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Testees is a comedy about two friends in their early thirties who act as medical guinea pigs. Testees was not renewed for a 2nd season.

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AIRED ON 12/18/2008

Season 1 : Episode 13


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    • This show is hilarious

      I watched this show randomly, because the name of it sounded funny, and I was not prepared to laugh as much as I did. Every episode pushes the limits and you wonder where they are going to go next, or if it is even possible to be funnier, but it keeps getting better and better. If you haven't watched it before I'd start with Pill for Men, Memory Loss and Uber-Glued and if you aren't hooked after these episodes, then I guess it's not for you. Those three are some of my favorites some others are Pineapple Shampoo and Jelly Bean Omelets. If FX doesn't pick this show up for another season I will be very disappointed.moreless
    • Absolutely Hilarious!

      I was just introduced to this show a few days ago and got the chance to sit and watch all of the first three episodes back to back.

      I was first expecting this to be another failed attempt sitcom, however within a very short amount of time into the first episode, I found myself laughing up a storm. I was instantly hooked by the time the first episode was done, and found myself unable to pull away from the screen.

      Most people would probably categorize this jokes and situations within this show as toilet humor. So, if you are easily offended, go find your lack of humor elsewhere. Everyone that I have introduced this show to have absolutely loved it. I can't wait for the next episode to see more crazy antics from this crew of crazies.

      Definitely, give this show a shot, I'm sure most of you will find it a great source of laughter. I definitely would like to see this show continue on as long as they can keep up the level of comedy already set forth.moreless
    • The funniest show since Malcolm in the Middle!

      This feel good and laugh out loud comedy is exactly what I've been waiting for since Malcolm in the Middle finished in 2006. Testees made me laugh so hard, that I started crying. Especially the episodes "Jellybean Omlett" and "Uber Glued" were hilarious.

      This show is crazy and completly implausible - which is a perfect receipy for endless fun. At times the humor can be a bit too much for family viewing so I recommend you watch the show before you are going to view it with your family - otherwhise you might feel a little akward with your kids.

      But otherwhise Testees is a well paced show with 2 brilliant actors with good comedic timing. And I really hope this show will produce many seasons of laugh out loud comedy!!!!moreless
    • Funny comedy about two guys who make their living as test dummies for a pharmaceutical company.

      This is a fun show. It is so much better than a lot of the boring comedies on network channels. I loved the episode where one of the guys slips the other his tranquilizer pill. He is paralyzed for a week, and has to be taken care of completely by the other character. So many things happen to this guy, and it is really funny. I also loved the one where one of the guys is blind, and doesn't know his neighbor moved in. He can smell him, but he doesn't realize he is actually in the apartment. The cast is hysterical, and hopefully this will be renewed for the 2009 fall season.moreless
    • i just love these two crazy characters...

      I like the show it's audacious and gross. I think it grabs ya by the balls and says hey life aint pretty. Could you imagine if any of this stuff happened to you. Testees is pronounced the same as Testes, which is another way of saying testicles, very clever and funny for a tv show title. This show is alot better than a lot of the crap they consider decent programing anymore. It's new to a lot of us here. It's different and I hope to see it again and again and again. I find it hilarious. Awkward and hilarious.moreless
    • © 2008 2008 Fox Broadcasting Company
    • © 2008 2008 Fox Broadcasting Company

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