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  • I loved it!!

    It was a very good TV show. The blistering idiot that cancelled it should be fired! Please bring it back. It's not to late to pick up where it left off!!
  • Great show, wish they'd kept it!

    This was a really good show with fun characters and storylines, and good actors. The youngest daughter and the singing bits could have been tossed. But the rest was good! A pre-historic environment with dinosaurs in a show that had an actual storyline and lots of character development to keep it interesting. So much better than a lot of garbage that for some reason, is still on tv!!

    Some other good series: Firefly, Star-Crossed, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Moonlight, Dracula (2013) tv series, Kindred - The Embraced, Marvel's Daredevil, Switched at Birth & the new Colony tv series. Fun to watch with good acting!!

    Wish they had kept this show going!
  • it so good bring it back

    Please bring it back really enjoyed it
  • Bring it back !

    This was a cool show. I would like to see u bring it back !

  • Want More Terra Nova

    I absolutely loved the show and couldn't' get enough! Would love to see it come back!!! Fresh cast, good writing and great effects.
  • It had more depth than most sci fi shows

    Best show ever.

    It was different than the usual "heroes blasting everything in sight" story.

    This series had and still has a lot of potential but thanks to FOX misshandling and the "We hate Terra Nova for no good reason" people out there.

    Bring back Terra Nova EVEN if you have to pay the actors more and fire some board members of FOX better yet fire the entire board.

    I've lost count on how many times I've seen the series and it is still my all time favourite NO other show was ever this good.
  • Bring Back terra Nova

    Plzzz this show is the best and i heard rumors of why it was cancled cause it was scientificly not correct tell them to shut up and let u make money lol can u bring back terra nova
  • Terra Nova

    Just started to watch this on netflix.. A shame it is only 1 season... I was really enjoying it. Now I feel deprived.. :(
  • Done Before it's time

    this show had it and adventure, a little romance and comedy and DINOSAURS!!! How could it not be renewed? A real shame.
  • Thank God!

    I could not bear watching this show after 3 episodes. Plot and story seems like coming form a 3rd grader. Acting is very bad and characters have no depth. And what's with all that unnecessary love stories which have no sense and purpose. Thanks for canceling this no-sense soap opera.
  • All the good shows get cancelled

    I just discovered Terra Nova and have been really enjoying it. As others have said, it does seem like the TV executives love to kill the most interesting shows. I sure hope that some other smarter outlet picks up Terra Nova. Netflix, why don't you pick it up? You seem to have a knack for winners lately.

    It was an amazing show! I really got into it! I have only ever seen it on netflix but it was amazing! They need to keep going with it! Please keep going with it!!
  • Good show

    Everytime I like a good show like terra nova they get cancelled. But they keep all the gay and female shows?? Come on. I cancelled my cable because there is nothing on worth watching, and if they are, I just watch it online or download it. No need for cable anymore. Save me a little money and time from the crap they put on tv anymore.
  • To bad

    Yet another great show cancelled.
  • its really good

    i have learned my lesson. any show that are shown on FOX NBC ABC and others I DO NOT WATCH BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS GET CANCELLED WHICH PISS'S ME RIGHT OFF SOO I GIVE UP if its not from the uk then i wnt watch it SIMPLE
  • Its a great show.

    Terra Nova has a great storyline and has potential. The Actors/ Actresses do a great job in their part to make the emotions, feelings, and action come to one, and as playing the characters very well. I flip through shows that don't catch my attention. Terra Nova kept me hooked the first season. Many shows don't have as good as story line as Terra Nova has. If Fox Studios 're continues this show all the fans will definitely take their time to watch it and so will I. Just give Terra Nova a chance and I'm sure more viewers will come into play to make the show more popular. There isn't any other show I would want to continue watching, directors and film makers should rethink and make Terra Nova one of the top shows on Fox.
  • Bring it back

    I recently watched season 1 and absolutely loved it! The acting was great, the plot was great. Finally there is a dinosaur series and it gets cancelled. Honestly I hate it when it gets cancelled after one season. Not even giving it a chance. I hope they decide to make another season. I'm hooked and so sad that there was only one season of it. I want more!
  • Best show ever!

    Terra Nova was a really nice show and Ive bought the DVD quickly. Great nature scenes and exited actions.

    I am so sad, that there is only one season, because I think, that Terra Nova was the best series ever!!! :) You can see it, that the production of this string was very expensive. I can recommend Terra Nova to everybody, because all of the parts in Terra Nova are exited.

    Please watch!!!! ;D
  • Come back!

    Terra Nova was a brilliant pilot show and it is such a shame that it has not returned for another series. The acting was great as well as the plot/storylines in the first aired season. This was something slightly different to the many crime dramas that dominate the tv at the moment so was great to see something different for a change. Hope they manage to carry this on at some point.
  • I will always miss you!

    Terra Nova was an amazing show and I am still upset that it was never picked up for a second season. The plot was great, the acting was great, and I could go on and on about it for hours. However no one wants to read that so I'll just mention what I miss most about this show: everyone could watch it. There are hardly any shows that are good that I would be willing to watch with my parents and younger brothers at the same time or at all; Terra Nova my whole family would watch. It was an entertaining and thoughtful show that would not bore me, but it also did not have pointless make out scenes and cursing that would make it awkward to watch with others. Terra Nova was a gem of a show that should have been renewed without a second thought.

    (Edit: Rating is a ten (because I can't rate higher) but is being glitchy)
  • Keep going!

    This tv show was amazing!! Please do another season. It was so fun to watch and appropriate too. I think my generation needs and wants shows like this because it was a drama that was funny and had relationships that didn't bombard you with foul images and stupid ideals like sex is something everyone should do. Thank you so much for doing the first season because it gave me hope that there is something such as an amazing tv show that isn't fully corrupted. Again, thank you and please keep improving peoples lives with your talents.
  • Please welcome the show back

    This show is really great for families to watch, please have it back soon. Time travel, dinosaurs, action and romance, medicine. What more can there be.
  • Fantastic!!

    I saw and I loved it!! Can't understand why stopped...
  • Fox kills another sci fi show :(

    Come on! A dsytopic future, time travel, and dinosaurs! This is an original idea that didn't have a chance to grow. I was hooked from episode 1 and although some of the following episodes weren't great, they were all still pretty good. Damn Fox for not even giving it a chance. You'd think they would've learned with "Firefly", which I'm still pretty upset about.


  • want more

    I want to see more
  • Loved it i wanted to buy it after watching it on net flix

    Loved it i wanted to buy it after watching it on net flix I wish it would continue I want to see what their going to do it was so interesting knowing that there was more people other then them..
  • Please Dont stop it soon as possible

    This show was pretty cool
  • Bring show back!

    This show was pretty cool and a good change from the crappy reality shows invading tv today. Would love to see this show return!

    this was such a nice season.... not this year then after couple of years please start it again.