're going to turn off anyone who might be drawn in by good characters by, well, its lack of them. I really hope this doesn't tank dinosaur drama for another ten years...

  • I tuned into this new program with a bit of anticipation that it would be a new bit of sci fi (since the usa no longer has any space based sci fi programs), and I was rather disappointed asthe show was nothing less than Jurassic Park meets Land of Lost!


    I tuned into this new program with a bit of anticipation that it would be a new bit of sci fi (since the usa no longer has any space based sci fi programs), and I was rather disappointed asthe show was nothing less than jurassic park meets land of the lost with a plot from outcasts? just missing a few sleestack!
    Seems Marshall, Will, and Holly have a lot more company going back in time (or is it actually another planet) but nice pecs, abs, and sexy blue eyes on the Irish man, guess he is the Will version/character, since all hollywood is doing is rehashing same old stories over and over and over and over.
    I am still waiting to see how spielberg is going to get every one to survive the KT global extinction level event that killed 99% of all terran life 65.4 million years ago???

    btw. $20mil on the opening 2 episodes showing the earth in the 22nd century but the American CGI people still have not got a clue that you cant run commuter or intercity trains - bi-directionally. That is trains going in opposite directions on the same track. I think the best way to describe it would be to have a 20 lane freeway that is a single track road! Car's nor trains can pass through each other - they need their own lane on a road or tracks! At least one set of tracks per direction of travel and with a lot of people in the world the train lines should have at least 10 train lines in each direction with a train running every 60 to 90 seconds. Oh and the trains they CGI's in would only hold no more than 200 people. With a large human population they should be double decker and 400metres or 800metres long (carrying 2500 to 5000 passengers per train!)

    The worst aspect/highlight/scenerio of this program/show is the entire scientific intelligensia of the world has turned over and allow the g.i. joe military run the rebuilding/nation building/or is it entire human race of the future or should I say the past be run by jar heads. When in history has any country, any government, any culture actually benefited from being run by a military dictatorship/junta? NEVER. Is this the way of sci fi usa style in the 21st century, teach the next generation that going in gung ho and let the g.i. joe's rebuild a country and the country will be a success? (vietnam, iraq, afghastan, etc ... all failures) A highly selected group of scientists and technicians - do not need a nycpd cop to run around and shoot the bad guys- bang bang - well it does if the show is written by spielberg.

    And in a recent episode I watched, the kid gave everyone a cold, by 2149 the cold should be vaccinated against in all humans and taking a virus back 85 million years before it existed would be like Pizarro who took small pox to the western hemisphere in c.1518-24 that wiped out 95% of all indigeneous peoples. Well it did make it a hell of a lot easier when the european colonist started to arrive in 1604, the land was virtually empty, North America went from a per colombian population of 150 to 200 million to a population of 5 to 8 million.. so if not for small pox there would be not colonial expansion. But hey they paid the europeans back with syphillus as henry the 8th suffered and was unable to have children that survived due to it....

  • You would think they had had a writing contest to see who could write a script with the most plot holes.


    In science fiction, you've got to make at least some attempt to make it believable. In Terra Nova, their goal is to save humankind from extinction on an earth whose environment is nearly destroyed, so they send humans back into time before the asteroid hit that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Didn't they think that same asteroid would wipe out the humans too? Oh, wait, they went into a different time continuum. And they were able to test and prove this how? Even if it's a different one, it's the same earth where the same evolution has happened. How do they know the asteroid doesn't hit in this one?

    So they go 85 million years into the past, which is a one way trip with no possibility of communication with the prior world, but somehow Commander Taylor is somehow able to select who he wants to come to the settlement. Their goal is for humans to survive, but the settlement is fully dependent on goods from the industrial complex of their previous world. Without this link, they could not possibly have the tires and batteries of their vehicles or even electricity. Same deal with ammunition of their weapons. And what a great choice for weapons – assault rifles designed to kill humans. Didn't they think maybe an elephant gun would be more effective in bringing down a dinosaur? However, massive rounds fired from an AK-47-ish weapon is more dramatic.

    I could go on and on about the plot holes, but I need to talk about the characters. What characters? They're all cardboard cutout clichés. You've got a husband jealous about his wife's ex lover. You have a teenage boy who misses a girl he left behind. Could this be interesting? Perhaps if it were well written. It's not. It's just boring. I didn't care about these people and would not have been upset if any of them had gotten eaten by a T-Rex.

    Other reviewers found the special effects lacking. I didn't. I thought they were fairly good. However, cool effects aren't enough to make a story interesting. I did actually think it started off promising. I was willing to buy Jim Shannon's improbable escape from prison. It was hokey, but not bad enough that I was unwilling to suspend disbelief. When he was trying to illegally slip through the time portal with his family and was in danger of being caught, I thought the dramatic tension built nicely. At this point, I was hopeful that it would be a good show. It's the only reason I'm not giving it an abysmal review. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there. I had high hopes that this show would be good. It's at least a somewhat intriguing concept. However, there just wasn't enough there to make it worth the time to watch.

  • How sad is this? Such a great idea...so wasted.


    I was really hoping for a great show here. It seemed to have all the potential for one: Mankind gets to start over! On a pristine planet!

    But...the special effects remind me of the original "Star Trek" series, although I haven't seen a big white rubber chicken running around.

    And, after escaping an Earth that was completely ruined by trashing the environment, wars, greed, and hate, the same thing is happenning all over again--starting 85 million years earlier! So that we can wipe out the planet again before the asteroid even has a chance at it?

    Oh, AND jealousy, perceived (if not real) love triangles.

    It seems that "Terra Nova" is just the same "Terra" we have already--with all its problems in miniature.

  • Every American knows American family from everyday experience and everybody else on this planet knows them from tv shows.


    That's why a lot of people do not take kindly to Hysteria Avenue B.C. folks in Terra Nova. It is real Suburbia B.C with their neat middle-class houses,

    teenage rebellions, old romance back stories. I'm just waiting for main character doing "yaba daba doo" sound at the end of hard day in law enforcement

    (and of course he has to have some donuts with prehistoric berries stuffing).

    In my understanding people drawn to S-F genre want something a bit different, a moment of relax and escape from everyday existence. They want a brave new world full filled vivid characters and thrilling events. Why don't give it to them? Is it so hard to make one episode

    in prehistorical setting not being about family crisis, love triangle or 'jungle, mystery and 2 factions' Lost paradigm (a lot of people are not fond of it.... really not fond of it)?

  • Terra Nova is TERRA-ble!


    Terrible acting..

    Who can acre for these characters?? They make me pray for some creature to come along and devour them!

    Terrible effects..

    2nd rate effects..(compounded by the terrible acting and re-acting to the special effects)

    and worst of all....terrible storyline!

    So far, there is no hook at all....no main story to carry us through all the tedious boring other stuff..It's like Gilligans Island without the laughs..we don't want to just see episode toepisode stuff..

    All I can say is what a waste of money! Maybe they squandered it on sets/effects etc and some of the money should have gone to better writing?


  • Yawn


    Yet another expensive, overproduced and half-baked attempt to deliver high-concept sci-fi to the masses. Like the V-make, Flash Forward, The Event, Falling Skies, etc., this show is populated by boring, Wonderbread characters who speak and act in cliches, and make poorly justified choices just to add obstacles and conflicts to a thinly conceived plot. I would happily trade the "movie quality" SFX for writers who care about telling good stories over pandering to demographics. Word of warning: any time you see that many producers attached to a project (13!!!), most of them are there to reassure overly-cautious network execs that not a single interesting idea makes it through the development phase. Even with the high priced effects the action scenes are poorly staged and executed and are totally lacking in tension or excitement. This show is a complete waste.


    Loved this show everyone I know loved it we want it back why is it whne there is a good show they cancell it but the leave all the sucky ones on its not right.
  • This show is good, but it just needs a little bit more back story to make it great.


    Don't get me wrong, I really love the journey, it haspotential, but there is something missing.

    Where is the backstory? Can we learn more about the characters while not trying to figure it out ourselves? It feels disconnected sometimes, a lot of story is missing to make it more interesting.

  • In a nutshell, this is simply a weak show.


    After months of teasers, trailers and speculation Terra Nova was launched with the 'PRODUCED BY SPIELBURG' stamp of approval as if that alone was enough to guarantee that we were in for something really special (much the same as 'Falling Skies')

    Unfortunately all we got was a show with weak unoriginal story lines, boring scenarios and cardboard cutout characters (much the same as Falling Skies)

    I've left my review and judgement for Terra Nova until now, the 9th episode, because I really wanted to give it a chance to grow on me and to deliver what was promised, but so far it hasn't and even my kids have given up on it.

    On top of the predictable episodes with the mandatory deaths of extras and guest stars *yawn* while the regulars battle through and find solutions to bugs, beasts and bad guys before the end credits; we have to also endure the numerous plot holes that the modern tech savvy viewer finds extremely irritating to say the least.

    Things such as:

    a) If it's so bad on Earth in their timeline, why hasn't anyone of importance or political stature come through the portal? Surely those there now would be the last to score a spot.

    b) Why can they only transport groups of people one Pilgramage at a time? Why not continuously?

    c) They've been there 10 years and all they've built is that small complex? How did they build it and where's all the construction equipment?

    d) Where are all the local wildlife? Any anthropologist would tell you that Prehistoric Earth would have a plethora of life.

    e) Why don't they explore? Surely that would be the prime objective?

    f) And my personal favourite, with all the technology they do have, jeeps, armoured cars, a medical centre etc why don't they have any kind of plane or helicopter? Not even unmanned drones.

    There are many other plot holes I'm sure.

    The sad thing is, because Mr S is producing it's sure to get renewed for at least one more season (much the same as Falling Skies). If only he'd been attached to other series such as 4400, Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, or even V??

  • The first three episodes where good to great, then yawn.I could not believe what they showed us last night. If it is any indication of what's to come, they may just lose viewers. I really don't know what else to say. The show started out good, I could


    not wait till the next episode then OMG. They need new writers. The potential that this show has.

    I was sodisappointed in the 4th episode. Do the writers even read any of these reviews to know how disappointed people are?

    I'm giving the show a 5 because the first few show were good but they've gone down hill. I'm waiting to see what they do in the next episode to determine if I continue to watch.

  • A little more originality please!


    The two premiere episodes were moderately entertaining. Episode "Instinct" felt like a merger of "The Birds" and "Pitch Black". And episode "What Remains" seemed oddly familiar as well. Hmm ... where have I seen this before ... deadly contagion in an isolated, medical research facility with monsters trying to eat you. Oh yes, it was like a cross of "The Andromeda Strain" and "Resident Evil".

    If they want to keep my attention, they're going to have to show us some original plots and stop recycling ideas that have been played to death ... and beyond. As of right now, it's just way too predictable to actually be enjoyable.

    Give me some mystery and suspense already!! Hey Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Cassar ... You've got a great canvas ... use it!

  • Wow, Spielberg actually greelit these scripts?


    So far this show has been one of the most unimaginative sci-fi shows on tv so far. I have little interest in these characters, or any emotional involvement. There are some hints of an interesting back story but each individual episode is so unremarkable that I wonder if the writers will ever get around to telling it. So expensive, I can't imagine it will get another season unless the plot really picks up...

  • How did someone think going back in time would solve all of our problems?


    How did someone think going back in time would solve all of our problems?

    If they go back in time, wouldn't they be altering the future? There was a book called "Sounds of Thunder" that dealt with this idea already and made a bad movie about it. To many issues with time travel.

    Not sure yet, but didn't hold my interest as fast as Lost did.

    Plus with Stephen Lang in the lead, I keep looking for blue aliens.

  • It's OK.


    It's an OK show and has some potentially good plots and storylines going. However, the show seems weak and I can't pinpoint the exact reason why. It has potential, but is not quite hitting the mark with me and there seems to be no "wow" factor.

  • Could be good, but some problems.


    As was noted before, lots of cliches and formulaic characters.

    Was wondering about time travel paradoxes (they are unsolvable and give you headaches), thus admired the neat "different time line" explanation - which was promptly thrown into doubt at the last scene. I do hope they'll avoid the paradox scenario. Or at least get this "TV universe" consistent.

    If they're not in a parallel universe, the extinction event which destroyed the dinos will also snuff out the new human civilization. That would make the whole thing pretty pointless.

    Presumably it's the only wormhole to the past available, so to have Americans only is a bit questionable - don't other peoples of the earth get a chance? Maybe from a less violent society?

    Why call the colonisation"pilgrimage"? Is it because of the pilgrims that settled in America, or yet another oh sooo boring American religious thing?

    I assume the colony gets resupplied from the future (otherwise their hi-tech will fail at some point, given they don't seem to have any mechanized industry) but that wasn't mentioned. Oh yes, given the starting point is supposed to be in the far future, shouldn't there be more fancy tech? Sonic guns and holographic medical beds they have, but not enough hot water? Wrist-borne communicators in the future but simple walkies-talkies in the colony?

    The "Sixes" have no other way to negotiate an exchange except by crashing into camp? Seriously? They've got radios, too, don't they?

    Am missing the comic relief, no humorous moments that I can recall (teens mucking about doesn't count).

    Anybody notice the similarity to "Outcasts" - new colony, a group of breakaways, questions about past & future?

    Having said that, the story sped along at a brisk pace and kept me watching.

  • Expensive to make, unlikely to last


    The show maybe got some potential however after a few episodes I consider it a failure. The chunk of money throw into making all the flashy effects cant save it from the mediocre plot. With nothing to develop soon, this season will be the most expensive series/most failure series.

  • The only redeeming qualities of this showare Lang and the set design. When I first heard about this show, and the budget that was spent, I was excited for a big-budget show with a great plot, good actors and a gripping script. Well, it has the budget!


    It's Lost. Let's face it, the show is Lost, both as a reference to the show and its cast. The CG is second-rate, the plot builds nothing for the characters you're supposed to believe and feel for. Excepting Lang and the little girl,I felt like I was watching a badly done Discovery channel Dino Week. Heck, at least during Dino week, the dinosaurs died. You'd think that with machine-gun fire and future weapons one of the things would have bled.

    Just to prove that good shows get canceled after airing fora year, I'm sure FOX will keep this one alive for at least 3 or 4 seasons. It's passable TV, sure, but if you strip away all the problematic elements of this show, you get an EXACT COPY of Lost.

    Before I change my mind and go on a continuous rant about the bad of the show, the good news is that the family interaction is at least decent (bolstered by the relationship between the child and her father). And hey, let's just forget that after two years in prison I don't think that ANY man would be sleeping on the couch with his wife across the room, he actually fits well into the inquisitive Lawful Good archetype. The teenage son was written a bit overemotional and rational (because hey, teenagers are ALL like that, right?), there's a flexibility in his character that will allow for you to not constantly want to pinch his cheeks, give him a lollipop and tell him not to be so angry and sad. In the later episodes, maybe.

    Point I guess I'm driving at - Writing was bad, CG was bad, set design was good, performances by leading roles was pretty good (except the teenager "friends"), the vehicles and weapons were BAD (not so important to me, but makes it a little cheesier when 9mm semi auto makes a whirr sound to make it high tech), location was GOOD (I like Spielberg's decision to move away from Hawaii area andgo toAustralia).

    Mansour (God, she's cute), Lang and O'Mara enough to make me watch it every weekend? Not likely.

  • Great ideas but still needs work

    Let me first just say that if Terra Nova were to get better I wouldn't mind watching it. This show just needs some improvements and they can use the first season as a test. When I saw the previews for Terra Nova I thought it was going to be awesome. I had very high expectations for this show. I was expecting a show with great characters, cool setting and with some great ideas like time travel mixed in. What we got was a cool setting, boring characters and bad writing. The episodes are connected to one big story but some of them feel episodic. For example, a virus that is attacking Terra Nova or a dinosaur attack. These were very boring episodes and wasn't what I was expecting from this show at all.

    If FOX were to bring it back for a second season I would still watch if they were to get better writers, make the characters deeper and more interesting, and have a better story with some sci-fi elements mixed in. When I was watching season one, it felt like they were trying to pan out to a large group of audiences. I thought it was supposed to be sci-fi but it didn't really feel that way. I hope for a second season that would have great improvements on the first season.
  • Sci-Fi Rules......And, give the English a chance!!!

    For some people in the UK, cable TV is not common place. I am fortunate enough that I get to watch programmes, before they are possibly shown on a UK channel, and at least a year after being shown in the USA. I have told friends and family about shows ages before this and when they are shown, they enjoy them just as much as me - what infuriates me is the amount of shows that are shown for one season and axed. Admittedly, some of these shows have been slow to start but they draw you in and it becomes something to look forward too. They are not sitcoms, or soaps, and you only have to produce them once a year. Any series, just like any Film!!....should be given at least three chances to impress. Three Seasons to let the English, as well as the American public, air their opinions.
  • Loved it too late

    I never caught on while it was on TV, but once I decided to stream it off NetFlix I really got into it, and could not wait for the next season. Oh wait. That's not happening. REALLY? The ending of the show really gave it a solid ground to continue. Come on! PLEASE bring it back! Some station has to want it. The ScyFi Channel? If it comes back, I'll watch it.
  • Good show that ended.

    I am sad this show ended. It was interesting and had a bit of everything for the family. This had so much potential, and could have turned out similar to Jurassic Park, which was a awesome movie.

    Now they have aired an even worse tv show called "The River" . Maybe the producers need to stick with movies and see about a ET 2. lols.
  • Keep the science in Sci-fi

    I hope the show continues. It has potential. Especially long term. For example, how does the human colony plan to survive extinction events that we know took place? Perhaps that is millions of years off so not really important to the colony, but it is interesting. Are there any other human colonies attempting to survive the demise of the Earth in the future in other ways? Mars colonies? Interstellar ships? Are other countries all working together? What are the Africans, Europeans & Asians doing? Back this far in time, does Mars have water still? Ok... weird tangents I know. Not what the show is really about now, now it's just survive and grow and don't let the dinosaurs eat you. But my point is that I hope the show does bring in more science and doesn't just become a show about teenage love. Human interest is great, personal stories make a show real, but we don't need a dinosaur version of Twilight. And don't make the same lame mistakes BSG and SGU made and start bringing in Angels and religion or casting the scientists as a-moral social idiots. Sci-fi fans like science. Forget this and your show will flop.
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