Season 1 Episode 2

Dog and Pony

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 15, 2010 on FX



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    • Gretchen: You'll never guess what I found. That wine decanter my uncle gave us as a wedding gift. The one you thought was a flower vase.
      Hank: The one you thought I hocked.
      Gretchen: I never said that.
      Hank: Well, you thought it pretty loud.

    • Maggie: (to Hank and Britt) You know the two of you suck shit at sounding sincere? How either of you ever gets laid astonishes me.

    • Hank: Mark, on my mother's grave, I was not lying in there.
      Mark: Hank, you're mother was cremated.

    • Hank: What day is it, is it, is it Monday or Tuesday?
      Britt: I don't know. I could check my phone, but it's in my pocket.

    • Hank: I think we should make up business cards.
      Britt: What, put on windows and shit?
      Hank: Or hand out, so people don't think we're just panhandling.
      Britt: What do we call ourselves, "Dolworth and Pollack private investigators"?
      Hank: Beats "Dolworth and Pollack shit shovelers."

    • Britt: Hey, do we need a mascot?
      Hank: Like what?
      Britt: You know like the "Trix rabbit" or "Tony the Tiger" or something.
      Hank: No, those are for cereals. And taken.

    • Britt: Of all the dogs in the pound, we got to get a gay one.
      Katie: Yeah, his cage was very tidy.

    • Mark: You are a good friend. I give you credit for that. But you gotta know he is gonna let you down. Now maybe he won't do it on purpose, but, uh, he will. God knows that I love Hank, but it is not in Hank Dolworth to do anythin but self-destruct on people. And when he does, everybody catches shrapnel. I got the scars to prove it.

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