Season 1 Episode 3

Change Partners

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2010 on FX
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    Terriers Episodes 3-4: Fakery and Foolishness

    We're only four episodes in and things have naturally escalated to some pretty crazy levels, with some fun case-of-the-week stops along the way.

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    The bank manager agrees to approve a loan to Hank if he proves the bank manager's wife is unfaithful.

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    • It keeps getting better and better.

      wow...this is by far ( for now at least ) the best new show this season. So sad nobody's watching.

      This episode is a lot darker than the previous two.

      I'm not gonna write about what happens in the episode, my english is not so good, and I don't want to spoil you all the fun, but if you don't want to know nothing, stop reading.

      Hank is looking for a loan, and he finds a bank manager that is willing to give him a loan if he give him proof that his wife is cheating him.

      There's a good twist and a tragic end to the storyline, that won't dissapoint. Donal Logue is awesome.

      We also learn more about Britt's past, when an "old friend" comes to visit.

      This is the best episode so far.

      Let's hope for better ratings, because so far ( with exception of Boardwalk Empire, altough I still think that Terriers is better ) it's the best new show. And I watched a lot of new shows.moreless

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      • Hank: What are you looking for?
        Britt: Pee bottle.
        Hank: Oh dude, I threw that away.
        Britt: What! Why?
        Hank: Why? 'Cause it was a bottle full of piss in my car.
        Britt: You're supposed to dump it out, not throw it out. Where am I supposed to pee?
        Hank: In a fountain or something.

      • Ray: Your girl let me know that she made enough dinner for three. So, umm, you don't me staying?
        Britt: As long as you're not packing.
        Ray: I left my piece in the car. I'm a dick, but I'm not an asshole.

      • Hank: My partner and I do a number of things. We recover lost property, locate people, private security. We'll jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton if you pay us enough.

      • Miriam: Excuse me, sir? D-Do you have another five? The machine won't take mine.
        Hank: Um...uh, let me check.
        Miriam: These machines drive me nuts. Makes you long for the days of a living, breathing garage attendant.
        Hank: It's, uh, modern technology making man obsolete. Happened to my old job.
        Miriam: What did you do?
        Hank: I was a microwave oven.

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