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    i stumbled across this series while filling my netflix que i almost passed it over i thought it was a reality show about terries as the title implied,not trying to be funny thats for real!, also mentioned as a series of FX network again i thought not for me probably a sci-fi/ zombie dog/reality type show, then i read the netflix bio and thought i will give it a shot as a big fan of columbo, rockford files series(very cleverly written shows) i figured if it sucked(being from FX) i could delete the series.i watched the first 13 episodes i was entertained/impressed, i scrambled back on-line to load second season only to find out it had been cancelled, i could not beleive it finally a show that was not so outrageously fake like modern family, how i met your mother, among other shows that might seem clever to a simple minded person or a child, in my opinion this show was on the wrong network or the wrong title or both, Terriers was 1 of the best kept secrets on TV! come on cast ,crew, producer, go talk with HBO, SHOWTIME somebody get this show back on the air, if not its back to PBS, 60 Minutes, Dateline , The Middle, Boardwalk Empire, you knows shows where the Men are not so hen pecked or so effemanate(is that how you spell that) anyway throw the terriers a bone! please do not relegate us male veiwers to brainless dribble currently showing on most networks, not trying to be macho just entertained!!! texasrocks