Season 1 Episode 11

Sins of the Past

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2010 on FX

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  • Another solid episode of Terriers.

    Isn't it amazing how there is a difference between shows and shows? Haven't we all seen these cop/PI shows before? Yes, and still here is a series with a fresh take on an old idea.

    This episode was among the best in the whole season so far. The plot was simple but yet it introduced new sides to the characters. A lot of the credit goes to the actors, especially Donal Logue. He does an amazing performance as a man who is tormented by his past decisions and now trying to fight injustice. In a way he is like a cross between a superhero and a homeless man together with his trusted sidekick.

    This episode showed us how Hank and Britt met and the difference between who they are now and in the past. It also revealed several other things about current and past relationships, answering questions which have been open in the series until now. Both Hank and Britt did a great job at showing a wide range of emotions in the episode. Also the transitions between now and then were done very well so that the plot moved forward smoothly. The episode managed to cram a lot into it without feeling rushed.

    I truly hope this show gets a second season, since we are approaching the times when a decision about its future has to be made. Far to many good shows, like this one, face the axe while subpar TV gets a second chance. Also, Logue who has a long career behind him deserves a leading role in a show which does his talent justice.