Terra Nova

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2011 on FOX

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  • Within

    This latest round of "Newfoundland" have been different. And for the better. But wait. The series did not become a "Breaking Bad" from day to night. Not even close. Continues to be populated by characters limited (to be nice ...), to have some laughable dialogue ("What you say Can and will be used against you") and scatter plots in secondary banal and uninteresting. But in recent episodes has managed to make his story more compact because it became a focus in the (few) positive aspects that the series can have: his mythology and his best characters (Taylor, Skie, Mira and Luke).

    This time, and as in the previous episode, the plot focuses on the spy and the discovery of who he (in this case, she) is in reality. It was good that the issue was resolved so quickly. In the previous episode gave us to know that the Skye (Allison Miller) is the spy and the reasons that led to this attitude, but decided to keep this information hidden from the characters. In this, the characters get to know exactly what we viewers already knew and this allows the narrative to flow more openly, with no natural reaction that we are rolling their eyes every time the characters are unaware of truth by a mere disagreement or are simply not hard enough or are not smart enough. Thus arises the opportunity for the focus are the dilemmas resulting from the discovery and the narrative benefits from this.

    Moreover, the main antagonist of the story, Lucas (Ashley Zukerman), has the opportunity to truly prove and show why you have this role. He finally gets his goal, to make the portal go to also send people to 2149, and, more importantly, to achieve the desired victory (even if only moral) about your father. Now the door is ajar for the great villains of history can use and abuse of the portal to extract all possible resources available in the past, the way to dethrone Taylor (Stephen Lang) and perhaps even destroy Newfoundland (although the question remains: if the threat is so great, why not just disable the portal or even bury it?).

    With regard to plot B it was, as unfortunately series us used, a tremendous commonplace. Revolve, of course, around one of the newest members of the Shannon family, specifically Maddy (Naomi Scott), who ran out of battery on your version mega-hyper-advanced iPad there in 2149 and only lacks a "little bit so "(imagine me doing the gesture with the fingers) to commit suicide by not knowing how to live longer (* sarcasm *). As already mentioned in criticisms of previous episodes, Shannon is clearly the worst that this series has to offer and plots around the children are always disposable, uninteresting and all other words with the prefix dis-to remember. My suggestion, if the series ever has a chance of getting a second season (which will never happen), would choose to make the kids breakfast every T-Rex.

    Finally a small note to the opening scene of the episode: for a series that depends as much on special effects, so why spend a portion of the budget to do a scene with Pterodactyls when it will not even be relevant to the story?! Authentic waste of money ... And, now, how is that nobody realizes the presence of two giant animals (whose estimated that weighed over 20 tons) even next door? Only one step of an animal certainly call the attention of those miles away ... Of course I'm being sarcastic, not literal, but a creature of those overlooked so close there is something completely ridiculous.
  • As the season (or series?) prepares for it's finale, Terra Nova finally shows what it's worth when Taylor and Jim Shannon find the sixer spy and a big threat to the colony becomes apparent. *contains spoilers*


    When the episode starts out we learn that the 11th pilgrimage is less then a week away and that Taylor wants the sixer spy found by then.

    After Shannon's people searched the boundaries of the colony they finally found the hole that Skye often crawls through to leave the colony and get intel to the sixer in order to save her sick mother, treated by the sixers.

    After some time Skye spends to evade questions of sheriff Jim, including getting Josh to lie to his dad for her, the footage of a new security camera placed at Skye's escape route finally reveals her to be the mole, but instead of busting her Taylor decides to use her to set up a trap for Mira and her people.

    In an interesting turn of events the sixers don't show up for the party as Skye didn't tell them of the convoy (aka the trap), leading Taylor to believe that Skye does not relay information that could really hurt the colony, leading him to conclude that the sixers must be holding something over her.

    The episode also provides a slightly deeper inside into the conflict between Taylor and his son Lucas when they meet at the gateway from 2149, which Lucas has finally got to working both ways, promising to return with back-up in order to pillage Terra Nova (guessing that will be the season/series finale)...

    Overall the episode had a good focus on the interesting things with the little family-sidestories moving more into the background as the series moves towards it's (season) finale. (There was a side story involving Maddy trying to get a new computer chip for her tablet.)

    Some smart details come through here, like Skye lying about playing chess with Josh, really playing chess with Taylor only to become sort of a chess piece herself when Taylor feeds her false information in order to set a trap for Mira.

    Terra Nova is kind of going the way of some of the greatest Sci-Fi and fantasy shows like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Lost or Stargate Universe with a great pilot, a mediocre first season half and then heading up towards real TV greatness.

    Let's hope they keep heading this way, with it's quality accelerating like Stargate Universe did into season 2 and hopefully getting a second season or more. If it doesn't get picked up at least it looks like it will be going out with a blast.

  • Within

    Within was a superb episode of Terra Nova and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had every thing I wanted and more! There was action, drama, intrigue, and suspense. The character and plot development seems to really explode in this episode and it was fun watching Skye being caught in the middle to protect her mother and learning more about Lucas and his plans while Jim and Taylor discover who the Mole is. Things are getting exciting now and I look forward to seeing what will happen next!!!!!!!