Terri McIntyre - Classy Bitch

BBC Three (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • Wave
      Episode 6
      There's disquiet at Tannissimo as uncertainty over the company's future means that Greig has announced a raft of cost-cutting measures. While out doing a sales seminar Terri runs into her old friend Geraldine from her days working on the cruise ships. At home, Terri tells Arlene that she has to start contributing money to the household. When Greig announces yet more cutbacks Terri decides to resign from Tannissimo and arranges with Geraldine to take a position on her nest cruise. At her leaving do she's forced to decide - should she stay or should she go?moreless
    • Blaze
      Episode 5
      Arlene's grandmother comes to stay at Terri's flat while her husband is in hospital and quickly drives Terri to distraction. In the office, Greig announces that a new fire warden is to be appointed, and after Barry and Marissa both volunteer, they face an interview with the local fire safety officer to determine who will take the post. Meanwhile, Terri is counting the days until Arlene's grandmother is due to leave.moreless
    • Thong
      Episode 4
      Terri's branch is asked to organise the launch of a new swimwear range the company has developed. Tony Thomson, a senior executive from Tannissimo head office, arrives to interview the reps who are interested in running the event. To Terri's horror, Kelli beats her to the post, and Terri decides to have nothing more to do with it. When rehearsals take an unexpected turn, however, Terri is forced to revise her position.moreless
    • Dick
      Episode 3
      When Kevin Dick, a new sales rep from the Solihull branch joins, Terri immediately falls for him, but due to a company policy which forbids relationships between employees, they are forced to keep their romance a secret. Marissa also fancies Kevin, so when her advances are rejected, best friend Kelli sets out to get to the bottom of it. At the company's teambuilding dinner events come to a head.moreless
    • Shamed
      Episode 2
      Its the end of the month at Tannissimo and all the reps are preparing to submit their sales figures. Terri gets a dressing down from her boss Greig about her poor performance, and to make matters worse, her arch-rival Kelli Jacconelli is in line to win the monthly bonus for top seller. Just before the deadline Terri secures a deal with a new client, scooping the bonus in the process. Kelli's fury at this is compounded when Terri is then invited to take part in a television discussion on tanning in her capacity as top sales rep. While Terri prepares for what she sees as an opportunity to expand her profile, her colleagues at Tannissimo gather to watch her television debut.moreless
    • Model
      Episode 1
      It's the photo shoot for the annual company calendar, and Terri and Kelli are vying for the cover shot. Arlene is busy learning to drive, but as she's making no signs of progress, Terri decides to start teaching her herself. Terri tries to get on the good side of the photographer by offering her services as a model, which he unexpectedly takes her up on, so she promptly withdraws her services as Arlene's driving instructor. But life as a model isn't quite what she bargained for.moreless