Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2010 on FX

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  • Asunder was not only an excellent episode but the best yet and, I'm sure, the beginning of what is to come. It's a shame it doesn't get the honor it deserves.

    It's surprising to me that more people don't watch this show. People complain about their favorite shows not having enough character development, or maybe too much character development that just doesn't fit in with the plot. People complain about their shows jumping the shark, or writing up season long plots that don't add to the story. I've also heard complaints about how most shows are just copies of old shows or have stories that are just boring... yet those shows stay on the air forever despite all the complaining. My point being, here is a show that has character development, multiple intriguing plots, and shines from almost every angle in every episode. Terriers is an amazing show and this episode just helps prove it. Starting from the first few episodes, we got stories that shined on their own but were never over the top. What kept me addicted was how real and raw that actors played their characters. As the plots grew, so did the characters, and it all seems to come to light in "Asunder." Asunder uses its characters already established struggles and then drags them through it without skipping a beat. It doesn't use any cheap tricks to ignore the problem (for example, jumping ahead in time) but instead decides to deal with it. The once alcoholic Hank now finds himself fighting the urge to drink on the day of his ex wife's wedding but that's not the best part. It's how he deals with it and fights that urge that keeps your heart pumping. Asunder also deals with Katie's affair and it's affect on her relationship with Brit. Again, the drama is high, and everything just seems to flow so brutally natural that this might as well be an example as to how reality television should be. I remember thinking (Spoilers ahead), don't tell him now. Don't tell him like that. Right there at the wedding when he is already excited about the kid and marrying you. Don't tell him there. But then she tells him and the aftermath of that was great. It was intense, and really showed how well the writers can deal with these dramas. It was nice that they didn't cop out of the whole problem. It was also nice to see Hank return to the ongoing plot of early season. I'm sure it'll be a device that will carry on for the remaining episodes of the season as well as Brit and Katie's relationship problem.

    Hopefully, this show returns for a second season. Despite the low population of viewers, this show deserves that second season based on the acting and writing alone. In an age of pretty laughable television it's great to find a television show with quality, originality, and substance.