Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 4

What Remains

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • I love this show, can't wait until it comes on each time. I am 60 and it is a wonderful show. It has me on the edge of the chair... action, etc. If you like action, you will love this. keeps you on your toes. Don't miss it, hope the rest of it will be


    I love this show, can't wait until it comes on each time. I am 60 and it is a wonderful show. It has me on the edge of the chair... action, etc. If you like action, you will love this. keeps you on your toes. Don't miss it, hope the rest of it will be as good as it started.

  • Best episode so far.


    The communication with the future was finally explained ("while the portal is open") and the symbols were mentioned again.

    I enjoyed the story, the jokes ("You shot me!" - "I did, sir." - "Good job!") and the action of What remains - especially the dino action. I don't regard it as "poor CGI" - at least it's good enough for me.

    As far as I'm concerned, Terra Nova is much to happy-family-ish to ever get a 10 rating from me, but it definitely stays on my watch list after this weeks episode.

  • What Remains

    Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria, the current showrunners of "Terra Nova", have an extensive background in science fiction, particularly within the franshise "Star Trek." And if there is something unusual in science fiction classic television episodes are standalone, especially in the early years when the series are being established.

    "Space 1999", "Space: Above and Beyond," "Quantum Leap", "Babylon 5", "Farscape," "Sliders," "The Twilight Zone," "The Outer Limits," "The X-Files" "Stargate SG-1" and, of course, "Star Trek" and all their descendants ("Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," "Star Trek: Voyager" and "Star Trek: Enterprise ") are, without doubt, science fiction series of reference. And, amazingly to those who have not had the opportunity to see themselves, are full, even full of standalone episodes.

    Of course all these series have had the opportunity to set their stories and, over time, create arcs and lines of argument within a broader or more seasons, something that made them more appealing and they managed to garner a huge legion of fans, but the existence of episodes where it was intrinsic standalone.

    But times were different. Today there is no patience for closed episodes (and I'm one of those people who easily lose your enthusiasm with formulas) and the public crave episodes in that history is continuous between them and there are no distractions from "monsters / mysteries of the week." And to evil of their sins (because the audience lose by alienating viewers and a series of high costs as it requires an audience or is doomed to cancellation), that is exactly what "Terra Nova" is currently doing.

    The feeling is that both Braga as Echevarria and all other elements of the production team of the series will not be calculated and the need that existed in the making of "Terra Nova" a success. The costs are very high for a television series and there have results in terms of audience and to achieve these objectives, one of the key factors would to create a captivating story enough to keep the audience invested.

    With the continued success of CBS and their series with episodes closed, one would argue that the decision to the standalone episodes "Terra Nova" was the best bet to ensure audiences. The problem is that the universe of the CBS series is intended for an audience of an age that is distinct from the target audience of "Terra Nova". Is there a clear attempt to create a product targeted for the whole family, but the truth is that "Terra Nova" never will be, leaving him the niche (fans of the genre and one or more others), this niche in the days run no longer have much patience for the standalone episodes as before.

    And so we come to the most recent episode of the series.

    If there were doubts the existence of a formula for this series, "What Remains" disadvantaged them. The episode takes place exactly as before: someone we've never before seen dies for any reason, the main characters come into play to solve the mystery, and, as the are making are served us clues and pieces of information about Earth's future and the past of the characters.

    Instead of pterosaurs to "Instinct", we now have a virus that makes people lose their short-term memory and that is a catalyst for some drama:

    The Elisabeth (Shelley Conn) forgets who has a husband and children and then have Jim (Jason O'Mara) trying to regain back the love of his wife, always with the other vertex of the triangle, Malcolm (Rod Hallett) around to try to take advantage of the situation.

    Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang) believed to be somewhere in Somalia during a war no matter what happened on Earth of the future and where it took some experimenting very least. Moreover, looking desperately for his wife (who died) and that was one of extreme importance to him (or he would not have attempted suicide).

    Meanwhile, in Newfoundland, the kids continue their path of mating. The Maddy (Naomi Scott) goes on a first date and his brother Josh (Landon Liboiron) begins to form his own love triangle since the Skye (Allison Miller) has the bright idea to try to help you bring your old girlfriend Land of the future for Newfoundland (and thus involve them in this hardcore gang that apparently are the Sixers).

    Not much else to say about this episode. 40 minutes were gone by without much difficulty? Yes, but I used the time to see it as wasted? Probably ...
  • Struggling already...


    i have such high hopes for terra nova but as each passing episode that hope seems to lessen which is such a shame as i truly think terra nova has great potential but the writers of this show dont seem to recognise it, i mean the whole virus plot was such a obvious idea and one that has been done to death, the subplot of this epsiode was abit more intresting with josh and skye and the ending of this episode also excitied me!!!

  • Why it is so disappointing?

    One of the most anticipated shows of the season and it looks like the creators do not have any idea how to make it work. The first episode was promising but the last two were disappointing. I don't think that storyline about people going back 85 million years plus computer generated dinosaurs will save the show from the flop. There has to be something more in it and so fat there is nothing more... Apart from an english good-looking actress. But she won't save the show from the disaster.
  • What Remains


    What Remains was a so so episode and what remains to be seen is if this show will remain on tv. The show has so much potential, especially with the budget, but it fails miserably with this episode. The best part is the beginning when the guy is attacked by a meat eating dinosaur, and when the Commander tries to kill himself. I understand they are trying to develop the characters and their relationships but the writers really don't have a clue what their doing with this series. I hope someone steps in and gives better direction and turns things around. I look forward to watching the next episode to see if things get better!!

  • Running out of steam already?


    Well, I'm still watching, but, honestly, the writers are going to have to seriously up their game if I'm not to give up on this one soon.

    We're only two episodes in and it already seems that they've exhausted the potential, have no fresh, interesting ideas, and are rehashing old, cliched plots that were done to death decades ago.

    Last week, we had the poor rerun of Hitchcock's The Birds and now the sad and tired device of a lone outpost suddenly going dark, a small band of rescuers sent to find out what's wrong, a mysteriously deserted outpost, a virus on the loose...ho hum, yawn.

    If they can't be more original at this stage, things aren't looking hopeful.

    Added to these reservations, this episode relied heavily on most of the characters acting thick as two planks. Elisabeth should have known medical protocols for such situations mean you don't go rushing to open the room that most of the people have been locked into. And it took her a ridiculously long time to figure out that the cold was the cure - even with her impairment.

    Of course, I'd figured it out the moment Zoe turned up at the hospital. Which was, of course, the main problem with this one. Being that it was such a hackneyed plot, done to death so many times before, there were no surprises. Every single plot move was telegraphed well in advance and easy to spot coming up.

    I hope things get more interesting soon.

  • Another Paint By Numbers script...


    So the premise to this week's episode was again pretty interesting-- a virus causes people to lose their memories. But just as in last week's episode ("Instinct"), rather than get a sophisticated playing out of this scenario, we get what was little more than a "Paint By Numbers"story with virtually no suspense, twists, or turns anywhere to be seen. Elisabeth and Taylor become infected by the virus at some outpost; then Malcolm and Jim go to rescue them. Elisabeth winds up "forgetting" her husband and remembering Malcolm, then Taylor goes running off to camp, under the delusion that he's in Somalia, endangering TN with infection in the process.

    Wow, what a suspense-filled episode! NOT! Where on earthwas the suspense? Was there *really* any suspense as to whether Elisabeth would remember Jim? Any suspense about whether the virus could be cured? Or whether Taylor would be stopped in time before reaching the camp? Of course there wasn't. Yet it was these very unsuspenseful moments that made the bulk of the script, which looked with each passing moment like nothing more than a contrivance to play up the Love Triangle between Lizzie, Jim, and Malcolm from the previous episode.

    On top of the unadventurous script was the poor acting. Jim's "sneezes" were so over the top that I thought that he was only goofing off to make Elisabeth laugh; I was shocked to learn that his sneezes were supposed to be legitimate. Elisabeth was even worse-- one moment she's wild-eyed and shocked to learn that she was 85 million years in the past; the next minute she's suddenly in her "element" walking here and there around the research lab like she knows it like the back of her hand, calmly trying to solve the virus.

    Also-- once again, the script showed poor attention to detail. Remember that when Elisabeth has memory loss, she technically has never BEEN to Terra Nova-- as far as she's concerned, she's sometime in the past on planet Earth. Yet miraculously, she knows how to handle a present day, Terra Novian high-powered weapon AND she can completely understand how to use all the technology in the lab using the superior intelligence she had yet to learn.

    Another example of poor attention to detail--after three episodes in which weapons have proven themselves worthless against dinosaurs, please explain what's the purpose in having all these characters wield them around to protect themselves in the case of a dino attack? Didn't we literally see these dinosaurs not only refuse to retreat when hit, but even attack with more ferocity? And yet after all that, the show insists on showing everyone walking around like a bunch of commandos. Whatever.

    Oh, and what's the deal with the "diversity" on this show, anyway, where most of the black actors are either used up as extras to be killed off/ seriously injured or made to fill out the ranks of the oh, so evil and nefarious Sixers? Don't think some of us haven't noticed a pattern, FOX! Okay, yeah, maybe the Sixers wind up being the "good guys" after all, but until it's shown that they are, the casting choices are definitely raising a few eyebrows.

    All in all, another lazily written, poor episode. What else is new?

  • A little bit better than last week but still not 'good'.


    (spoilers) Terra Nova has so much potential but it doesn't come through. This episode might be a little 'better' than last weeks birds fiasco but it still isn't good. The script is childish, very predictable and boring. Maybe they could swing such an episode around the 16th episode of season 3, but not in the first couple of episodes in season one. They needed to come up with something much stronger.

    The wedding ring, Jim's cold, the date....like really? This is what they come up with? From the moment that kid had that running nose I knew what was coming. When she lost that wedding ring I knew what was coming. To top it off...it even felt like the acting was bad but they aren't bad actors at all. It's just the stupid script....

    Moreover it feels very sitcom like. The 'bad guy or event' of the week type of things. I have never liked this kind of tv and hoped Terra Nova was something entirely different. It's frustrating to me, you can do so much with those charactersand settings.

    I will keep on watching Terra Nova, because of the great potential. I hope it's just a rocky start. But something tells me it's the beginning of the end already....such a shame.

  • Totally Forgettable.


    Everybody loses their memory except for the guy with the cold.Does this sci-fi plot device sound familiar? Yet another episode that is strictly self-contained and does not advance the story arc. I am still wondering why there are no 22nd century wonder weapons. Even a 20th century RPG would be enough to take care of the dinosaurs. The only semi-interesting plot aspect is in the last-minute mystery appearance of the Sixers. But, really, ho-hum. A government-controlled program, and yet all these bad apples sneak through, none of whom would have gotten a security clearance in the real world. I'm also still wondering why there are so few colonists when any right-thinking future ruler would be flooding Terra Nova with millions of volunteers. I guess I'll stick around for the next episode, but I'm not optimistic. The only hope for this series is if Steven Lang calls in an air strike from Avatar and razes the colony to the ground. Then he can start all over with a well-armed cast of mercenaries dedicated to laying waste to the planet. Now that would be fun.

  • Boring episode again, this show is in trouble.


    The only "Oh my gosh" moment for me was near the end when Taylor was going to cut his own throat so he would`nt remember losing his wife.

    Anyone else figure out that the fact Jim was sick was the answer to not gettingthe virus? BOORRRIIINNNGGG!!

  • The writers of Terrible Nova again attempt to make a decent story based off of Elizabeth past relationship with Malcolm. As if the last episode wasn't enough! SPOILER!!


    This is the worst episode so far. Didn't think it could get any worst, but it did! Acting was not good from most of the characters that had a camera in their face, and that's bad because I already can't relate to most of them. Even after four episodes! Really, I can do better fake sneezing than Jim, and I am not even an actor! The set was more cheesy than Doctor who, and the plot was something I seen from star trek voyager or was it SGI, hmm... anyway I seen this before but this episode does not even come close to being as good! Oh the melodrama of Elizabeth shooting Jim.. and what is the purpose of that big-ass gun, that shoots air or sonic blast, if all that happens is knocking the person or animal down so they can get right back up!

    I told myself that I would try and deal with this show leaning towards being family oriented, but if it does not have good writing..I'm really not interested! Falling Skies was better and that show was bad! Don't know if I can handle another episode from this show that looks like it should be on the SiFi channel from back in the day!

  • It can't get much worse!


    This was one of the worst episodes I have ever seen on TV. It was 35 minutes of bad soap opera and 8 minutes of story. The story is old, boring and unoriginal. The whole weding ring thing is just so pathetic. I think that first episode was OK, second was also OK, but this one is just bad.

    Description of this episode in one line:


  • Simply bad!


    This episode feels like it has been written by a bunch of 9-year-olds, for 6-year-old audience, and I mean no disrespect for 9 and 6-year-olds. But when you spend this much money to produce a show, the last thing you should do is let a writing team with child-alike level of cognitive development blow it all in the wind, by creating 2D characters and a plot that would be unpredictable and interesting only to someone who still believes in Santa. The previous episodes were bad to average, but this one is simply terrible. One could literally predict almost every dialog line in real time, and suspense was non-existing, because the story was as obvious as the fact that this show clearly lacks a well defined target audience. If only those dinosaurs were made out of sponge, and with just a little bit less violence, I would swear it's a preteen / early-teen type of show.

    The only thing I was excited about in this episode is the end, and I mean it literally - the fact that it finally ended made me happy, and that's not something anyone involved in its production can be proud of.

    I'll probably give Terra Nova another episode or two, and then I'll most likely erase its existence out of my memory (similarities with this episode's plot are a coincidence). Don't waste your time with this, there are much better things to watch, and no, I don't think it will get much better.