Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 4

What Remains

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • Another Paint By Numbers script...


    So the premise to this week's episode was again pretty interesting-- a virus causes people to lose their memories. But just as in last week's episode ("Instinct"), rather than get a sophisticated playing out of this scenario, we get what was little more than a "Paint By Numbers"story with virtually no suspense, twists, or turns anywhere to be seen. Elisabeth and Taylor become infected by the virus at some outpost; then Malcolm and Jim go to rescue them. Elisabeth winds up "forgetting" her husband and remembering Malcolm, then Taylor goes running off to camp, under the delusion that he's in Somalia, endangering TN with infection in the process.

    Wow, what a suspense-filled episode! NOT! Where on earthwas the suspense? Was there *really* any suspense as to whether Elisabeth would remember Jim? Any suspense about whether the virus could be cured? Or whether Taylor would be stopped in time before reaching the camp? Of course there wasn't. Yet it was these very unsuspenseful moments that made the bulk of the script, which looked with each passing moment like nothing more than a contrivance to play up the Love Triangle between Lizzie, Jim, and Malcolm from the previous episode.

    On top of the unadventurous script was the poor acting. Jim's "sneezes" were so over the top that I thought that he was only goofing off to make Elisabeth laugh; I was shocked to learn that his sneezes were supposed to be legitimate. Elisabeth was even worse-- one moment she's wild-eyed and shocked to learn that she was 85 million years in the past; the next minute she's suddenly in her "element" walking here and there around the research lab like she knows it like the back of her hand, calmly trying to solve the virus.

    Also-- once again, the script showed poor attention to detail. Remember that when Elisabeth has memory loss, she technically has never BEEN to Terra Nova-- as far as she's concerned, she's sometime in the past on planet Earth. Yet miraculously, she knows how to handle a present day, Terra Novian high-powered weapon AND she can completely understand how to use all the technology in the lab using the superior intelligence she had yet to learn.

    Another example of poor attention to detail--after three episodes in which weapons have proven themselves worthless against dinosaurs, please explain what's the purpose in having all these characters wield them around to protect themselves in the case of a dino attack? Didn't we literally see these dinosaurs not only refuse to retreat when hit, but even attack with more ferocity? And yet after all that, the show insists on showing everyone walking around like a bunch of commandos. Whatever.

    Oh, and what's the deal with the "diversity" on this show, anyway, where most of the black actors are either used up as extras to be killed off/ seriously injured or made to fill out the ranks of the oh, so evil and nefarious Sixers? Don't think some of us haven't noticed a pattern, FOX! Okay, yeah, maybe the Sixers wind up being the "good guys" after all, but until it's shown that they are, the casting choices are definitely raising a few eyebrows.

    All in all, another lazily written, poor episode. What else is new?