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  • 2 good for TV

    I thought this was an excellent show; deep characters, good plots. Was it too good for the basic TV watcher?

  • Low Rating?? unbelievable!

    came across this series by chance. I was amazed on reading wikipedia that the series had low ratings. How on earth was that possible? We have some terrible series shown season after season for many years, yet brilliant programmes such as Terriers cancelled after one year. How can that be? Another one cancelled too early was The Hour. Who is in cloud cucku land on telivision?
  • Let's bring it back!

    Here's a show that definitely deserves a return:


  • Pure Art

    I can honestly say that I've never cared so much about the well being of fictional characters as I have about those on Terriers. All actors involved deserve a pat on the back for their performances here as I found myself full of emotion every minute of every episode. Hands down one of the best things to ever be filmed, If you have time to marathon one show, it should be this (shouldn't take too long, it was cancelled after one season after all).
  • Nooooo!

    Came across this show on netflix. Watched first episose. Eh.

    Then went back and gave it another chance after reading a review.

    I was hooked! Watched it through the end of season one and the ending killed me!!!


    Not another to suck me in just to cancel with a cliff hanger ending!!! :(
  • terriers

    i stumbled across this series while filling my netflix que i almost passed it over i thought it was a reality show about terries as the title implied,not trying to be funny thats for real!, also mentioned as a series of FX network again i thought not for me probably a sci-fi/ zombie dog/reality type show, then i read the netflix bio and thought i will give it a shot as a big fan of columbo, rockford files series(very cleverly written shows) i figured if it sucked(being from FX) i could delete the series.i watched the first 13 episodes i was entertained/impressed, i scrambled back on-line to load second season only to find out it had been cancelled, i could not beleive it finally a show that was not so outrageously fake like modern family, how i met your mother, among other shows that might seem clever to a simple minded person or a child, in my opinion this show was on the wrong network or the wrong title or both, Terriers was 1 of the best kept secrets on TV! come on cast ,crew, producer, go talk with HBO, SHOWTIME somebody get this show back on the air, if not its back to PBS, 60 Minutes, Dateline , The Middle, Boardwalk Empire, you knows shows where the Men are not so hen pecked or so effemanate(is that how you spell that) anyway throw the terriers a bone! please do not relegate us male veiwers to brainless dribble currently showing on most networks, not trying to be macho just entertained!!! texasrocks
  • Two friends, one a divorced ex-cop and recovering alcoholic, the other a burglar down on his luck are brought together as a private detective duo. They constantly find themselves in trouble as they solve crimes by using cleverness and street savvy.

    I have to agree with everyone here, Terriers was one of the best shows on TV. Which of course means it HAD to be canceled. I am sick and tired of getting to love an excellent, well made, fun and entertaining TV show only to see it get the axe after only one or two seasons. It is my belief that the North American general public has little or no taste in TV shows and they do not want to have to think about what they are watching. Instead they prefer to be shovel fed all that mindless drivel that somehow manages to survive season after season, after season, after season, after season,.......
  • Just plain good acting. Powerful and believable.

    Superb acting by a magnificent cast. This is the best show on TV since "The Shield". There are some familiar faces but most of the cast hasn't been recycled from other programs. Most of the plots entail a believable premise and the writing makes the dialog sharp, intense and honest. The actors make the characters remain true to themselves. There is not "cute" dialog. There is a gritty and honest conversation and reactions. The two lead actors portray characters that are grounded and honest to each other. Each picks at the scab of their own frailties and exposes flawed but genuine characters with their own senses of honor. I hope FX gives this show a chance to make the grade. This is a show worth watching and I hope it gets picked up for many more seasons.
  • A great show to be considered by fans of Lost's first two seasons, where the backstory was key over the later mataphysical junk. Otherwise an intersting show which requires a minimum of suspension of disbelief to enjoy. Here's hoping it comes back.

    Terriers is an interesting new show which should be considered by those who were fans of the first two seasons of Lost, where the backstory was more interesting than the later metaphysical mumbo jumbo. Terriers has included two episodes of backstory to the relationship between Hank and Britt, and is the first who I have found to do it in the fashion originally emplyed by Lost. Three years ago, Britt was a petty criminal who was a witness to a murder being investigated by Hank at a time when Hank was an over-the-top alcoholic police detective destroying both his job and his marriage. He is also pursuing the wton man in the murders. Though the right man was ultimately found, the beginnings of the relationship between Hank and Britt was left at that. Viewers can expect a continuation of the backstory to the relationship, and perhaps some others, when Terriers hopfully returns next season. Otherwise, the story is interesting and leads one to wait anxiously for the next episode. The stories do not lend themselves to a high level of scrutiny and are a bit too contirved for real life. A limited amount of suspension of disbelief is required to enjoy the show but here's hoping the show goes on.
  • Clever, engaging, smart

    This is the show I look forward to the most, every week without fail, smart, engaging, interesting. The subplot soap-opera that most shows plop into last 5 minutes as a hook is gone. Instead we see these characters as whole people, living the daily soap opera that we all do while doing something resembling a job. The main characters are flawed, real people, who you want to watch, not so much to see them fail as you do to relate too. Like the many flawed people we interact with every day (probably including ourselves). I, personally, have grown tired of everything working out perfectly on TV, really, who's life is like that? This show has characters real people can relate to. Thanks
  • love terriers-just hope they don't make mistake and cancel favorite new show

    This is my favorite new show. Nearly had heart attack when dish and fx weren't talking. Watched missed episodes online...THANKS FX for having online episodes. Love the cast. Love the stories. Great character interaction. Love Hank's sister. Hope FX gives this a chance. Nice Nice break from reality show...ugh. Just hope can continue to see this story resume. Tired of networks not giving shows a chance especially when they are this good. It is good to see a show that adults can enjoy without having to subscribe to pay networks. I have told all my friends and family to watch and they really like it too.
  • It's official...

    Terriers made me realize that I don't like shows about buddies. I'm not interested in seeing how the friendship between the two of them is going to evolve. As in every show, even procedural ones, the very first thing is the characters and while I kinda like Britt, the third episode made me conscious of the ugliness of Hank ( well depicted by Donal Logue, but sorry if I'm not above avoiding shows which lead characters I don't like). What else? the cases seen so far weren't that interesting and failed to keep me hooked 'till the end. Keeping an eye on the ratings I'm gonna let go of this show.
  • I had high hopes for this show but it's just so plain old boring.

    Are they gearing up for a spectacular episode? or has the last few episode been the best of the crop? It's sooooo boring. i can barely keep my hands off the remote but to no avail. i switch channels and find something more interesting. nobody is watching it? i'm not surprise. despite the awesome cast, Terriers are like the dog themselves. they spin round and round and round chasing their own tail then flop down the floor tired. the following episodes has been the same thing. it goes on and on and on, with no real direction to it, adding multiple characters that it has almost become a clusterfck. very soon, this show would just be alot of confusion with a dog as its title. and a dog is not even in it. tsk tsk.
  • I really wanted to like this, the pilot was excellent, and since then every episode has devolved into a complete farce.

    Kidnapping, burglary, assault yet our two intrepid pi's walk away without so much as a ticket. The bigger problem is Hank, unlikeable does not go far enough, full of righteous indignation yet perfectly happy to commit countless crimes, steals from his ex wifes boyfriend to destroy his credit, cause a man to commit suicide so he can get a mortgage, i'm not joking, all in a days work and no hint of remorse. By the end of the third episode I was rooting for the bad guys. When your main character causes that kind of reaction you've made a major mistake.
  • Former cop/drunk and former crook go into the P.I. business looking for a buck but they have a heart too. They stumble into a mayor plot (no nuclear device or terrorists). Characters have tons of chemistry, interesting story, has a future for big things.

    Excellent acting, awesome chemistry, intresting plot, funny when it has to be, this is one of the 3 shows that i dont miss. The show is worth the while. Supporting cast is very good, some more some less but they work, they are not out of place. I ate this show in 2 days (its not on the air yet here)
    I cant recall more than 1 or 2 episodes that dont talk about the main story, side plots are very dramatic too. Everything is set for a really good first season. I hope they dont cancell it. I cant provide rating so you guys in the US please watch this show.
  • This show is amazing. Set in the fictionalized community of Ocean Beach, a neighborhood of San Diego, "Terriers" follows the lives of Hank Dolworth and his partner, Britt Pollack, who are making a living as unlicensed private investigators.

    I wasn't sure what to make of "Terriers" before taking a chance. From two minutes in I was hooked.

    Donal Logue plays Hank Dolworth, a former police officer (with either the real San Diego or fictional Ocean Beach Police Department) who was forced to leave the force in disgrace. A recovering alcoholic and fairly recent divorce', Hank ekes out a living as an unlicensed private detective.

    His partner, Britt Pollack, played by Michael Raymond-James, is a former thief and smash-and-grab man who reformed when caught by Hank. Britt shares an apartment with Katie Nichols (Laura Allen), a veterinary student.

    The setting is a fictionalized version of the San Diego neighborhood of Ocean Beach, and I have to say that the depiction is fairly spot-on. Moreover, both Hank and Britt are fairly realistic representations of people you might meet there, as are every one of the other characters on the show.

    I had first heard of Donal Logue from the rave reviews for the film, "The Tao of Steve". I found him a likable actor on the series, "Grounded for Life", but was otherwise unimpressed.

    I am a lifelong fan now. I am amazed by his acting ability. There are scenes that I would not spoil which demand complex reaction, and Mr. Logue manages to deliver admirably, and usually sans dialogue. I was brought nearly to tears by his reaction to news from his former wife.

    Until now I had never heard of Michael Raymond-James, and I can't imagine why. With a character that could so easily have been treated as comic relief, or with the flippancy of an "Angel" (Stuart Margolin's character on "The Rockford Files"), Raymond-James brings a depth to Britt, a reality that reveals his inner weakness even while displaying outward bravado.

    I do not have a single bad thing to say about this show - the best of the new season and possibly the last few as well - except for a single peeve. I believe that I can finally relate to residents of New York City or other frequently filmed locations. I watch "Terriers" with rapt attention to the acting on the screen. I can easily accept the fictional aspects, such as a small community within a larger city having a large, separate police force, but I find it jarring when Hank and Britt are driving and over the course of a conversation will pass the same buildings and businesses several times and from several different directions. It's distracting, even though it would be difficult to film otherwise, since their preferred location is only the first four blocks of a single avenue.

    Smart, funny, and unbelievably well-acted, I hope that "Terriers" is given an opportunity to grow. I strongly recommend it be watched at least once. There is little doubt that anyone who does will return regularly.
  • Best New Show on TV.

    I have no idea how all the vapid, brainless, melodrama that fills the air waves year after year get's such outstanding recognition while great shows with flawlessly delivered drama get tossed by the wayside year after year.

    I have two dramas that I keep up with this year. Dexter and Terriers. That's it.

    All those lame over hyped cop, FBI, and lawyer dramas (CSI, Law and Order), and all their related clones get picked up year after year and the plots are see through, the drama is filled with ridiculous contrivances and rarely do we ever get to know the characters.

    Burn Notice is an amazingly bad pile of crap. It stays consistently bad the entire time you watch it. Try watching it if you have experience in the defense industry; oh man it's painful.

    The only thing those shows have is a faster pace and yet those get picked up year after year and shows like Terriers get the axe.

    I'm lying of course, I understand it, but it's not PC to say most of humanity is so worthlessly stupid and so easily amused that anyone with any high expectations has to search and scratch around everywhere just to find an couple of hours of entertainment per week.
  • Smart, funny, lots of character and hopefully there for more than just one season.

    It's easy to see why TERRIERS might have it rough in TV land: the two leads are guys with a about a ton of baggage each, and they're not exactly knights in shining armor. But, and that's why it caught my attention and it should catch yours, too, if you enjoy smart dialog and believable characters, it's not part of a franchise that's grown beyond proportion. It's got great actors who're really putting a lot of soul into their performance. TERRIERS is, just like THE GLADES, a good show that's intelligent and fun to watch. Shows like this are why I still turn on the TV, because someone is showing a lot of faith in being original, and not by being especially mean or sporting thick-headed scripts. If anything, it reminds me of the late lamented LIFE starring Damian Lewis in tone and character strength. Sadly, that one went away waaay too fast for my taste, so here's hoping people are cottoning on to TERRIERS before that and the execs in charge realize that sometimes it's taking just a little longer for a show to filter through our reality-show-with-CSI-spin-offs-filled landscape to actually reach the right audience. You. Smart people.
  • Awesome television entertainment!

    I truely have enjoyed this show. I have watched all three episodes thus far and each one has been better than the last. They have done a wonderful job in casting the two leads in this series as well as the supporting cast. I have always enjoyed Donal Logue's acting(Grounded for Life and the Groomsmen just to name a couple) I am so glad to see him back on television. The story lines are well written and all the characters compliement each other very well. I am eagerly awaiting next weeks episode. I hope this series sticks around for quite awhile.
  • It seems like two guys who care about each other, what they did, and what they are doing. They love animals and catching the bad guys while driving a american made truck.

    I really like this show. It is not the typical show you see alot of these days while very entertaining. The two leading actors are funny yet you feel the seriousness side to them. They have normal problems that are not far fetched and you can relate to them both. I have only seen the first pilot and I will be watching the second one shortly. I am wondering what the next dog will be and what surpriseing new job they will be up against. I can only hope to see many more of them. Maybe even see them in a newer american made truck or car.
  • Great show.

    3 episodes is OK to recommend a show to someone, and I'm feeling perhaps a little obligated to do it because of the ratings. I'm really hoping people will start watching this show.

    To date, this is the best new show IMO ( I already said it a couple of times in tv.com ).

    We have Hank ( Donal Logue ), he's an ex cop, and his buddie, Britt ( Michael Raymond-James ), ex thief. They bassicly do PI work, and deal with their problems. Hank has an engaged ex-wife who's selling her house and Hank's buying it.
    We don't know much about Britt yet. ( episode 3 gave us more about his past, but I will say nothing so I don't spoil you ).

    Both main stars got great chemestry together, and Donal Logue is awesome in his role. In the pilot almost made me cry...just because of his face. The look on his face when Gretch ( ex-wife ) told him she was engaged was priceless.

    The show is getting darker, but without losing the touch of light comedy it has.
    The writting is good, it has no boring moments, and I couldn't find any plot holes or bad writting so far...Well...I did found one in the pilot...at least I think I found one, I don't own a cellphone ( don't like cellphones ), so I don't know how much time the battery can last, but so far, the writting is good.
    And I'm waiting for the overarching stories that I read in an interview with Donal Logue ( it's here in tv.com )...but so far so good.

    I'll end here, mainly because my english sucks ( I said that many times before here on tv.com ).
    Also because my reviews sucks. I don't know what to say and I try not to spoil too much.

    I still think that FX took a risk promoting the show, and it went awful. Because nobody knew what the show was about, there was a dog in every promo...so far it has nothing to do with the show. But the show is great, and you should give it a chance.
    Hey, you spent 5 minutes trying to read my review...you can spent 1 hour watching the pilot, and if you don't like it, nobody's forcing you.

    Have fun.