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  • A great show to be considered by fans of Lost's first two seasons, where the backstory was key over the later mataphysical junk. Otherwise an intersting show which requires a minimum of suspension of disbelief to enjoy. Here's hoping it comes back.

    Terriers is an interesting new show which should be considered by those who were fans of the first two seasons of Lost, where the backstory was more interesting than the later metaphysical mumbo jumbo. Terriers has included two episodes of backstory to the relationship between Hank and Britt, and is the first who I have found to do it in the fashion originally emplyed by Lost. Three years ago, Britt was a petty criminal who was a witness to a murder being investigated by Hank at a time when Hank was an over-the-top alcoholic police detective destroying both his job and his marriage. He is also pursuing the wton man in the murders. Though the right man was ultimately found, the beginnings of the relationship between Hank and Britt was left at that. Viewers can expect a continuation of the backstory to the relationship, and perhaps some others, when Terriers hopfully returns next season. Otherwise, the story is interesting and leads one to wait anxiously for the next episode. The stories do not lend themselves to a high level of scrutiny and are a bit too contirved for real life. A limited amount of suspension of disbelief is required to enjoy the show but here's hoping the show goes on.