Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 4

What Remains

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • Totally Forgettable.


    Everybody loses their memory except for the guy with the cold.Does this sci-fi plot device sound familiar? Yet another episode that is strictly self-contained and does not advance the story arc. I am still wondering why there are no 22nd century wonder weapons. Even a 20th century RPG would be enough to take care of the dinosaurs. The only semi-interesting plot aspect is in the last-minute mystery appearance of the Sixers. But, really, ho-hum. A government-controlled program, and yet all these bad apples sneak through, none of whom would have gotten a security clearance in the real world. I'm also still wondering why there are so few colonists when any right-thinking future ruler would be flooding Terra Nova with millions of volunteers. I guess I'll stick around for the next episode, but I'm not optimistic. The only hope for this series is if Steven Lang calls in an air strike from Avatar and razes the colony to the ground. Then he can start all over with a well-armed cast of mercenaries dedicated to laying waste to the planet. Now that would be fun.