Terry and June

BBC (ended 1987)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Long Weekend
      Long Weekend
      Episode 1
      When Terry and June leave a for sale sign in the yard of their new house, a man argues that the house is still for sale. Later, a neighbor gets hurt by a falling toilet while he and his wife are exploring the house.
    • On the Move
      On the Move
      Episode 2
      Terry and June must move out of their old house, but a series of crisis' keeps interrupting their plans to leave. Wendy leaves Roger, and he shows up to stop her.
    • Flying Carpets
      Flying Carpets
      Episode 3
      Guests are coming for drinks, but the new carpet has not been delivered. The new neighbors offer to save the day and have a friend get a rug. When Terry's work mate arrives and says the office has had its carpet stolen, Terry is determined to return what he thinks is stolen carpet.moreless
    • A Bridge Too Far
      A Bridge Too Far
      Episode 4
      Terry's boss, Sir Dennis Hodge, is passionate about two things--work and bridge. When Sir Dennis' bridge partner quits, Terry volunteers to replace him. The problem? Terry can't play. So, he buys some books and takes a crash course on the game.
    • Writing on the Wall
      When Terry sees some graffiti on a wall, he is disappointed by teenagers inability to spell. He becomes depressed that the younger generation has no role models. The neighbors suggest that Terry help their nephew in a competition.
    • Animal Crackers
      Animal Crackers
      Episode 6
      Late at night, Terry and June are reading. June is enjoying a horror story. When tapping starts on the window, June begs Terry to find out what it is. When he brings in a bird, she decides she wants pets of her own.
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