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  • Painfull... Far too painfull to watch. After this show quite a few actors & Actress'es are going to have a hard time finding work. Tip: Take it off your résumé


    I've tried real hard to like this show, you have no idea how much alcohol I drank just to try and switch my brain totally off.

    The concept for the show is great, location I can live with even the lack of prehistoric life I can almost allow to slip past.

    I don't even dislike the cast (even though lately they have the look of Please kill me off in this episode so I can get off this show)

    I just don't understand why it doesn't work?

    I've seen better plot development on an episode of Ren & Stimpy!

    To be honest if Mr Spielberg's name wasn't on this project it would have been canned by episode five.

    Is this is what is meant by the dumbing down of Televison? If this is what is considered to be family viewing, i'm sorry but it's time to switch off and pull out a board game.

  • Terrible Nova...


    I was really excited about this show starting, followed all the pre-air production news, was gutted when the start date got pushed back, and ready for it to be my new favorite show when it started...

    ...what a bitter disappointment. A promising first episode, then a rapid descent into mediocrity, starring one of the most uninteresting set of characters and central families I've even seen in a big budget TV series. The show had a failed attempt at trying to recapture the mystery and intrigue of a group of break away antagonists like 'The Others' in Lost (the Sixers) when surely the environment and prehistoric wildlife would have been more than enough to keep the colonists (and audience) occupied/entertained. Invariably the far too infrequent dinosaur scenes felt like they were bolted onto the script after it was already written, rather than being an organic part of the episode storyline.

    I feel really stupid that I got so excited about this show, and deeply embarrassed that I spent so much time and energy telling my friends that it was going to be great. I've given up on watching the show completely now (episode 6 was the last straw) andI can't help but think of Dr Ian Malcolm's line in Jurassic Park...

    'and eventually you have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour right?'

  • How sad is this? Such a great idea...so wasted.


    I was really hoping for a great show here. It seemed to have all the potential for one: Mankind gets to start over! On a pristine planet!

    But...the special effects remind me of the original "Star Trek" series, although I haven't seen a big white rubber chicken running around.

    And, after escaping an Earth that was completely ruined by trashing the environment, wars, greed, and hate, the same thing is happenning all over again--starting 85 million years earlier! So that we can wipe out the planet again before the asteroid even has a chance at it?

    Oh, AND jealousy, perceived (if not real) love triangles.

    It seems that "Terra Nova" is just the same "Terra" we have already--with all its problems in miniature.

  • Very Poor making of a TV show

    It started very good to return to the past and to have a new life back here in earth to do the best to save the earth with fighting against the wild.But It became Typical dumb characters that do dumb things because there needs to happen something to fill the time of the show.
  • Thank God!

    I could not bear watching this show after 3 episodes. Plot and story seems like coming form a 3rd grader. Acting is very bad and characters have no depth. And what's with all that unnecessary love stories which have no sense and purpose. Thanks for canceling this no-sense soap opera.
  • A little bit of everything ...


    This show is, without question, a well planned concept. It has a bit of everything. Futuristic technology, new frontier, a bit of western, politics and so on.
    Although it is nothing like it, for some unknown reason is this reminds me of "Firefly". I think it is the concept of "old west meets future technology".

    On the other hand, I worry the novelty of this show might go away soon. If the past is any indication, we will have a very good first season, and then it will go downhill from there, pretty fast.

    About the actors, we have a big mix, ranging from very good (Shelley Conn), with several good/average actors, some that I really rather wouldn't be on the show (well, 1 specifically, but either you already know who it is, or you don't agree), and some very promising new faces ( Alana Mansour and Allison Miller).

  • How did someone think going back in time would solve all of our problems?


    How did someone think going back in time would solve all of our problems?

    If they go back in time, wouldn't they be altering the future? There was a book called "Sounds of Thunder" that dealt with this idea already and made a bad movie about it. To many issues with time travel.

    Not sure yet, but didn't hold my interest as fast as Lost did.

    Plus with Stephen Lang in the lead, I keep looking for blue aliens.

  • It sounds like an exciting show, and it is, but it's full of flaws.


    It sounds like an exciting show, and it is, but it's full of flaws. For example if your starting a new civilization, would you really put one man in charge? A military man? Isn't that history reapting itself? Hitler to mention one.

    And I find it hard to believe that the world would even end up like it is in the show. We've already started being more environmental and it's already getting better.

    However the 'child law' seems more plausible, overpopulation will probably be the demise of human kind.

  • Huge potential but with problems. Avatar meets Vampire Diaries


    Going back in time means you must swallow allot to even be able to like this show. But this is about dinosaurs so who cares that they have cars that run around in the dino jungle with tires that can go flat or the fact that "birds" can kill of three soldiers but not a single civilian.

    I like the quality of the dinosaurs. It's not Avatar but then again it's a TV show. The storyline is not yet set and so far it's week but then again I don't care that much. I just want to see more of the earth back in the days. Where is my T-REX?

    Main problem is the vampire diaries love story. Kid's that's barley legal to even kiss, fall in love and make a huge impact of the story and most important the minutes they take up of my life. I DONT want to watch kids falling in love or sad because some girlfriend they could not keep or even a gallous dad. I want to see dinosaurs hunting the afraid hominids

  • How to screw up an already stupid idea.


    When I first read about this series I thought it was a really really stupid plot. But, well, there would be dinosaurs! How bad can that be?

    Bad, really, really, incredibly bad. The plot is a total cliche, the characters are shallow and cliched, the "bad" guys are cliched, the effects are terrible, the dialogs are TERRIBLE (damn it, it's hard to believe that professionals wrote that). I guess there is nothing really good about it. I gave it a 2.5 just because... well, there are dinosaurs.

    There is so much exposition, so much talking and explaining, I mean, I felt like someone who needed to be taught something.

    Really, don't waste your time with this piece of s^%$. It's not worth it. Just go watch Fringe or something more inteligent.

  • It's OK.


    It's an OK show and has some potentially good plots and storylines going. However, the show seems weak and I can't pinpoint the exact reason why. It has potential, but is not quite hitting the mark with me and there seems to be no "wow" factor.

  • Meh! Meh!

    Although the characters are a bit annoying I stay for the storyline. Dinosaurs are interesting but cgi is a bit sloppy. I guess that's what you get when you dream big on a small screen. :/ Jurassic Park memories.
  • So i guess we back into theJurassicpark era... but does it mean the people is gonna die when the meteorite hits earth?? or is bruce willis n affleck gonna come and save them?


    alright keeping it short.. i guess this is the response after LOST ending but they shouldve put this put right away to keep that audience.. not a year later. even thou i didnt watched LOST i feel that way... but well this show meets my needs for a fun scifi thing to watch since my last hope, falling skies, was a total boredom i just dont get it... if falling skies hadSpielberg working with them how it was such a boring show.. and u see him here among other and look what they put up .

    now the plot its alright i really didnt expected to much but some scifi action really... im gonna go on a limb and think that its gonna look like some jurassic park / rangers/ avatar but hey.. like i said there isnt nothing like that going on.. so lets see what comes up

  • Walk the Dinosaur!


    It was a night like this forty million years ago, Jim lit a cigarrete, picked up his daughter Zoe to go, the gun men spitting fire, the portal blue as ice, his wife screamed, his children cried and so begins the show.

    Terra Nova is a solid Sci fi/adventure show that excells at using the same canon established for single people in the married couple formed by Jim and Elizabeth so, instead of the cliche "boy mets girl in high tech enviroment", the audience gets to see two functional professionals that just so happen to be a couple.

    However their marriage is not a perfect one, Jim is a goofy and somewhat relatable father for middle child Maddy (both oddly aware they are with someone way over their league), meanwhile Elizabeth relies on her eldest son Josh - who doesn't quite get his role now that his father got out of jail - and Zoe, the kid who shouldn't have been born. Its a entertaining family hour that deals with some of the most effective dinosaurs ever seen in prime time.

  • A little more originality please!


    The two premiere episodes were moderately entertaining. Episode "Instinct" felt like a merger of "The Birds" and "Pitch Black". And episode "What Remains" seemed oddly familiar as well. Hmm ... where have I seen this before ... deadly contagion in an isolated, medical research facility with monsters trying to eat you. Oh yes, it was like a cross of "The Andromeda Strain" and "Resident Evil".

    If they want to keep my attention, they're going to have to show us some original plots and stop recycling ideas that have been played to death ... and beyond. As of right now, it's just way too predictable to actually be enjoyable.

    Give me some mystery and suspense already!! Hey Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Cassar ... You've got a great canvas ... use it!

  • The only redeeming qualities of this showare Lang and the set design. When I first heard about this show, and the budget that was spent, I was excited for a big-budget show with a great plot, good actors and a gripping script. Well, it has the budget!


    It's Lost. Let's face it, the show is Lost, both as a reference to the show and its cast. The CG is second-rate, the plot builds nothing for the characters you're supposed to believe and feel for. Excepting Lang and the little girl,I felt like I was watching a badly done Discovery channel Dino Week. Heck, at least during Dino week, the dinosaurs died. You'd think that with machine-gun fire and future weapons one of the things would have bled.

    Just to prove that good shows get canceled after airing fora year, I'm sure FOX will keep this one alive for at least 3 or 4 seasons. It's passable TV, sure, but if you strip away all the problematic elements of this show, you get an EXACT COPY of Lost.

    Before I change my mind and go on a continuous rant about the bad of the show, the good news is that the family interaction is at least decent (bolstered by the relationship between the child and her father). And hey, let's just forget that after two years in prison I don't think that ANY man would be sleeping on the couch with his wife across the room, he actually fits well into the inquisitive Lawful Good archetype. The teenage son was written a bit overemotional and rational (because hey, teenagers are ALL like that, right?), there's a flexibility in his character that will allow for you to not constantly want to pinch his cheeks, give him a lollipop and tell him not to be so angry and sad. In the later episodes, maybe.

    Point I guess I'm driving at - Writing was bad, CG was bad, set design was good, performances by leading roles was pretty good (except the teenager "friends"), the vehicles and weapons were BAD (not so important to me, but makes it a little cheesier when 9mm semi auto makes a whirr sound to make it high tech), location was GOOD (I like Spielberg's decision to move away from Hawaii area andgo toAustralia).

    Mansour (God, she's cute), Lang and O'Mara enough to make me watch it every weekend? Not likely.

  • need to see more dinosaurs but still a good show..


    the show is good can be great but seriously weres the dinosaurs the 1st episodes were fun action packed you seen dinosaurs the last episode''the runaway''we were lucky to see 10seconds of em we watch this show coz we want to see dinosaurs so put em on plz

  • First of all, I thought the show was great. From the beggining to the get-go everything was mysterious and insteresting. The futureistic earthis true. What really amazed me was the time travel. Go back in time and live on pre-historic earth. The visu


    The visuals were really good. The graphics on the dinos were spectacular. I all around love this show, and appreciate the hard work and money fox has put into this series. I hope it can keep progessing itself into some type of masterpiece. People who dont like this show, don't like Sci-Fi, thats all I got to say. There has only been a few"big hits",Sci-Fi shows and I think this will be one of the greatest

  • in disbelief at the so so reviews


    Wow, in disbelief at the so so reviews here... my whole family LOVES this show... great casting, hard to get better than Stephen Lang... love the multiple (well written) story lines and great fx... did I mention DINOSAURS, really really well done dinosaurs

    ... so it has something for everyone without being kiddie cutsy or uber X

  • In a nutshell, this is simply a weak show.


    After months of teasers, trailers and speculation Terra Nova was launched with the 'PRODUCED BY SPIELBURG' stamp of approval as if that alone was enough to guarantee that we were in for something really special (much the same as 'Falling Skies')

    Unfortunately all we got was a show with weak unoriginal story lines, boring scenarios and cardboard cutout characters (much the same as Falling Skies)

    I've left my review and judgement for Terra Nova until now, the 9th episode, because I really wanted to give it a chance to grow on me and to deliver what was promised, but so far it hasn't and even my kids have given up on it.

    On top of the predictable episodes with the mandatory deaths of extras and guest stars *yawn* while the regulars battle through and find solutions to bugs, beasts and bad guys before the end credits; we have to also endure the numerous plot holes that the modern tech savvy viewer finds extremely irritating to say the least.

    Things such as:

    a) If it's so bad on Earth in their timeline, why hasn't anyone of importance or political stature come through the portal? Surely those there now would be the last to score a spot.

    b) Why can they only transport groups of people one Pilgramage at a time? Why not continuously?

    c) They've been there 10 years and all they've built is that small complex? How did they build it and where's all the construction equipment?

    d) Where are all the local wildlife? Any anthropologist would tell you that Prehistoric Earth would have a plethora of life.

    e) Why don't they explore? Surely that would be the prime objective?

    f) And my personal favourite, with all the technology they do have, jeeps, armoured cars, a medical centre etc why don't they have any kind of plane or helicopter? Not even unmanned drones.

    There are many other plot holes I'm sure.

    The sad thing is, because Mr S is producing it's sure to get renewed for at least one more season (much the same as Falling Skies). If only he'd been attached to other series such as 4400, Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, or even V??

  • The first three episodes where good to great, then yawn.I could not believe what they showed us last night. If it is any indication of what's to come, they may just lose viewers. I really don't know what else to say. The show started out good, I could


    not wait till the next episode then OMG. They need new writers. The potential that this show has.

    I was sodisappointed in the 4th episode. Do the writers even read any of these reviews to know how disappointed people are?

    I'm giving the show a 5 because the first few show were good but they've gone down hill. I'm waiting to see what they do in the next episode to determine if I continue to watch.

  • Expensive to make, unlikely to last


    The show maybe got some potential however after a few episodes I consider it a failure. The chunk of money throw into making all the flashy effects cant save it from the mediocre plot. With nothing to develop soon, this season will be the most expensive series/most failure series.

  • the main purpose for a pilot is to establish the plot and to get people watch the next episode. Thepilot of terra nova did just that,i will say that i will be back for the next episode. The only flaw was that theythroughalot of infomation at us.


    the main purpose for a pilot is to establish the plot and to get people watch the next episode. Thepilot of terra nova did just that,i will say that i will be back for the next episode. The only flaw was that theythroughalot of infomation at us.

  • This was the new show I was most looking forward to. I had high expectations going in and I did enjoy the premiere but it was far from perfect.


    The money was well spent not only on the past's scenery but also the future's. It was bleak & depressing & totally understandable why someone would leave everything behind to go to a fresh, healthy new beginning. The scenery in the past was just beautiful. And the CG dinosaurs were awesome. I liked the actors & thought the character buildup was well done. I liked that there is a splinter group with their own agenda for some added conflict & action. I thought it was action packed with never a dull moment.

    On the negative side, a lot of the actions of the characters & some of the dialouge was stupid. The teenage boy leaving the safety of the compound with virtual strangers on his 1st day was a bit crazy. And no surprise they run into trouble! The leader of the group going from prove yourself to me to the Dad to be my best friend, colleague & confidant all in one day was a bit much too. Then allowing both the Dad & doc Mom to go out to search for their son was another stupid move. She was brought there because she was needed to help the whole settlement not just her family. And what would happen to their children if they both got killed out there? Not a very responsible move! The girl running out of the protected vehicle, being attacked but not killed by the dinosaurs was not believable. She would of, should of been eaten!! I'm glad she wasn't but still not realistic!

    A bit confusing was the whole time line thing. Was it a straight line or fractured? Would the past affect the future? Why keep sending people through if they weren't sure where or what was on the other side? We need more clarity on that point! What was the point of the rock drawings/math & why were they the key to Terra Nova. I guess that's were the Lost analogies come from. A show with questions we all want the answers to. I will continue watching & hope to get some.

  • Which Episode?

    Does anyone remember seeing a new baby being presented and a fireworks show in any of the episodes that have been aired?
  • Wow!!!


    Terra Nova is hands down the best network television sci-fi series I've seen in a long, long time! It has the look and feel of a five star major motion picture...great special effects, action that doesn't quit, superbly written and performed by a great cast, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. The production staff has really set the bar high for itself with the two hour premier, and I've got my fingers (and toes) crossed that they can keep up the pace that they've set for themselves in the coming episodes, because the only directionthis showcan go is down if the production staff starts getting lazy or sloppy in keeping up with the standardsthey have set for themselves. In the meantime, it's been a while since I've had this much fun watching a network T.V. show. Outstanding start for Terra Nova! Great show!

  • I tuned into this new program with a bit of anticipation that it would be a new bit of sci fi (since the usa no longer has any space based sci fi programs), and I was rather disappointed asthe show was nothing less than Jurassic Park meets Land of Lost!


    I tuned into this new program with a bit of anticipation that it would be a new bit of sci fi (since the usa no longer has any space based sci fi programs), and I was rather disappointed asthe show was nothing less than jurassic park meets land of the lost with a plot from outcasts? just missing a few sleestack!
    Seems Marshall, Will, and Holly have a lot more company going back in time (or is it actually another planet) but nice pecs, abs, and sexy blue eyes on the Irish man, guess he is the Will version/character, since all hollywood is doing is rehashing same old stories over and over and over and over.
    I am still waiting to see how spielberg is going to get every one to survive the KT global extinction level event that killed 99% of all terran life 65.4 million years ago???

    btw. $20mil on the opening 2 episodes showing the earth in the 22nd century but the American CGI people still have not got a clue that you cant run commuter or intercity trains - bi-directionally. That is trains going in opposite directions on the same track. I think the best way to describe it would be to have a 20 lane freeway that is a single track road! Car's nor trains can pass through each other - they need their own lane on a road or tracks! At least one set of tracks per direction of travel and with a lot of people in the world the train lines should have at least 10 train lines in each direction with a train running every 60 to 90 seconds. Oh and the trains they CGI's in would only hold no more than 200 people. With a large human population they should be double decker and 400metres or 800metres long (carrying 2500 to 5000 passengers per train!)

    The worst aspect/highlight/scenerio of this program/show is the entire scientific intelligensia of the world has turned over and allow the g.i. joe military run the rebuilding/nation building/or is it entire human race of the future or should I say the past be run by jar heads. When in history has any country, any government, any culture actually benefited from being run by a military dictatorship/junta? NEVER. Is this the way of sci fi usa style in the 21st century, teach the next generation that going in gung ho and let the g.i. joe's rebuild a country and the country will be a success? (vietnam, iraq, afghastan, etc ... all failures) A highly selected group of scientists and technicians - do not need a nycpd cop to run around and shoot the bad guys- bang bang - well it does if the show is written by spielberg.

    And in a recent episode I watched, the kid gave everyone a cold, by 2149 the cold should be vaccinated against in all humans and taking a virus back 85 million years before it existed would be like Pizarro who took small pox to the western hemisphere in c.1518-24 that wiped out 95% of all indigeneous peoples. Well it did make it a hell of a lot easier when the european colonist started to arrive in 1604, the land was virtually empty, North America went from a per colombian population of 150 to 200 million to a population of 5 to 8 million.. so if not for small pox there would be not colonial expansion. But hey they paid the europeans back with syphillus as henry the 8th suffered and was unable to have children that survived due to it....

  • Terra Nova takes us on an adventure into the prehistoric past. Escaping the pollution and tyranny of a world that can no longer support its population we follow one family as they venture into the great and primitive unknown.


    * mild general spoilers ahead *

    In summary - this was below average, however i feel it has mass appeal.

    This show has so much potential which seems abandoned by the end of the second episode.

    Seeing the devastated and desperate world of the not too distant future i was instantly captivated by the imagery. Until the cut-in to the Lead in a drab hallway which dramatically lessened the scope.

    The first episode suffered from the leaps in the plot that the viewer is meant to guess - particularly involving both escapes by the Male Lead (sorry i've had a long day at work!)

    The old 'nail file in the cup-cake' was ... well, not good. In fact, although dramatic, it was all very pointless. Seriously, is the Law from a dead society really going to chase him into the Past where the "2 baby" rule certainly does Not apply?

    Once at Terra Nova we arrive at Pandora for all intents and purposes. Instead of giant natives, we have nasty dinosaurs.

    The Sixers' seems like a good idea, until the leader shows up and i just cant buy the scene. She is, well, way too pretty and uncharasmatic to be a convincing protagonist.

    I was suddenly reminded of a great show, Dinotopia, and the similarities to Le Sage, played by Lisa Zane. Is this Dinotopia with guns, i thought? From this point i couldn't stop making comparisons between the two shows. The Le Sage character was brilliant and interesting. Sadly i cant say the same for the Sixers' leader.

    Dinotopia, sorry, Terra Nova, isn't all that bad. After all there's those cool gold markings at the waterfall. Are they alien? Is there another advanced culture nearby? Or an extinct one?... Oh, that's right, they are an FU to the Terra Nova colonists and the "key to everything".

    No, but seriously it did have some cool moments. The teenagers trapped in the truck was very cool. Also, very Dinotopia - replace truck with a barn and the guns with Sun Stones).

    And i even laughed when Zoe (she's cute so i remember her) fed the dinosaur. Her scenes are memorable.

    The final scene where the other daughter displays her mathematical prowess was a little too convenient and predictable (she's going to understand the waterfall writing).

    Overall - great family appeal with very little that parents need to worry about - with that said, i'm not sure if core scifi fans will embrace this as it is a little too dumbed down.

  • Terra Nova

    Future catastrophic. The Earth's days are numbered and the future of humanity passes by abandoning the sick planet in search of a fresh start. Be another planet or the Earth 85 million years ago - no one ever imagined that paradise quickly reveals its true nature and inhospitable cruelty - any avid science fiction fan recognizes the premise of "Terra Nova" features a lot of other fiction written within the genus.

    There is nothing new, it is not disputed this fact and the first [about] hour and a half of the series. The human being is on the brink of defeat by any condition (as always). The human being is an alternative and sees a new beginning where you can avoid all the mistakes he made in the past and led to the catastrophe (of course, but as always only during the first five minutes of your new life, these moments quickly corrupted by greed and avarice that both it is natural). The human being is a survivor by nature, just need something that will test your physical and mental capacity (either an infection that turns people into walking corpses, a voracious alien invasion that we want to eat or sodomize, original inhabitants of the new planet that there were not very pleased to have been invaded or just dinosaurs that count as the dominant force on the planet ... moves the antagonist but the disc always turns the same side). There are many series, there are many movies, the books are many, many more are the other existing platforms to tell a story where you can easily recognize the premise of "Terra Nova". That I think no one doubts. Now, even before the repetition of ideas and concepts, "Terra Nova" is not the worst series of the kind that appeared coming from the U.S. television recently. It is not. But we already there.

    The story: We have had it. The Earth is dying. Blah, blah, blah. Let's return to the past by a time slot that we discovered. Blah, blah, blah. To avoid paradoxes we say that this is an alternative timeline and will not influence the present. Blah, blah, blah. There is a group of renegades who want to take over Newfoundland. Blah, blah, blah. Flee, there are hungry dinosaurs. Blah, blah, blah.

    Mythology: In addition to hungry dinosaurs and human renegades who want to take possession of Newfoundland, the series also introduces some elements of mystery, surely develop in future episodes. Since then, the enigmatic cave drawings, which supposedly have been placed there long ago (I bet that by the end of it all, yet we find that the author is Baltar or Six) and will be key to unlocking something great . Then, and apparently relates to the drawings, we have to compose the scene the disappearance of the son of Captain Nathaniel Taylor (Stephen Lang). From all that I had this driver, which really captivated me was clearly the mystery surrounding these symbols marked in stone. Not the renegades. No dinosaurs. Much less the family drama. And yes this mystery.

    CGI: The CGI is an integral part of this series. It was he who (reportedly) the debut of the series was postponed twice and that he would (presumably) make a difference, to revolutionize the use of special effects made for television. But he did not. Apart from the dinosaurs, which could even be worse than they were, truth be told, the funds, the landscapes (especially the city in the first half of the episode where they are as bad as in most other series of U.S. television ) are noticeable in such a way that ultimately distracting, something that, of course, is terrible for those who want to go with the story. For this time of preparation, production planning and hoping for something better.

    The family drama: In addition to the mystery and adventure, "Terra Nova" promises even some drama. We have parents. We have children. We have parents and children, so expect some attempts to draw a tear here and there. The problem is that I do not see enough strength to get these characters engage in dramatic ways. Although not so shallow or flat like those of other series that have ventured into the genre, are not deep or multidimensional enough to get the series to give the much needed emotion. At least for now. We will see in the coming episodes they can not grow or will mere empty containers.

    The scene: That must be the girl of five years lighter than ever, to be loaded on the back with a tremendous ease! And that's okay for the father not so much because it is a relatively strong man, but his mother, who is so frail, he took the bag as if it had almost nothing in there ...

    The best: Being the beginning and therefore a first step, leaving only know in which direction it will be given.

    Worst: Having potential but for now, seem like just another "FlashForward" or "The Event"
  • Low ratings so far, but has great potential!


    Terra Nova is one of the best shows on TV in my opinion. Sure some may say the low ratings and even the premise of the show make it non-renewable, but considering the show is still in its infancy and still setting its plot up for the finale (hopefully the season's), I'd say it's ok. Yes, the show isn't great, but after only 4 episodes it can't really be said the show is awful or bad. It basically has everything a family show could have. A huge dose of drama, a sprinkle of romance, all served up with a side of sci-fi and a dash of mystery. And considering the sci-fi part is about time travel and dinosaurs, I'd say the show is headed for a great season finale. Sure I guess along the way there will be episodes that will be less than good or darn right awful, but hey, even the best shows on TV have episodes like that. But seeing as how this show is really mostly about the struggle of the Shannon family and their ability to cope with the fact that they had to leave a dying world behind (and the fact the eldest had to leave his girlfriend behind) only to set foot into a savage, prehistoric and pre Ice Age world that will most likely lead to their untimely demise, it's pretty much given the show has a lot of potential. My advice is to watch the show, it will definitely surprise you.

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