Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 4

What Remains

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Terra Nova has lost contact with one of its research stations. Taylor recruits Elisabeth to help investigate, even if Malcolm should have been a better choice. When the team arrives at the station, they discover the scientists all in the throes of dementia, with one still coherent team member believing that it's around 10 years earlier than it truly is. Meanwhile Jim struggles with being a dad while Elisabeth is out. Zoe has a cold, and Maddy is worrying over her first date with an older boy, one of Taylor's soldiers.

Elisabeth finds out that the team was looking at some sort of pathogen which causes amnesia. Unfortunately, Elisabeth and Taylor have been exposed to the mysterious virus. When Taylor doesn't check in, Jim reluctantly takes Malcolm to the research station in order to find out why the team hadn't returned. Along the way, the pair stumbles upon some ovosaurs, egg-eating dinos which are attracted to the nickel in the conduits which help supply power to the research stations.

Meanwhile, Josh and Skye carry on with their relationship, but Josh still has feelings for his girlfriend back in the future. Skye offers to bring him to someone who might be able to help. A man who runs a bar at the colony apparently is able to ferry people on future pilgrimages, and Josh wants to be able to bring Kara over. The man recognizes Josh as the new Sheriff's son. Josh can't afford the ferrying fee, but Josh offers to work at the bar in exchange. The man agrees.

Jim and Malcolm encounter Elisabeth at the station, and she has been affected by the virus, thinking that she's still at university and still dating Malcolm. There is awkwardness between Jim and Elisabeth but he soon learns to back off in order to keep Elisabeth from panicking. Malcolm and Elisabeth try to find more information about the virus while Jim tries to keep Taylor (who now believes he's still in the middle of a war in Somalia) from going rogue. Taylor finds out about Terra Nova, and believing it to be an enemy base, takes off after overpowering Jim.

Taylor sneaks into the colony, but is confused when he sees Washington alive and well (after he is certain he witnessed her being medi-vacced out of the battlefield). She has a hard time convincing Taylor of the truth.

The cure for the virus turns out to be in the common cold, which Jim has caught from Zoe. That explains why he wasn't affected by the virus at the research facility while everyone else was.

Later, the bar man is seen delivering supplies to Mira and the Sixers. He tells her about his agreement with Josh, and it's revealed that the Sixers have a way of communicating through the portal as well.

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