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    • The Auction
      The Auction
      Season 24 - Episode 5
      Terry gets talked into being an auctioneer by Austin, the Vicar.
    • A Bridge Too Far
      A Bridge Too Far
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Terry's boss, Sir Dennis Hodge, is passionate about two things--work and bridge. When Sir Dennis' bridge partner quits, Terry volunteers to replace him. The problem? Terry can't play. So, he buys some books and takes a crash course on the game.
    • Many A Slip
      Many A Slip
      Season 27 - Episode 1
      Summary Missing
    • In The Navy
      In The Navy
      Season 27 - Episode 3
      Terry drags June to Ross-on-Wye for a business meeting, and is challenged to a raft-race on the river
    • Too Many Cooks
      Too Many Cooks
      Season 27 - Episode 4
      The heat is on as the couple decide to have a summer barbecue : but things don't quite go according to plan
    • Pardon My Dust
      Pardon My Dust
      Season 27 - Episode 5
      The duo attend a beloved uncle's funeral, but June is unaware of the chaos to follow
    • Unfaithfully Yours
      Unfaithfully Yours
      Season 28 - Episode 2
      Miss Fennell has fallen in love with Sir Dennis, and when he takes her to lunch, she believes that he will propose. Instead, he offers moves her to another post in the company. Sir Dennis quickly decides he wants to marry Miss Fennell's replacement, the young Lola Philipott (Julie Dawn Cole). They soon become engaged. June sees Lola in the cinema kissing another man, who turns out to be Sir Dennis's chauffeur (Tony O'Callaghan), while Miss Fennell finds out Lola was married before. To begin with Sir Dennis does not believe them, but soon overhears Lola talking badly of him and ends the engagementmoreless
    • The Artistic Touch
      The Artistic Touch
      Season 27 - Episode 6
      A plumber installs some radiators in the couple's home, but one job leads to another when their neighbour's house is burgled
    • One Little Pig
      One Little Pig
      Season 27 - Episode 2
      A diamond goes missing from June's ring, prompting Terry to go on a treasure hunt
    • Mistaken Identity
      Mistaken Identity
      Season 28 - Episode 11
      June and Beattie, who is staying with the Medfords' while Malcolm is away, see a report on a Surrey handbag thief nicknamed the "Granny Grabber" on the TV news. The police drawing of the criminal looks exactly like Terry, and people soon start thinking it is him, including neighbour Mrs. Robins (Josephine Tewson). Next morning, the drawing is on the front of many national newspapers and Terry insists on going to the Police Station to tell them it is not him. That evening, he and June are due to go to a business reception and Terry wears a fake beard and glasses to avoid been mistaken for the criminal. The reception goes well, but on the way home Terry is stopped by the Police for not having his lights on. When doing a breathalyser test, Terry's fake moustache flies off and Terry is taken to the Police Station as they think he is the Granny Grabber. He is only released when the real culprit is caught red-handed.moreless
    • Noise Abatement
      Noise Abatement
      Season 25 - Episode 3
      Terry decides to take up woodworking, while Tarquin sets up a noise abatement group to try and curb noise from a neighbour who is learning to play the drums.
    • Eyeball, Eyeball
      Eyeball, Eyeball
      Season 25 - Episode 4
      Terry takes up CB radio and ends up getting stuck in the back of a removal van!
    • Playing Pool
      Playing Pool
      Season 25 - Episode 5
      Terry decides to get rid of the sand pit in his garden and replace it with a nice ornamental pool.
    • Bingo
      Season 25 - Episode 6
      The vicar asks the Medfords to give a talk to their local old folks' club. He also suspects there is a fraudulent bingo game going on and asks Terry to straighten it out.
    • Christmas With Terry And June
      Christmas With Terry And June
      Season 25 - Episode 7
      Summary Missing
    • Photo Finish
      Photo Finish
      Season 27 - Episode 1
      A seemingly healthy interest in photography gets Terry into trouble with his boss, leaving June to pick up the pieces
    • One Arabian Night
      One Arabian Night
      Season 28 - Episode 3
      Sir Dennis makes Terry and June put up Prince Abdul Aziz (Derek Griffiths) the evening before an important business deal. They try to respect his Arab customs and are surprised when he insists they go to a pub and then drinks alcohol. The Prince takes a liking to June, and Terry jokingly agrees to sell her fo 70 camels. Abdul Aziz takes this seriously and Terry has to stand up to him. The Prince is impressed by by this, rather than fawn over him like Sir Dennis does.moreless
    • New Doors For Old
      New Doors For Old
      Season 28 - Episode 4
      When Tarquin and Melinda get a new front door, June tries to persuade Terry they should get a new one. Two weeks later they go to ''Dorien Doors'' and buy a new door. Terry refuses to pay to have it fitted, so attempts to do so himself. Just before fitting the new door, June gives the old door away to two boys for a bonfire, and when the new door turns out to be too short, they have to go searching for the old door. When the replacement arrives, it is too long, but once again June has given away their old door, so they have to shave off two inches from the new door.moreless
    • Age Before Beauty
      Age Before Beauty
      Season 29 - Episode 1
      Terry starts feeling his age and decides to get fit
    • The Mole
      The Mole
      Season 29 - Episode 2
      Terry's boss is furious when blueprints for a new talking fire extinguisher go missing
    • They Also Serve
      They Also Serve
      Season 29 - Episode 3
      Terry becomes a butler when his wife is left short-handed while catering for an important dinner party
    • The Eye of the Householder
      The Eye of the Householder
      Season 29 - Episode 4
      Terry's involvement in the neighbourhood watch scheme is not as straightforward as it seems
    • Bats In The Belfy
      Bats In The Belfy
      Season 29 - Episode 5
      June recounts a fairy-tale dream at breakfast and later in the day it appears to have come true
    • Of Human Bondage
      Of Human Bondage
      Season 29 - Episode 6
      Terry's day gets off to a bad start, but soon changes when he wins money on a premium bond
    • Pantomania
      Season 28 - Episode 13
      Summary Missing
    • Lover, Come Back To Me
      Lover, Come Back To Me
      Season 28 - Episode 12
      June gets a letter from Nigel Coalfax, who she dated for a year and half in her teens until he emigrated to Australia, who is in the UK on business. When Terry cancels his and June's skiing holiday due to work commitments, she decides to have dinner with Nigel at his hotel and makes Terry jealous. The following day he finds a letter from June to Nigel saying her current life is a "sham" and telling of her love for him, not knowing that the letter was written years before. That evening, a drunken Terry and Sir Dennis interrupt a Poetry Circle at Terry's house, with the Vicar, Beattie and Miss Dingle present. Sir Dennis insists Terry take June on the holiday and they soon make up when he realises his mistake.moreless
    • Death Of A Salesman
      Death Of A Salesman
      Season 28 - Episode 5
      With his annual medical coming up, Terry decides to get fit by taking more exercise and vitamin pills. After over-hearing Dr. Fletcher (John Woodnutt) on the telephone, Terry mistakenly believes he has 24 hours to live. He is then rude to Sir Dennis, and leaves work. That evening, when Malcolm and Beattie come round for dinner, Terry gets a call from Dr. Fletcher who tells him his medical was fine. Terry is then worried he has lost his job, but Sir Dennis comes round and says he was impressed with how Terry spoke to him, and thinking Terry was leaving for a rival company, offers him a pay rise.moreless
    • A Question Of Property
      A Question Of Property
      Season 28 - Episode 6
      Terry finds a homeless man, Owen Midgely (Edward Phillips), in his garden shed. June feels guilty about making him leave, and when she and Terry return from Church they find him mowing their lawn, they find it more difficult still to ask him to leave. Owen later decides to leave, but Terry and June discover he has stolen a valuable clock. Midgely later returns the clock, having fixed it and it is now worth £3000; the exact amount Terry and June had just lost when a holiday company, suggested by Malcolm and Beattie, they had invested in went bust.moreless
    • Terry In Court
      Terry In Court
      Season 28 - Episode 7
      Terry's car is damaged when a council rubbish van backs into it while June is in it, however, the Council claim that she backed into them and will not pay out. Terry decides to take Purley Council to court and after seeing his solicitor Mr. Smith (John Horsley), decides to represent himself. The Judge (John Barron) takes a dim view of Terry representing himself, as does the defence barrister Mr. Robinson (Robert East). Miss Dingle, who witnessed the incident, falls apart in Court and cannot seem to remember what happended. Mr. Grubb (John Bardon), the council driver, also appears as a witness and admits that Terry's car was stationary and Terry wins damages of £250, much to his delight.moreless
    • The Sporting Life
      The Sporting Life
      Season 28 - Episode 8
      The Vicar and Miss Dingle approach Terry about raising money to help the Church start a Youth Club, so he and June have a sale from their front garden. Terry later builds a table tennis table, for use in the youth club and is keen to use it for the weekend until they give to the Church. He tricks Malcolm and Beattie to come round and play by telling them it is a full size tennis court. However, they agree to play and Malcolm and Terry cannot stop playing as they become ever more competitve. After playing for several hours, Terry wins and to celebrate jumps over the net, wrecking the table.moreless
    • The Dish
      The Dish
      Season 28 - Episode 9
      Sir Dennis is keen to capture the European market and lunches with Swiss businessman Mr. Henri. Malcolm and Terry then both lie and impress Sir Dennis by telling him that they regularly watch European TV via their satellite dishes. However, when Sir Dennis then says Mr. Henri wants to watch a "special programme" using the dish that evening, Malcolm gets out of it leaving Terry to get a dish for the night via Mr. Browne (Clive Panto), who had been fixing their guttering. After considerable problem getting the dish to work, Terry and June discover that the "special programme" is Dallas.moreless
    • Ill Met By Moonlight
      Ill Met By Moonlight
      Season 28 - Episode 10
      June is concerned about the health of Jack (John Rapley), an old friend who is the landlord of their local pub The Feathers, and when his doctor tells him and his wife to take a holiday, Terry and June offer to run the pub in the absence, despite Malcolm reminding Terry that Sir Dennis forbids his employees having second jobs. On their first evening, a colleague of Terry's, Gower (Daniel Hill), deliberately takes Sir Dennis to the pub, to get back at Terry who accidentally revealed that Gower was also a taxi driver. Despite trying to fool Sir Dennis, Terry and June are discovered. After explaining, Sir Dennis forgives Terry as long as he can try his hand behind the bar.moreless
    • Swingtime
      Season 25 - Episode 2
      The Medfords take up golf, but, when they run into problems with other members at the club, they begin to wonder whether they are cut out for the sport
    • No, Councillor
      No, Councillor
      Season 25 - Episode 1
      Sir Dennis wants Terry to stand as a councillor and get into the local council so they can sell more fire extinguishers. If he fails to get elected he faces a transfer to the company's Iceland office.
    • Thanks For The Memory
      Thanks For The Memory
      Season 26 - Episode 6
      Terry goes on a train journey to clinch a business deal and ends up losing his memory.
    • Disco Fever
      Disco Fever
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Terry's Boss, Sir Dennis, appoints his nephew to an executive position in the company. He starts to fire long standing members of staff and replace them with young fresh thinking ones. As a result, the new blood hire a local disco for the staff's annual dance - Terry and June decide to learn by attending a "disco dancing for beginners" class.moreless
    • Workers Unite
      Workers Unite
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      The Medfords' professional lives cross when June takes a temporary job
    • Only Two Can Play
      Only Two Can Play
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Terry decides to take up painting as a hobby. This encourages June to take up the cello after seeing one for sale in the local paper.
    • The Christmas Show
      The Christmas Show
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Terry's peace is shattered when June launches herself into a new hobby playing the cello
    • The Lawnmower
      The Lawnmower
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      The Medfords get new neighbours - Tarquin and Melinda. Terry is concerned about his lawnmower as the previous tenant did not return it to him before he left. Tarquin refuses to return it as it has been signed for as part of their household inventory. Terry decides, with the help of his nephew Alan, to do a night time raid on the neighbour's garden shed to get it back!moreless
    • Uncle Terry, Auntie June
      Uncle Terry, Auntie June
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Alan, Terry's nephew comes to stay when he lands a job for a cash & carry firm in London. The stay turns into a nightmare when Terry is arrested on suspicion of being a fraudster!
    • Words Of Love
      Words Of Love
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      It's June's Birthday and Terry arranges for his secretary to buy a gift for her so he can keep it a secret from June. Things go wrong and Terry is accused of having an affair!
    • To Catch a Thief
      To Catch a Thief
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Terry gets a brand new company car but has a run of bad lack. First he nearly collides with a police car, then the car ends up being stolen. Luckily the car gets returned undamaged, but then his troubles really begin...
    • Flying Carpets
      Flying Carpets
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Guests are coming for drinks, but the new carpet has not been delivered. The new neighbors offer to save the day and have a friend get a rug. When Terry's work mate arrives and says the office has had its carpet stolen, Terry is determined to return what he thinks is stolen carpet.moreless
    • Long Weekend
      Long Weekend
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      When Terry and June leave a for sale sign in the yard of their new house, a man argues that the house is still for sale. Later, a neighbor gets hurt by a falling toilet while he and his wife are exploring the house.
    • On the Move
      On the Move
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Terry and June must move out of their old house, but a series of crisis' keeps interrupting their plans to leave. Wendy leaves Roger, and he shows up to stop her.
    • Writing on the Wall
      Writing on the Wall
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      When Terry sees some graffiti on a wall, he is disappointed by teenagers inability to spell. He becomes depressed that the younger generation has no role models. The neighbors suggest that Terry help their nephew in a competition.
    • Animal Crackers
      Animal Crackers
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Late at night, Terry and June are reading. June is enjoying a horror story. When tapping starts on the window, June begs Terry to find out what it is. When he brings in a bird, she decides she wants pets of her own.
    • Stars On Sunday
      Stars On Sunday
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Terry and June end up getting involved in hospital radio when Malcolm gets taken in after a heart attack.
    • It's A Knockout
      It's A Knockout
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Terry gets the chance to apply for a job in the new branch based in Brussels. Sir Dennis invites himself round for dinner but things start to go wrong when Terry's nephew Alan drops in, together with four Japanese businessmen.
    • Friends And Neighbours
      Friends And Neighbours
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Problem-solving causes its own difficulties for the middle-aged couple
    • Strictly Off the Record
      Strictly Off the Record
      Season 26 - Episode 1
      Malcolm and Terry decide that Sir Dennis should introduce new incentives for the top salesmen in the company.
    • Wine, Women And Song
      Wine, Women And Song
      Season 26 - Episode 2
      Terry decides to take up making home-made wine.
    • A Day in Boulogne
      A Day in Boulogne
      Season 26 - Episode 3
      A continuation from the previous episode. Terry and June take a day trip to Boulogne to stock up on cheap French wine.
    • Strictly for the Birds
      Strictly for the Birds
      Season 26 - Episode 4
      The Medfords go bird watching with Tarquin and Melinda, their next door neighbours.
    • Tea and No Sympathy
      Tea and No Sympathy
      Season 26 - Episode 5
      The Medfords get fitted wardrobes installed in their bedroom - well they would have done if the workmen who come to fit them weren't on strike.
    • Something to Get Alarmed About
      Something to Get Alarmed About
      Season 24 - Episode 6
      After June hears a burglar trying to break into their house she decided it's time to buy a burglar alarm. Terry decides it would be easier and cheaper to make his own one, which involves recording a fierce dog barking!
    • The Cowering Inferno
      The Cowering Inferno
      Season 24 - Episode 4
      Terry attends a weekend conference at a hotel and is asked to read Sir Dennis' speech!
    • The Tent
      The Tent
      Season 24 - Episode 3
      Tarquin and Melinda pay a visit to show their home movies. This gives Terry the idea to buy a tent from a work colleague so June and him can go camping. As a trial they set up the tent in the back garden.
    • The Chaotic Peaceful Weekend
      The Chaotic Peaceful Weekend
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Terry and June pay a visit to Alan's pub and end up running it with disastrous consequences.
    • In Sickness And In Health
      In Sickness And In Health
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      An all-expenses-paid weekend away beckons, but Terry falls ill
    • Christmas
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Summary Missing
    • The Raffle Prize
      The Raffle Prize
      Season 24 - Episode 1
      Terry wins a prize in a company raffle - a 3000 piece jigsaw which he spends the whole weekend completing with June.
    • Snookered
      Season 24 - Episode 2
      Tornado Terry takes up snooker but sells his snooker table then tries to buy it back as he discovers it might be an antique table...
    • The Family Way
      The Family Way
      Season 29 - Episode 7
      Terry buys a goldfish, while June pressurises him to get a cleaning lady
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