Season 1 Episode 13

Hail Mary

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 01, 2010 on FX

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  • A great ending for a great season!

    I was unsure if the show was going to be able to tie together all the lose ends in the last episode. But it did so extremely well. And still it left a few clues from which it could pick up the story for a second season, and I'm sure all the fans are hoping for one.

    The pace of the episode was quite fast when all the details had to be explained. But that was all for the better, the episode didn't become dull. A few of the earlier guest stars made appearances which was nice, even though their time on screen was quite short. And Logue and Raymond-James did again some great performances. You really can see that they are friends off camera as well.
  • Terriers ends without ever getting a chance...that another excellent show out of the window. Damn shame!

    Well that`s it, the end of the short run of Terriers. I cannot help at being upset on how the show was overlooked. The ratings were truly terrible. Why? Probably a couple of reasons for that. For starters the show is called Terriers for dunno what reason and that is not the kind of name that would attract audience. Plus promotion has been seriously lacking, didn`t even know the show existed after it ended. Well yeah ratings were bad but here`s a fact:the show never got a chance.
    Terriers is on par with the best shows out there..in fact this first season is better than Dexter`s latest one (and that`s saying something). The characters are superb and gray enough to avoid being even close to cheesy. I don`t think there was one of the main characters I did not like. The writing was brilliant, great mix of good old thriller and tons of humor. They pulled excellent episodes one after the other, there isn`t one bad one. Terriers is really up to the standard you`ll expect from guys like Shawn Ryan and Ted Griffin. It is downright cruel that this show is canceled and all kind of junk remains on the air. Not many people watched Terriers but I am certain all those who watched it will miss the show because it was that damn good. The finale left room for more storylines but I guess it worked well to end the show too..again such a damn shame. For what`s it worth, fans should keep emailing user@fxnetworks.com and ask for a second season maybe under a different name and much better promotion...we never know. No doubt the show is much popular now than before it was canceled. Here`s hoping.