Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 5

The Runaway

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • Hi-- James Cameron called! He wants his script for Aliensback!


    "The Runaway" probably is one of the stronger episodes of Terra Nova, about a little girl who escapes from the Sixers and is discovered by the colony. However, as she's cared for, "things aren't what they seem" and no one is really sure if she's a legitimate escapee or an agent of the Sixers.

    Unfortunately, the episode made the same mistake as "Instinct"in that it lifted scenes and characters from another movie. Instinct ripped off The Birds; The Runaway ripped off Aliens. In fact, the scene where the orphan girlwreaks havoc in the infirmary and hides under a table is straight out of Aliens when Newt is discovered hiding in a vent and is coaxed out by Ripley. The little girl is even made to look exactly like Newt from the film, scraggly hair and all. Sigh...

    When the episode is over, we learn a little bit of the "mystery" surrounding Terra Nova-- that Taylor is suspicious and maybe the Sixers are "okay." But this doesn't reveal anything that we didn't suspect already and what little advancement there was to the overall "great mystery" underpinning the series was so infinitesimal as to not sustain interest in the next few episodes.

    Dialogue once again was abysmal. The orphan girl's chatter couldn't have been more simplistic, most of it a variation of "I like ____" or "I don't like _____." Reynolds actually says, "I'm courting your daughter." Courting? What is this? The Antebellum South? I could've sworn that I heard Elisabeth in a previous episode refer to him as a "Gentleman Caller." Well, ah do declare; I do believe that Margaret Mitchell is a-writing these scripts! Either that, or people from 2149 speak like characters from a Tennessee Williams play. Yeah, okay!

    In any event, The Runaway as I said was a bit better than previous episodes, but honestly, James Cameron should be credited, since he was the one that created the character that the orphan girl is based on.