Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2011 on FOX
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Taylor looks for the Sixer mole that Mira sent into Terra Nova. Jim looks into an old murder, for which it looks like Taylor might be guilty.

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  • Season 1, Episode 9

    Over the coming weeks and the course of the series, though doomed to see a Franciscan poverty almost always had hope that one day "Terra Nova" show that really was worth the sacrifice that was almost see the waste of a good premise episode after episode. And behold, arrived in the ninth episode of the season, the series finally reveals some of the potential that has fallen asleep.

    "Vs" was a fabulous episode? No, far from it. But it was an improvement over the other? Without a doubt. You can not enter into the history of television, but may well go down in history of the series, possibly either by marking a turn (which I doubt, but there is no harm in having hope) or at the very least, because it is the first sample that this series can be more than what is shown during the initial episodes that mark this first (and possibly last) season.

    As the episode title indicates, "Vs" confronts the two most dominant forces in the series: the protagonist of the story, Jim Shannon (Jason O'Mara), versus the character who has more power in history, Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang). The strengthening of the relationship between them during the first eight episodes of the series was one of the highlights in the characterization of both characters and this is truly put to the test the first time.

    Taylor has always been a somewhat ambiguous character of this series. Although until now has proved largely as a "hero," one of the "good guys" always had a percentage of mystery to surround it left a feeling that there could be a villain out there (or at least a anti-hero) concealed. And this episode proves that there really was any truth in this sentiment.

    With facet of Police Jim to come to the fore again, and after Boylan (Damien Garvey) to reveal inadvertently that Taylor is hiding something from his past and the answer is buried next to the "Pilgrim's Tree", one of iconic places of Newfoundland, there is the starting point for some important revelations to the core of the story that the series has been proposed in this first season, and ranging from how Taylor became and remains an undisputed leader until such time as they took the break point in his relationship with his son (who now reveals himself as his great opponent).

    But should we believe everything that Taylor told us? I do not know. What was clear to me is that there was there was an attempt (successful) to convince Jim to join / remain in the fight for the cause of Taylor. Initially, I thought Taylor's plan, after being threatened by the investigation of Jim, had the intention of trying to silence, but since he decided to release without major commitments in the end, it all seemed an effective form of political propaganda, an effective way to keep Jim at his side. At least for now.

    But was it really what happened or am I reading between the lines more than what's there? I do not know. But what I know is that even when the story finally manages to arouse some interest in it means you are doing exactly that which is its function. And this episode, amaze the most skeptical of skeptics, could do this. Finally I can say that 40 minutes of "Terra Nova" was not a total waste of time spent watching television.

    That said, it should be noted that, as this episode demonstrates, the series does not need to prove appealing dinosaurs, just able to create scenarios and work minimally interesting characters by giving them more depth. That's it.moreless
  • Every Creation Story Needs a Devil! *spoilers everywhere*

    And now we have one or the whole conspiracy.

    It's appeared that Terra Nova wasn't about fresh start. But was all about source appendage. Haven't they flown to the Mars in2149 yet?

    This episode was about the conspiracy and Terra Nova creation myths. Because there were Harvest festival - Taylor's first pilgrimage celebration. Oh, Thanksgiving came to Terra Nova. And where are native terranovians?

    Jim investigates an old murder of which Taylor might be guilty. And he is. But it appears that it was just a self-defense. And this is connected with Taylors's son exile.

    One question. What was the ambush all about? Just to remember that there is a spy out there. Taylor:"How I could forget. Why didn't anyone remind me about this son of the bitch?" No purpose about his action anymore.

    It is appeared that Sixers are able to train dragonflies. But there were no dinosaurs in the episode. Bad move for the series that was all about that!

    In general episode was interesting.

  • Good writing, StarkRG

    Well, I was not totally with StarkRG. However, he/she made his/her points and the review was really funny and intelligent. Highly recommended you guys watched the show and then back to his/her comment. The fun you got from that review would be much bigger than the show itself.

    By the way, Terra Nova was getting much better, at least we got the dinosaurs' sight in the near few episodes. (Ok, no dinos in this epsiode but at least a firefly!)moreless
  • Vs.

    Vs. was a great episode of Terra Nova and I really enjoyed watching this episode because Taylor interrogates Boylan and Jim learns more about the true history of what happened before in Taylor's past along with the fight for Terra Nova. I was entertained by the character building and plot development. It was about time for more answers and there were quite a few. I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!moreless
  • Wow, I think this one was written by a 5th grader and directed by his younger brother. Flat characters, plotholes you could fly an A380 through. While it's possible that the poor writing was done on purpose I think it could have been done better.moreless

    Where to start... the climax is completely unbelievable, but maybe that's the point. Maybe he's just a terrible lier and we're not supposed to believe his story, in which case why does Jim?

    This tuning fork is subsonic and vibrates at 32.8Hz. In order to vibrate less than 33 times a second that tuning fork would have to be much bigger. Why did they need to use a dragonfly to determine the source of the sound? Wouldn't a directional microphone hooked up to an oscilloscopebe a significantly better way? Not to mention that if I wanted to produce a sound at a specific frequency I'd use a computer instead of producing number of tuning forks until I found the frequency.Despite the obvious scientific flaws (does this show not have a science consultant?) it's possible that what I see as bad writing is just incredibly bad directing. The writer Jose Molina is noamateur, in fact he wrote two of my favourite Firefly episodes. However director Bryan Spicer is no greenhorn either, though in his case none of his previous credits jump out at me as particularly noteworthy.I'll continue to watch for the time being, but if the next two or so episodes aren't significantly better than this one I don't think I'll be coming back for more.moreless
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